Jenna K.

I want to feel better and have more energy.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: grilled chicken with cooked veggies

Favorite Sinful Food: homemade mac n cheese or peach cobbler

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Beachbody Workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: daily exercise and 2Bmindset focused nutrition

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+3% Since last weigh-in+4.2 lbs
+3% 1-Month Change+4.2 lbs
-1.2% Lifetime Change-1.8 lbs

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Jenna K.

12/22/2021 3:36AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • 10Rounds Boxing this morning!

    Still 1.8 above goal. Super frustrating as I had succeeded it. I think it’s a factor of multiple things...especially my digestive system ???? (TMI, I know lol). Not giving up though. Even if I don’t hit it, I’m SUPER excited that I’ve finally broke the plateau I was stuck at for MONTHS, learned some super useful information, and new recipes! May not end up being a $$ winner, but a winner towards my a personal health goals - and that’s worth something too. 😊

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Rachel W.

Proud of you!! And I’m right there with ya. We are absolutely still in this! Stay hydrated and focused! You’ll hit it!!

Amy C.

  • This is great book for digestive issues.

Jenna K.

12/21/2021 4:37AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Bunny French Toast with the left over eggs scrambled per the caption in side (adding more protein seems to really help on my heavier lifting/high cardio days!)
    French Toast is favorite sinful may be a lot different than I’m used to having (topped with a load of unhealthy junk), but this hit the comfort spot! Filling, satisfying, AND good for the soul...yum!

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Dawn H.

I need to try that one soon! Looks so good

Amber L.

I love French toast so much! Definitely my favorite comforting breakfast

Marie S.

12/21/2021 2:33AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
How do people prepare their shakeologies? I've tried shakes in the past and, probably due to my very sensitive taste buds, I couldn't stand them. I want to be prepared with what to expect before I spend the money.

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Sarah Z.

I’m not a shake person so for me to get it down, I always blend it with ice (not just water and shake). I like the chocolate with frozen cherries or strawberries, or chocolate with peppermint extract

Dawn H.

I’ve been using the plant based Shakeology since mid-July. In the beginning, I added a little local raw honey or maple syrup to cover the taste of the stevia but I’m used to it now. I love chocolate anything so started with that. To me, it tastes almost like brownie batter.

Jenna K.

12/20/2021 2:20PM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Tried the sticky chicken for supper! I couldn’t find any skinless drumsticks to use. I’ll definitely make was very good!

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Jenna K.

I used the recipe card...I just looked and it explained it also on the little box to the side. I will definitely be reading those from now on!
Thank you!! It’s one I’ll definitely make again, so now I know for next time! :)

Amber L.

I always pull the skin off myself, if you use a paper towel to wrap around the drumstick and pull it helps grip it

Jenna K.

12/20/2021 3:56AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Liift4 Week7 Chest and Back Circuit

    Only 3 days left and Ready to finish this strong! I’m manifesting that 20lb GONE milestone this week!!
    Weekend choices weren’t as in point as I’d like them to be. Wasn’t a weight loss weekend and actually ended up with another 1.8lbs to lose for the DietBet. However, I usually lose 3 lbs during the week so I’m not sweating it...yet lol.

    Home stretch!! We got this!

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Joan R.

You can do it!!

Bridget N.

12/19/2021 7:04AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
So, I'd like to stay with fellow bunnies on diet bet in 2022. Anyone doing another bet in January?

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Erika P.

How can I join the next one already? Where’s the link?

Connie W.

I am jumping in on ilanas again!

Jenna K.

12/18/2021 5:11AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • 10Rounds Boxing this morning!

    Lots of pauses because my toddler was up earrrrly! He was quite needy, but we made it through it!

    Ready to make good choices for a weight loss weekend and finish this last week strong!
    Happy Saturday everyone!!

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Shyanne O.

12/18/2021 4:59AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Early morning workout …. Finished 630!!

    Decisions decisions - the work next or round 2 of 645.

    I met my DietBet goal .. so excited!!! I’m feeling so motivated.

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Jenna K.

YAY!! congratulations!!!

Dawn H.

I’d go for 645 again so you can keep increasing your weights. That’s what we did after 630.

Kimberly J.

12/18/2021 3:56AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Stay weird, friends! I’m so weirdly happy that this tshirt has stayed with me through a 22 pound weight loss and now the tail sits below my hips rather than above them, yay!!

    Also yay, I HAVE A NEW GRANDDAUGHTER!! My son’s wife just had their first baby and my fourth granddaughter.

    Celebrating ALL the things today, beginning with a Liift4 chest and tris circuit workout. Circuit is my fav!!

    Hope you all have reason to grin like a fool today. Eat like you love yourself <3

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Sooo great!! Congrats on the new grand baby, super exciting! You look great in your weird shirt. :smile::thumbsup::clap:

Mia F.

Lots to celebrate and be grateful for. Love that - eat like you love yourself

Holly G.

12/17/2021 9:45PM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • It’s my birthday!!! I got a new workout outfit as a gift #Zyia I got my workout in, drank over a gallon of water and stayed on track!
    For bfast: 2 eggs, roasted carrots and an apple
    Lunch: a big sexy salad with a piece of fish.
    Dinner: I wanted pizza from mellow mushroom as my treat, but I filled up on a Greek salad 1st, then at a slice of Holy Shittake pizza!
    I’m so happy with my choices today! Only 1.7lbs togo to win this dietbet!! #9weeksPostpartum #38thBirthday

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Happy birthday!

Dawn H.

Congratulations!! Happy Birthday!! How does Zyia fit? Is it close to size? Run small? I’ve been thinking of buying but don’t want to get the wrong size
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