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Julie C.

02/20/2015 6:11PM
Thanks for all you are doing in the Fight Fat challenge! I appreciate your time and energy. I love seeing what you post, and it's cool that you take the time to read, like and comment on what we are all doing. That's motivating and encouraging- makes me feel like we are all part of a team. Thank you.

Adina B.

02/08/2015 10:14AM
I just had to let you know that seeing your episode truly changed my life. It hit home for me in so many ways. I never worked out and ate pretty much just junk food and was just getting out of control because I was just more and more unhappy. After I saw your episode I felt a motivation I have never felt before to take the reigns back on my life. I bought Choose more Lose more for life and have been carb cycling ever since all thanks to you! I feel so good physically but also emotionally and am so proud of myself for following through! Anytime I feel discouraged I either watch your episode or your BEST speech. You are truly inspirational and have done so much for me! Thank you for all you do!

Alyssa A.

10/02/2014 6:51AM
I'm an official winner...down 13 pounds. Thanks for motivating me, Bruce. I'm wondering if you ate doing another diet bet...don't want to join another until I find out. You're the best! Enjoyed your conference call as well and hoping to meet you someday at a BEST meeting. I will be attending the "T" class in November...I know you will be at "S" but I live out of state. Thanks again...was one of the first 50 in your bet. I'm glad you liked my "Eye of the Tiger" song. YOU'RE A CHAMPION, BRUCE!

Alyssa A.

*are not ate! Lol

Jennifer W.

10/01/2014 7:06AM
Bruce, thank you for hosting this DietBet!!! Will you start another one soon?

Jennifer R.

09/24/2014 5:57PM
Thanks for the conference call! You are awesome!

Alyssa A.

09/23/2014 8:58AM
Nice job Bruce...you are almost at 4% and you were already buff and fit! Love it!

brenda c.

09/10/2014 7:08AM
Another day of adventures and great work outs... Enjoy! :)

Brea D.

09/07/2014 9:44PM
Thanks for hosting this diet bet, you are very inspirational! You have great energy and positive attitude!

Andrea D.

09/07/2014 8:53AM
Way to go!

Larry G.

09/05/2014 5:02PM
I am so pumped being a part of your first DietBet. Your personal story is so freakin amazing and inspires me. I'm gonna totally kick this bets butt!!! Let's get pumped!!!
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