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Lacee G.

12/04/2022 10:23PM in Best You in 2022 w/ LACEE The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • #Day1 DEC. 5th Happy MONDAY !

    Journal Entry: Finish this Sentence...Practice Makes.....??? Did you say PERFECT! The is INCORRECT. Bc WHAT is PERFECT! Do you know that you are actually ALREADY PERFECT! (YEP! I'm TALKING TO YOU) ...

    The correct ANSWER is Practice makes IMPROVEMENT. (Les Brown)

    So let us then strive for EXCELLENCE. WOOT WOOT!

    Please answer in comments :
    1. What is one area this week where can you make improvement in your health and fitness journey?
    2. Focusing on a growth mindset, what is one thing you are going to do BETTER this WEEK to honor that commitment to yourself?

    Objective THIS WEEK::
    TRACK ALL FOOD with MYFITNESSPAL (download app) or BOD (Beachbody on Demand App - this is our objective again bc we are trying to create this healthy habit
    Try to drink 1 gallon of water per day or at least half your body weight in oz per day. ( Ex if you are 150 pounds/ 75 oz would be beyond great! )

    One day a TIME and WE GOT THIS!

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Mai T.

Woot woot! Incorporate different sports activities (hiking, biking, etc.) that I don’t do often enough. Honor not snacking late and doing meal prep.

Claudia S.

For me it would have to be tracking my food more consistently.
And I am going to meditate and journal every night. :purple_heart:

Lacee G.

12/04/2022 8:55AM in Best You in 2022 w/ LACEE The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • Happy Sunday DIETBET FAM! WOOT WOOT for the next 4 weeks we are letting go of ANYThing that happened in 2022 that no longer serves us and we are moving into the last month of 2022 as a REFRESH. RESTART, and REFOCUS.

    Here are all the details: Let your focus be progress over perfection and always taking it one day at a time.

    (REMINDER: You can use any meal guide or workout plan that has worked for you. These are all options and tools to help you on your journey)

    SAVE these LINKS:

    We will meet LIVE via ZOOM every SUNDAY @ 10am (Xmas meeting will be moved to 12/31)

    Save the following links:

    Link to meeting times times and zoom links:


    Link to Meal Guide (scroll to bottom for new desert recipes added each week):


    Link to Calendar:


    DROP a "WOOT WOOT" in the comments if you are READY! Also it is NOT to late to invite your friends and family to do this w YOU! Share the link and lets grow our BeYOUTiful community!

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Angel M.

Thanks for all these great resources!! Very excited to be on this journey with everyone!!


LETS GO!!!! Woot Woot!

Lacee G.

11/24/2022 9:45PM in FITTER FOR FALL with Lacee Green
  • WOOT WOOT! Hope everyone had a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and allowed yourself to enjoy the experience of all the GOOD feels :) AND Thank you to EVERYBODi that did our TURKEY TWERKY workout w US today!

    We are in our LAST WEEK of THIS challenge and I cannot BEEElieve how fast NOV has flown by.

    For the remainder of this week... keep focusing on being a BETTER version of YOU(which is never a number on the scale)! No matter how close you are to your goal or if you feel like you are still not quite that yet.... set a STANDARD for yourself for the next 3 days. There is a SENSE of POWER that comes from PROVING to yourself that you can do SOMETHING. THAT is YOUR POWER and the POWER of SELF LOVE!

    I am very proud that I have worked very hard to break an unhealthy habit that I had gotten into of eating too much of foods that were not in alignment with my healthy goals LATE AT NIGHT. SO I had to set a STANDARD and RULE of my health. (Which is part of the challnege in our guidelines)


    What is ONE STANDARD you can set and keep for the next 3 days whether it is that final push to meet your goal or just something that?


    **Reminder your standard can be JOURNALING for 3 DAYS straight, Exercising for 30 min, STUDYING/READING something that moves your towards a professional goal , PLAYING w your kids for 30 min**

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Mirielle B.

Water for me too! I have not doing a good job the last couple of days and that changed today. 100 oz lets go!

Jennifer K.

My standard is no coffee until at least 50oz of water

Lacee G.

11/21/2022 9:04PM in FITTER FOR FALL with Lacee Green
  • Day#21
    "Be THANKFUL for who you are now and keeping fighting for who you want to be. It is NOT how you START it is HOW You Finish that matters MOST," And our fitness journey is NEVER finished. It is FOREVER.

    HAPPY Thanksgiving week! I hope you all go to the link and watch our FITTER AND FUNNER THANKSGIVING ZOOM call yesterday! LOTS Of GREAT TIPS!

    We are in our last week. Your goal this week is to
    1. ENJOY this week just being GRATEFUL for your life and your body RIGHT where you are ( and it is OK if you feel like you are NOT there YET, invite joy and find something healthy to celebrate about YOU

    .2 GO HARD through this last week. ENJOY Thanksgiving mindfully ( it doesnt have to be overwhelming or bring anxiety) you can choose to follow your guidelines that allow you portions that keep your body in fat burning mode and/or you can just ENJOY all foods you love and have treats and let it be what it is, " a TREAT for your SOUL" which is JUST as important in this life. You can DO both! IT is your choice! ONE DAY is not going to DERAIL all your hard work. Holidays and celebrations are part of life.

    This is YOUR journey. I am grateful for all of you and I THANK YOU for being on this journey with me! WOOT WOOT

    (10am Pacific THANKSGIVING MORNING) invite the fam ;)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 827 3488 5214
    Passcode: WOOTWOOT

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Allison W.

