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01/13/2022 5:00AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • *******
    This is a week meant for EXERCISE. What I am hoping you can complete is 5 days of 30 minutes of exercise. On Tuesday, January 18th, I will ask if you completed 5 days of exercise during the week. Your entry into that drawing is sharing a sweaty selfie with us in that comment section of that post (I’ll remind you of that on Tuesday). You can do any exercise you want! Even 30 minutes of brisk cleaning totally counts! You know your body best, and what kind of activity you enjoy most.

    Bonus Challenge Reminder
    Just a reminder, our bonus challenge this month will be awarded to one person who is very engaged on this Dietbet dashboard; someone who posts a lot, encourages others etc. In the case of there being many people who are great team members, a drawing will be done to select one winner. Winner will receive *$100* via venmo/paypal/amazon gift card (they can choose).

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Samantha B.

Samantha B.

  • Brrr

Caralee L.

01/15/2022 6:53AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • My win for last night. We were out and about most of the afternoon/evening so when it came to dinner, we decided to go to a restaurant. My families pick? Red Robin. Not the healthiest choice in the world. So when we sat down and ordered, do you know what I did? Ordered a burger and French fries! This is going to be a lifelong change for me, and instead of doing what I always do and completely cut out everything fun and not spend time with my family, I am not doing that this time. I ate my burger and fries happily, enjoyed the time together, and even took a bite of dessert the whole family was sharing. Why? Because I want my girls to see that food isn’t bad- it’s about moderation. Did I comment on how high the calories were, how this was going to break my diet, how big it was going to make my thighs, etc.? Nope! I can break the cycle for my kids of diet culture and viewing food as evil, and I’m going to! Yesterday I may have had more calories, but today I can go right back to eating healthy and that is perfectly fine.

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HUGE WIN!! And you’re absolutely right, there is no bad food, just how we treat food, and you’re teaching your kids the right way to view it and use it. This was amazing to read!

April B.

I think you hit the nail in the head here! I have a four year old daughter and I want her to have a positive relationship with food. I try to make sure I don’t talk negatively about my own issues around her. You did a great job, mama!


01/15/2022 5:00AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!

    I love me an easy, healthy, fast pita pizza This site gives you a lot of good ideas, but most the time, I just throw whatever I have on hand onto a pizza and microwave it, haha. A simple one is taking pizza or marinara sauce, cheddar and/or mozzarella, and then pepperoni (I often use turkey pepperoni), and any veggies you have on hand (bell peppers, etc). Super easy, and it completely tricks my mind that I just had indulgent, high calorie pizza, even though I didn’t.

    LOWER BODY: Check my IG STORIES over at GOODACTIVEHEALTH. I am sharing a video that focus on your lower body (specifically your glutes).

    Seasonal depression is among us, here is a podcast with some tips on how to get happy FAST on days when you’re bummed out:

    In a nutshell:
    *Contact someone you love and/or appreciate and tell them why you’re thankful for them.
    *Awesome happy music playlist
    *Help someone, with no strings attached
    *Create a gratitude list
    *Do a dub-smash (or something equally silly)
    *Change your focus
    *Take screenshots of kind texts, emails, etc you’ve received
    *Put a time limit on sadness

    Do the very first tip (contact someone you love…) and in the comments of this post, tell us who you contacted and why they were the person you reached out. Of the comments, I’ll do a drawing and choose a winner at random, and announce the winner tomorrow for $10 via venmo/paypal/or amazon gift card.

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Nelly T.

I reached out to my Dad and Sister. They both live on the other side of the country and my dad is getting older. I miss them so much and I know they miss me too. Thanks to covid it's not good for us to see each other right now. But the call helped a lot

Samantha B.

I contacted my sister and thanked her for always being in my corner and cheering me on even when she should have been pushing me to do better I know she was just supporting my decisions.

Crystal N.

01/14/2022 7:01PM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • Lunch for today -
    Grilled chicken fajita strips
    Riced Cauliflower
    Stir fry medley
    Liquid aminos sauce
    One of my favorites!!

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Jessi Y.

Looks so good! :yum:

April B.

This looks really good!


01/14/2022 5:00AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • This week’s recipes are going to be more LUNCH focused.
    This is soooo yummy. I did make the pernil (for me, I had no idea what that was, but it was really easy to throw in a crockpot and walk away)

    UPPER BODY: I realize, not everyone may want a video and an image may work better for you, so see the image below for your exercise today.

    Today I am sharing a podcast with you that focuses on creating your WHY in improving your health. The hard truth is, the motivation you may be feeling at the start of this game will likely have waned by the end of the month. I wish motivation was something you could rely on to get you to your healthiest self but eventually you’ll have to rely on will-power, discipline, or just hacking your own brain and figuring out what makes you tick (*cough*cough* winning dietbet games). Figuring out your WHY is a great way to help you stay on track when the going really gets tough. NOW is a great time to figure out your why, while you’re still feeling excited by this challenge. If you are willing, please share your WHY in the comments! For me, it’s feeling healthier in hopes of being able to get pregnant again later this year.

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Crystal N.

That looks yummy!

Caralee L.

You asked us to comment our why. Mine is to feel better and able to get me energy up for my family!


