Alisa P.

I want to lose weight to improve the quality of my life. I'm a generally healthy person, but activity is hard because I'm heavy & I want to fix all of that.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Carrots

Favorite Sinful Food: Chips/popcorn

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Slow and steady

DietBet Winnings: $175.39

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TIME PERIOD: All 60-Days 30-Days
Unofficial Weigh-InVerified Weigh-InDietBet Runner-UpDietBet WinnerRound WinnerRound Runner-Up
-0.7% Since last weigh-in-2.2 lbs
0% 1-Month Change0 lbs
-7.1% Lifetime Change-25.5 lbs

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Hailey P.

06/04/2022 11:51AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Anyone with a fitbit add me on there. Hprose

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Linda A.

It wouldn't let me add you. My user ID is 367D3T.

Alisa P.


Allison C.

06/01/2022 8:34AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Use this comment thread to post your apple watch and fitbit user details to start individual competitions with players!
Any post that you are ok being shared on my social media at any given point this month please add “PTP” to your caption (permission to post)

PERKS-Group Smart Watch Competition – Fitbit and Apple watch friendly - Download "Challenge" Apphttps://challe… join our group competition!sync.challenges.a… personal trainer @hiivicc program discounts!“DBZOOM” $5 off Zoom Workouts - 4pack“DBWORKOUTGUIDE” 50% off home guided workout programshttps://w… Code "DIETBET" 15% off shirts in my shop!… Clothing exchange! - Member Access password is "Allison's DietBet"… IN GAME PRIZES - details announced at start of each weekWeek 1 – Food & Water Tracking - $15 Gift CardWeek 2 – Step Challenge - $25 Gift CardWeek 3 – Self Love - $35 Gift CardWeek 4 – MYSTERY - $50 Gift CardMultiple DietBet Credits to be awarded throughout the game!

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  • What happens if I have a question about my points on the challenge? I did all the things yesterday and it didn’t count all my points

Jessica P.

My self love was getting new nail polish and doing my nails to a level of professional today. :wink:

Hailey S.

06/01/2022 4:19AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Hey y’all! I’m in the may DietBet rn but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be just short of making it. I’m not going to stop though, hence the June DietBet! Anyone want to be friends on FITBIT? My username is Strother2021 💕

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Adele P.

I have an Apple Watch I don’t know if that would work. I would love to be friends with people to help motivate each other.

Alisa P.

Sent a request! :)
Alisa P. accepted the challenge.
04/23/2022 8:43AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
The pot is now $70

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