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Ana N.

08/04/2022 5:12PM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Question time: There are so many posts It becomes difficult to read them all. So hoping someone can answer. I thought I read the final weigh in rolls over the next diet bet. Is this true? All I see is submitting a new start weigh in. Any help is appreciated.

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Cassandra R.

For me it did. I got an email that my weight was received and approved. At the top it shows my weight, goal, and says I can submit an unofficial. Also, you can see in the my account, profile, photos you can see that your weigh out picture is there twice (once as you weighed out and once for the new weigh in)

Ana N.

Thank you Cassandra. I verified if you commence another bet within 48 hours it is possible to use your end weigh in.


08/04/2022 2:00AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
How are you doing with the scale? Are you still letting it define you? Don't let it! It should be looked at as simple tool that tells you how your body is reacting to the food you are eating. Let's keep crushing this first week! This group is amazing!



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Katie A.

I've learned not to be disappointed when it doesn't go down like I expected. By using it as a tool I discovered that I tend to loose it all in one go. No weight loss with several days of eating right then 2lbs overnight!


Unfortunately, I put too much focus on the scale and am definitely disappointed with myself when I don't see a loss. It always amazes me to see a 2 or 3 lb increase overnight if/when I eat something salty, and when I'm being very diligent in getting all my water, veggies, etc, it takes 4 or 5 days to lose it. I'm down @ 12 lbs since the end of May when I did my first DB and working on another 6 this time. Staying focused, getting my exercise, water and veggies is what's helping me.

gina h.

07/29/2022 8:08AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Who is doing the next diet bet?

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Cindi D.

Me!!! The accountability was like no other!


07/20/2022 9:24AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • I'm so blown away by all of you!!!! Keep weighing in often. It not only helps your progress and accountability but it adds to our overall tally!! Can you believe we've lost over 7,000 pounds!! That's the size of this truck!!
    Let's take this momentum and roll it into my next dietbet starting right after this one on August 1st!! Double the goal weight double the potential money!! LETS DO IT!

    **PLUS if we exceed the this game pot amount on the next game I am throwing in $1,000 to the pot plus $500 giftcard to the person who invites the most people!! 

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Yayy!!!! I was hoping there would be one right after this ti keep my momentum up! Thank you!!!!

Cassandra R.

Yay!!! Thank you so much for doing another one!

Suanne D.

07/19/2022 12:15PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Let’s talk about…….self sabotage and our weight “range” goals!
    Whether you have “food pushers” in your life, who (for whatever reason) don’t want you to lose the weight, or loved ones who think you “look absolutely fine”….comments from the “peanut gallery” can, and a lot of times DO affect us.
    If you’ve been reading my posts, here is Part 2, from what I wrote about yesterday, which was the topic of my weight that my boyfriend and I had at the picnic on Sunday.
    We were scrolling through pics on FB and came across a pic of me in the blue dress (pictured) that he had bought for me. He asked why I hadn’t worn it in a long time.
    Well, I haven’t worn it because it’s too tight….I’m not as thin as I was in 2018! And his comment was “You’re fine just the way you are. You don’t need to lose anymore”.
    In my mind, that almost gave me license to say, great….then yes, let’s go get gelato.
    But you know what? He always thinks I look great! He thought I looked great 33 plus pounds heavier.
    But what about ME? Where do I feel comfortable? What’s the range that works best for me? I’m not there yet.
    I had kept off the 33 plus pounds that I had lost in 2018, for over a year. But the pretty restrictive diet I was on, in addition to the version of IF, I just couldn’t maintain the loss….especially during the early very stressful days of the pandemic.
    Now, following the 2B Mindset way of eating, I’m not only eating more, I’m finally changing my “all or nothing” diet mentality. Working on the “last 10 pounds”
    Some people may think I’m “thin enough”. But I know how my clothes fit me. I’m the one that has to decide what my “weight range” should be.
    We all need to be realistic. But sometimes you need to turn off those “self sabotaging” thoughts, and stay true to your goals!

Love , Jessie Z. and like this photo.

Cassandra R.

Wow that is a beautiful dress. Yes , choose what’s right for you.

Cristina D.

07/19/2022 9:58AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Recommendations for Food Tracking Apps that don’t count calories??

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Courtney B.

The beachbody app?

Cassandra R.

I haven’t used it , but I heard Rise up and Recover records food and emotions.

Rebecca H.

07/19/2022 9:19AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Well, I've already hit my goal, but I just tested positive for covid this morning. ☹️ I work in healthcare and had avoided it for just over 2 years. Ugh! Obviously going to drink water first and stay hydrated! I can't really workout so I'll just be mindful of what I'm eating and pick nutritious options. For now, I'm resting in bed with my dog and watching cooking shows. Lol

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Cassandra R.

Yes, water and rest. If you are able to stretch and light movements in your bedroom that can help keep your blood flowing and mind occupied too. Try and open the blinds for sunlight too.

Barbara P.

Hope you are feeling better soon Rebecca. Congratulations on reaching your goal already.

Kristin W.

07/19/2022 8:45AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Wanted to share one of my tricks to help with tracker, analysis and keeping to my goals! X=yes O=no. --=same

Love , Jessie Z. and like this photo.

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Love this! I have a habit app too that helps me stay on track!

Cassandra R.

Nice! This reminds me of Jon Acuff!


07/19/2022 8:16AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I want to hear from you!

Aside from the scale, what are your biggest wins and proudest moments from the past month???

I want to focus on the Non Scale Victories (NSV) today because while hitting the number goal is great, it’s the brave changes in behavior and mindset that keeps the weight off in the long term.

I’m proud of myself for going out and not ordering drinks or food, which turned out to be totally fine!

What are yours???

Robinblythe , Love and like this comment.

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I have made my water goal of 72 oz. plus every day for 10 days-- the first time ever in my life. Today I added additional water to my shirt and biked to a pond, swam, dried off with the shirt that I'd originally soaked (that was dry by the time I got to the pond) to wet it again and biked home-- and was happy but sweaty.

Gabrielle R.

1. The scale says literally the same number, but I know I’ve lost inches because I’m wearing pants I wore pre-kids 6.5yrs ago! 2. Funny observation—my bra is looser (and I’m not sad about it bc my girls are too big and are a pain in the neck!)
3. My 6.5yo chose “cotton candy” grapes and red bell peppers on our weekly grocery run as her treat bc “she wants to have strong muscles and bones like you.” I also noticed my kids are drinking more water, too! They really do model your behaviors….

Sarah C.

07/18/2022 7:31PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Definitely a small fluke but I fit into an XS dress and got another in size 6. So smiley 😊

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Valerie M.


Cassandra R.

That’s a great feeling.
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