01/11/2022 5:00AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • *********************
    If you drank half your body weight (in ounces) for 5 out of the last 7 days, please write **DONE** in the comments of this post! I will pick our winner tomorrow morning for the $10 Amazon gift card.

    With that said, here is your recipe, workout, and motivation for the day!

    Today, I have for you: SPAGHETTI SQUASH PAD THAI. his recipe comes from Instagram from LILLIEEATSANDTELLS. The ingredients and instructions are listed in the comments of this post. I made this a few days ago, and while you'll never convince me that spaghetti squash tastes like pasta, this recipe is still totally yummy!

    30 minute full body HIIT workout:

    This podcast is for my lady friends, specifically those taking birth control. This is talking all about how birth control can affect your weight loss goals. This is not a podcast trying to convince you to take, or not take, birth control. It is also not a political podcast trying to push any agenda on reproductive rights/family planning etc. This is simply just letting you know what can happen when you’re on birth control. I’ve always wondered how birth control can impact weight loss efforts and this goes over that thoroughly!

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Natasha B.


Pat M.

I have to try this recipe it looks great!!!

Caralee L.

01/07/2022 3:31PM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • Got this monster of a water bottle at Walmart today! Holds 101 oz and keeps it cold for up to 3 days! Figured I could fill it up in the morning and not have to worry about it getting warm all day. Thanks everyone for your suggestions yesterday!

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Caralee L.

  • Yeah!! Here is the info on it. Was at Walmart for $35.

Amanda W.

I was going to ask where you got it but I saw you shared! Thanks! That is amazing! I love when they stay cold like that! And you don’t have to keep refilling!

Caralee L.

01/06/2022 9:40AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
I think I need a new water bottle. I have no idea how you people are able to measure your water! 😂

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I keep tally by refilling my 20 ounce bottle of sparkilng water that I used to buy. I take out five bottle every morning from my fridge (so I don't drink cold) and pour it into a glass/cup as the day goes by. I know I need to drink 100 ounces every day. It is super important NOT to drink from those bottles and refill it on a daily basis. Many people have done this in life and died from bacteria (washback) from their own bodies. Please Diet Bet buddies this is important not to do.

Jamie V.

I have a hydrojug but I also use MyFitnessPal to log water. So if I get a blackberry water from Sonic (delicious!) I look up the ounces for a sonic cup and input that. I get lite ice as well. Hope this helps!


01/06/2022 5:00AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • Let's get our first challenge going! These challenges have always been so helpful in keeping people on track. We generally repeat the same ones every month because they're so effective. So, let's start with an oldie but a goodie!!

    The goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces, for 5 days, or up to 1 gallon of water (if you weigh more than 240 lbs, you do not have to drink more than 120 oz. a day which is a full gallon of water). I know this can be so hard, but it’s worth it-especially with it being our first week! This can really help flush the extra weight you may have put on during the holidays. If you’re not a big water drinker, try adding in some crystal lite, tea, or infusing your water with cucumbers and lemon (or fruit) to give it some flavor. Another tip, try to get most of your water intake in before 7 pm, that way you’re not up all night using the bathroom.

    I'll post on Tuesday, asking who completed the challenge. Your entry for this challenge will be by commenting DONE on my Tuesday post. We will announce the winner on Wednesday 1/12.

    Bonus Challenge Reminder
    Just a reminder, our bonus challenge this month will be awarded to one person who is very engaged on this Dietbet dashboard; someone who posts a lot, encourages others etc. In the case of there being many people who are great team members, a drawing will be done to select one winner. Winner will receive $20 via venmo/paypal/amazon gift card.

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This is one of my favorite challenges. It’s so simple, but so difficult.


Glub glub :blowfish::fish::tropical_fish:


01/05/2022 5:00AM in WIN A $100 BONUS IN THIS GAME!
  • Hallelujah! It’s a new year! Time for a fresh start.

    Welcome to DAY 1 of our game!

    Stuart and I are working along side you to reach goals this month, and are excited to share everything we’ve been working on.

    In being your host, our goal this month is to provide you with 1 new workout, recipe, and inspirational message, 5 days a week. I have been doing Dietbet for YEARS and have never seen another host take this much time to help their members, but it is worth it to me to do all I can to help you! Thank you for being here with us!

    If you haven’t weighed in yet, that’s okay, you have two weeks to weigh-in but the sooner you submit that, the longer you’ll have to hit your goal.

    Our first challenge will be a water challenge, and I’ll give more details on that tomorrow (all challenges will be announced Thursdays, and winners for the $10 will be announced Wednesdays).

    1% a week is a challenge, BUT, it’s totally doable! Make sure to watch your portions, get some regular blood flow, drink your water, get your sleep, listen to your body, and LEARN from this experience!

    Your body is always trying to tell you what it needs (ie: hunger/full cues, if you’re feeling intense pain during exercise then to stop doing that, cravings for specific food groups when you’re lacking nutrients, etc). Your body was made to be healthy and strong, so listen to what it’s trying to tell you (but also pay attention to when addiction is rearing its ugly head, and work on healthy coping mechanisms to battle that), and you will CRUSH THIS MONTH!!

    Tell me in the comments if you are READY TO GET THIS CHALLENGE STARTED!

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April B.


Meeta P.

Ready! :muscle:
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