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Jenn and Kandice

06/28/2022 11:11PM in $500 in BONUS PRIZES! June 29th Game!

It's time to announce our early sign up bonus winners! These are the first 21 early birds to sign up for the game!

If your name is on the list please email me at:

In the email please include the following 3 things:
1. Your screen name as listed below.
2. The starting date of this game (6/29).
3. Please let me know if you'd prefer PayPal or an Amazon egift card, and the email you would like me to use.

Thanks guys!

Our early sign up bonus winners:

$20 cash winners:

William M.
Yi-Hsuan C.
Maria louise

$10 cash winners:

Till M.

Cindy l.
Daniel W.
Catbearkate L.
Edward J.
Aron W.
Jennifer Z.
Christian K.
Heidi H.
Jennifer K.
Waybetter Matt

Erica P.
Janie D.

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Jenn and Kandice

Yes Arima, I apologize I had you on my list but neglected to type it on the post. And big apologies to you Cindy I added your name to the list. You were one of the early winners. My brain must have been unplugged last night. Sorry guys!

Cindy I.

No worries, happens to all of us!

Jenn and Kandice

05/17/2022 10:44PM in $500 in BONUS PRIZES! May 18th Game!
  • Welcome everyone, I'm so happy you're here! My name is Jenn, I'll be your host! Kandice is my sister and co-host.

    I like to do weekly challenges as part of our game, it helps to keep the game more interactive and motivating. (Optional of course)

    The first challenge is: The Water Challenge!

    Here is the challenge if you want to participate:
    Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, Wednesday - Friday! (May 18th - Math 20th)

    Starting on Friday there will be a post here, at the top of the game feed, for you to comment under if you completed the challenge. The deadline to report in is Saturday 12:00 PM (noon) Pacific Time. The prize drawing will be held on Saturday shortly after that, for the $20 cash prize. Each week the prize amount goes up!

    And one suggestion, but not part of the challenge: Please introduce yourself and share your goals! Let us know where you are on your weight loss/fitness journey, and what your short/long term goals are! Just for fun let us know where you are from. I live in Utah.

    Let's get going!!!

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Romana U.

Hey y'all, I'm Romana I live in coastal North Carolina. I'm here to lose some weight, get back into shape and hopefully reset some not so great habits! I've got kids, I work, schedules are tight. Convience has been my meal plan for a while now and I know that's my biggest problem when it comes to weight loss.


Hi everyone my name’s gabi I’m from california. I am at the heaviest ive ever been currently and joined this challenge for accountability! Im starting my routine of working out 5x a week again and eating healthier.
Cindy I. accepted the challenge.
05/13/2022 9:34AM in $500 in BONUS PRIZES! May 18th Game!
The pot is now $1,700

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Cindy I. accepted the challenge.
04/01/2022 11:02AM in $500 in BONUS PRIZES! April 13th Game!
The pot is now $1,100

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