See you at 1 eastern! Can’t wait

Norma B.

Standard for the next 3 days - quit measuring my success based on a number on that scale. Even if I don't meet the 4% to be in the $ ( which I needed badly esp right now), I showed up, pushed play, and felt feel stronger. My nutrition has been 100x better than I've ever done and I plan to continue this journey well after our last weigh in ... love you, Lacee! Thank you for being you.

Lacee G.

12/03/2022 5:39PM in Best You in 2022 w/ LACEE The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • Happy Saturday DIETBET FAM! ANNND HAPPY HOLIDAYS WOOT WOOT! ANNND welcome to our BEST YOU in 2022 DIET BET... So excited to be on this DIETBET with YOU!

    My name is Lacee Green, I am MOM (to a 15 year old son #totalteenager) , Super Trainer for Beachbody/BODi , gym owner and I love to help people find their healthy and happy RIGHT where they are in LIFE as they work towards who they are becoming!

    SUNDAY DEC 5th I will drop links to your meal guide, calendar, workouts, ZOOM links, and all the FITMAS fun we are going to have.

    IF this is your 1st DIETBET welcome. IF you joined to try to DROP the 4% in 4 weeks ( that's GREAT) - make sure you follow the directions to submit your weigh-in

    IF you joined just for the support, accountability, love, light, fun and WOOT WOOT! That is great too! Don't even worry about getting on the SCALE.

    AND if you joined for BOTH! I LOVE THAT TOO!

    We are SUPER Active on our DIETBET page and that has proved to help ALL of us be most successful! From sharing wins and none scale victories to winning prizes and just WOOT WOOTing one another a we take is one day at time. There is NO SHAME EVER if you Do not WIN and our goal is only to come out 4% HEALTHIER and HAPPIER than when we started and that is ALL measured by what that means to YOU.

    IN THE COMMENTS please share :
    YOUR NAME name, WHERE YOU are from, and WHY YOU Joined.

    I will start:
    Name: Lacee Green lol

    From Bradenton, Florida but live in Ventura, Ca

    I joined for the extra accountability over the holidays to help me stay on track to end the year my fittest and healthiest, especially since I have my OWN and VERY FIRST BEACHBODY/BODi program launching in MARCH but filming in JANUARY. Also since this is my 5th DIET BET I love the family and community we have built here.


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Whitney R.

I'm Whitney and I'm from Washington state. I joined for more accountability, as I was part of Lacee's last diet bet, and did not make my goal. I'm tired of feeling uncomfortable in my skin, not liking the way I look, and not feeling my best. I feel like a broken record, as I often say that, so it is more of a lifelong goal and mindset change.


Hi Everyone
I am Kattie from Monroe Michigan. I need a boost and accountability. I was in a good spot then Covid found me and then the laziness creeped its way in. I am determined to get in a physical/mental happy place.
Lacee you are an amazing human being and so thankful for your time and accountability in this group.

Erin P.

12/02/2022 5:05PM in Best You in 2022 w/ LACEE The Curvy Girl Trainer
  • I have done some of Lacee's BODi workouts, and really like her motivational talks. I'm looking forward to what she brings to this group.

    I signed up earlier this week for the DietBet with Ilana, too. Between the two DBs, I have motivation to be more consistent and intentional with my mirroring choices from (just after) Thanksgiving to New Year's Day. :)

    The pictures are of one of my sunrise interval runs this week. I had my final PT appointment this morning, and am continuing to gradually reintroducing running, while doing Autumn's 9 Week Control Freak.

Pam G. , Lacee G. , Claudia S. , Michele E. and Whitney R. like this photo.

Lacee G.

BeYOUtiful Erin!

Erin P.

Thank you, @Lacee! :blush:

Elaina E.

12/02/2022 9:16AM in Best You in 2022 w/ LACEE The Curvy Girl Trainer
Excited for a DietBet with Lacee. Love your BODi workouts, th energy you out out into the world and I can’t wait to see you with your own program. Looking forward to be a part of this group and reach my health goals!

Pam G. , Lacee G. , Whitney R. and Erin P. like this comment.

Lacee G.

YAY! Let's go ELAINA!

Michele E.

12/02/2022 7:45AM in Best You in 2022 w/ LACEE The Curvy Girl Trainer
Excited to join another challenge with Lacee. Last time I was tuned out and didn't take advantage of all the great engagement opportunities she provides. Hopefully I can finally succeed at a 4% in 4 weeks challenge.

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Lacee G.

WOOT WOOT! Excited to do this with you Michele!

Lacee G.

11/27/2022 9:17AM in FITTER FOR FALL with Lacee Green
  • #Day28 WOOT WOOT !


    FREE RYKA : PRIZE GIVEN TODAY TO SOMEONE IN Our MEETING! Just for loving yourself and showing me your best moves in our ZOOM meeting today!

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 878 4668 1841
    Passcode: DIETBET

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Me too. Just saw this now. But thank you for everything Lacee!!!

Bianca A.

Me too bummed I missed it :pensive:

Allison W.

11/24/2022 9:49AM in FITTER FOR FALL with Lacee Green
  • Energize before the workout with Lacee!!

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Lacee G.

LOVED seeing you ladies TODAY! WOOT WOOT! BeYOutiful job by MAMA and daughter!

Pam G.

I missed the workout…. I know it was sooo great!!!
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