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Savannah G.

03/08/2022 7:50AM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
  • This sweet thing was 9 months old yesterday. I desperately wanted to get to my pre-baby weight by 9 months. Ya know—took 9 months to put it on! I wanted to have it off by 9 months. I guess I didn’t want it badly enough 😢 I did get within a pound or two a few weeks ago & then I just jumped right back off that wagon & ate everything in sight. I have decided to get back on the wagon & do this!! Hopefully I can get my butt in gear again.
    I should also mention I had lost 35 pounds BEFORE I got pregnant so I was extra excited to get back there because that was the lowest weight I had been since 2015. I will get there soon!!

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Ona O.

What a sweetie. I’m 13 months out with my 3rd and I feel you. But what would you say to a friend who said this to you? You’re trying and showing up for yourself. Don’t let a pound or two make you feel bad. You’re doing great! Just keep going, slow and steady.

Mary L.

What a cutie pie


03/07/2022 10:56PM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
So excited to be part of this month’s DietBet w/ Ilana!

My goal for all of you this month is to build confidence through movement. Whether you are training with me in Job 1, following a fitness program, or even taking up roller skating, I want you to go beyond the physical and learn how to train with a purpose and develop a healthy sustainable relationship your nutrition.

Today let’s move towards our goals:
20 min Cardio Session
HIIT IT (Job 1™️)
Cycling Ride
Walk (indoor or outdoors)
BODYWEIGHT cardio : youtu.be/OxLoDgVIXkY (repeat for 4 total rounds)

Let me know in the comments the type of movement you accomplished today⬇


*you can call me JJ

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mary m.

Walking at Lunchtime 20min fast pace. Finishing Job1 this week 1st round

Lisa D.

25 minute run and 20 minutes yoga!

Alesia C.

03/07/2022 5:15AM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
So excited to be here! When I win this diet bet (because it’s the only option I’m giving myself lol) I will be down a weight bracket and within 10 lbs to my goal weight! It’s taken quite a bit longer to get there this time with a surprise pregnancy at 6 months postpartum and then I suffered a devastating pregnancy loss at 12 weeks. 4 months later (today) I’m down over 25 lbs and have been doing these diet bets since January! If this is your first you’re in for a treat and you’ve made the best investment you can - in you!

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Tabi P.

I am so sorry to hear that. I agree, the best investment you can make is in yourself!

Alesia C.

Thank you!

Ona O.

03/07/2022 1:44AM in Spring Into Action with Ilana Muhlstein and Jennifer Jacobs
So excited to be back after not winning January. Was a bit defeated but managed to make it to .1 lb of my January goal for this weigh in. Baby step! Feeling motivated and need the accountability. Looking forward to the next 4 week. I can do this

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