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05/19/2022 8:27AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
2.8 lbs left to lose so I’m a little nervous 😬 what are you guys implementing to shed the last little bit before the deadline? I need some inspiration!

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Andrea R.

I’ve been having an earlier dinner (like 4) and still dinner and done! I seem to lose more weight the earlier I stop eating


Any more movement you can add to your day ! ( away from the fridge)

Jaclyn A.

05/16/2022 4:43AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Feeling frustrated. I’ve been drinking a minimum of 120oz of water each day; getting at least 12k steps in each day, eating lots of veggies and fruit and adding protein as much as I can. I haven’t drank alcohol in over 3 weeks. The scale has stayed pretty much the same. Though I’m down 4 pounds from start of this, it hasn’t moved all week…help!!

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Blu B.

When I stall out on my weight loss I am usually eating too little calories. I think I'm eating enough, but when I enter it into a cal counter I am actually under eating. My body resists weight loss when it feels like its starving. I usually start loosing again when I add a bit of carbs back in and also up the protien and veggies. It's a bit of a pain, but if you are logging your food already, it might help to log them into a calories counter app instead for a little bit so tou can see what you are actually ingesting. I also agree with a previous comment about making sure you are getting enough salt with all that water. Good luck you can get through this plateau!

Meagan W.

I hear you, was in the same boat for over a month until finally seeing change within the last few days. For me I think it’s salt + timing of meals (eating too late). Changing up the veggies you’re eating and/or protein can help too!!

Also I drink just as much water…I don’t think it’s too much, but that’s just me!


05/11/2022 6:07AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Does anyone find they gain weight the day after a hard workout? I did weights yesterday after a long break and I’m super sore today! I gained a half a pound from yesterday morning’s weigh-in, but I ate really well! I’m quite sure it’s because I’m sore, but I want to hear if anyone else experiences this as well?

I love reading posts and hearing how lots of your experiences are so similar to mine—it reassures me and makes me feel empowered! Thanks groupies!

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Lauren A.

Try going for a walk. You might just have lactic acid from being so sore so I try to stretch and do a nice walk

Blu B.

Yes, but it goes away in a day or two and I usually loose an extra pound when it does.


05/05/2022 12:00AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
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Sarah B.

Are there any companies that have prepped or ready made meals that follow 2B? I’ve used Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, etc in the past, but the meals were not inline with plate it. I love so many of your 2B recipes, so I’m looking for easier/faster ways to get them.

Ariana A.

Great call today! Thank you Ilana!
So helpful. Happy Mothers Day weekend, we got this!

Shyanne O.

05/04/2022 7:48AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Bunnies 🐰
    It’s almost camping season for me (next Friday ❤ and this is the time I fall off track every year! I need an accountability Bunny 🐰.

    Any fellow camping bunnies 🐰

    Tips and tricks are welcome! Drink ideas? Normally it’s truly drinks and vodka and stevia! Good ideas?

    Starting to get things prepared for pantry.

    I have my gazebo all set up with weights, tv and adaptor for phone to stream Beachbody workouts.

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Blu B.

I am also looking for camping meal ideas. I just found whole eggs in a liquid carton today. I had only seen egg whites before. This is going to become one of my camping staples.

Rebekah K.

I'm hoping to go camping almost every weekend this summer! I bring lots of chopped veggies in containers along with homemade yogurt ranch dip. Eggs in Rubbermaid egg cartons. Lots of water and a couple bottles of MiO to flavor it once in a while. For alcohol I try to stick to one drink a camping trip and make it a shot of whiskey in a coke zero, or something similar.

Valerie M.

05/04/2022 7:31AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
My weight went up today despite all the water and veggies I ate yesterday. I think it’s because I had dinner at 8:45pm. I needed to be at youth group by 5:30pm and was running late so I drank a recovery on the way to help hold me over and to not eat the pizza that was being served last night. Success, no pizza for me! My dinner was ground turkey with cauliflower rice, mixed vegetables and a salad. Today is another day!

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Blu B.

I got up and down every other day. It's just how the body works sometimes. If the overall trend is down so I don't mind the ups anymore.

Meaghan R.

So many good take always…you weren’t tempted by pizza and a great attitude! That weight will be gone! Your mindset is great!

Blu B.

05/04/2022 7:29AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
My BMI just went from obese to overweight. I have been on diets for over a decade and most of that time I was obese despite only eating 1200 calories. This is a huge milestone for me. I am also eating way more food than I have in the past while still loosing weight. Feels good.

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Blu B.

Thank you everyone!

Meaghan R.

That’s amazing! Just roll with that feeling and don’t look back!

Amy C.

05/03/2022 3:35PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Does anyone know where I can find jicama wraps?? I've been wanting to try them so bad.

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Blu B.

Whole foods, sprouts, Trader Joe's and sometimes Kroger/ king soopers


They’re at H‑E‑B and Kroger/King Sooper’s near me called jicama tortillas and Sprouts as jicawraps. The produce people at your local store should be able to help you too! Sometime they may be able to order them if they know they will have interested customers.

Audrey C.

05/03/2022 2:20AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I need support guys… it’s teacher appreciation week and apparently the way they think we need to be appreciated is by feeding us junk all week. I had 3 donuts yesterday and gained a pound this morning. Please post support in the comments. It’s been such a long year and I just want to emotionally eat and cry into donuts.


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Ok, save up the donuts in a baggie and give them to someone (anyone) and trade all that in on ONE amazing glass of wine! Soooo worth it!!!

Audrey C.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support and the helpful advice from Ilana through you all.

Katie M.

05/02/2022 6:52AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Feeling a little discouraged today. I was in the last bet with Ilana and it seemed like as long as I stuck to my meal plan I didn’t even have to try to lose the weight. This round the scale just isn’t budging.

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Hazel T.

It might be time to try and tweak something small. It is very frustrating when the scale does t seem to cooperate with what you ate. Consistency will win, along g with believing you can do it because you care to do it. :heart:

Blu B.

Keep at it. I don't know what your meals are like, but I notice that if I am not eating enough the scale does not move for me. It sometimes actually goes up. Sounds crazy, but my body freaks out if it thinks it's starving. I start adding in more vegetables at each meal and sometimes a little more carbs and protein. Just to share, I have never eaten as much food as I do now and I am loosing weight easier than any past attempt. My body was in starvation mode so it held on to fat. Now I eat a ton, but it's the right ratio for my body. Keep at it and you will find your ideal ratio too. Good luck!
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