Lauren A.

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Sherry M.

05/19/2022 1:07PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • The number on the scale is up 1lbs today. I honestly was frustrated and upset with myself, until I took a long look at my week. I’m feeling off emotionally this week. My eating and water intake are honestly on point. My workouts are happening and I’m not coasting through them either. The problem is, I’m not sleeping well and I’m stressed with work, along with some nagging back pain. So…no sleep, stress and inflammation in the body will all contribute to weight gain. Sometimes we need to take a step back and take a close look. I also looked at where I started and where I’m at. I look at the progress I’ve made. It definitely helps put things into perspective.

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Lauren A.

I love working out so it was hard to take a day off to “rest” but I noticed a drop on the scale!


I felt very similar yesterday and last night was pretty restless with a baby girl who just didn’t feel like sleeping. But I did take a second pre-rough night and took an epsom salt bath. It definitely helped relieve some muscle tension I’d been feeling and I really think it calmed my nerves a bit too. You’ve got this!

Lauren A.

05/19/2022 2:16AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Went up 1.2 this morning. Could be the soy sauce or the cloud pizza? Would you drop your lunch FFC? Accessories?

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Hazel Rain

Also, i do sometimes drop my lunch FFC but find the best and most consistent results from this when i had more FFC servings the prior day. I never skip my breakfast FFC and carefully ease my FFC back in the next day because i will start craving “silly carbs” like crazy. So its a thoughtful balance. It does help me re enter weight loss mode

Lauren A.

This is amazing feedback!!! Not sure as it was my first time having those two items.

I’ll keep my lunch FFC and stick with it. But I think you’re totally right with accessories. I think I’m going a little too overboard with them/not properly measuring. I’m going to stick with one per meal and see where that leads.

I agree with the feta cheese. That cheesy flavour is usually what works for
Me so figuring out how to have that without over doing it.

Thank you again :heart::heart::heart:

Lauren A.

05/18/2022 8:31AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I love my homemade lattes, with regular milk though. How do you guys incorporate them into your meals?

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Hazel Rain

Cut down on accessories to make room for the milk

Melissa W.

Agreed with hazel I eat a “naked” breakfast so I can enjoy my latte and still be in melting mode.

(I call it naked because I don’t use any accessories, or I use the freebie accessories only)

Katie C.

05/18/2022 8:04AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Im in a stall and it is really starting to get on my nerves

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Awww, hang in there!

Melissa W.

You got this! Maybe try switching your meals? I usually do a salad or smoothie for lunch but I did a smoothie for dinner one night (lack of time to eat a plated meal) but the next day I had a loss! Then I did it again two days later and had another loss, I have also been trying new 2B recipes and that’s seemed to help break my stall!

Hazel Rain

05/17/2022 7:50AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I think that I am in fact getting the hang of eating for weight loss! usually after a couple of days of extras I gain the first day i go back to "weight loss" eating. Not yesterday!! I lost 0.3lbs this morning. I can see how plate it really is a recommendation and while i keep it in mind, I knew that for me I needed to be very rigid with my accessories and also re-calibrate my FFC's (my breakfast looked like 50%V25%P25%FFC and my lunch and dinner look like dinner "plates" 75%V25%P) after a day of 4 servings of FFC's. Perhaps I could have pushed myself even a little harder yesterday and saw a more dramatic loss but this feels like a great success. Here's to day 2 in a row of weight loss. My mindset is dialed in and I feel empowered.

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Annie C.

I’m so there with you in terms of those ratios, just don’t see movement unless I push out the ffc’s too…

Lauren A.

So interesting!! I’m going to try this. I struggle too with the delayed weight gain after extra food/going out.

I’ve never thought of adjusting my accessories though - worth a shot!!

Lauren A.

05/16/2022 6:38PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
What are your go to salad dressings? Preferably homemade

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I use calorie wise Italian dressing by Kraft. Only 5 calories per tablespoon!

Hazel Rain

i like the refrigerated dressings from trader joes, theyre 40-60cal for 2T and go a ways with flavor, also whole food ingredients.
If I'm having something italian in nature then I like a good balsamic glaze 5cal/t and serious flavor punch. If it's a burger salad then ketchup & relish have enough of a watery texture to flavor and spread. this is one of my favorite low fat options when I have a good low fat burger to go with it.


05/11/2022 6:07AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Does anyone find they gain weight the day after a hard workout? I did weights yesterday after a long break and I’m super sore today! I gained a half a pound from yesterday morning’s weigh-in, but I ate really well! I’m quite sure it’s because I’m sore, but I want to hear if anyone else experiences this as well?

I love reading posts and hearing how lots of your experiences are so similar to mine—it reassures me and makes me feel empowered! Thanks groupies!

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Lauren A.

Try going for a walk. You might just have lactic acid from being so sore so I try to stretch and do a nice walk

Blu B.

Yes, but it goes away in a day or two and I usually loose an extra pound when it does.

Lauren A.

05/10/2022 6:53PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Does anyone find that they gain weight/bigger jump in weight, the second day after a bad day/night of eating?

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I LOVE this question because I totally have seen this to be true every time as well, but for some dumb reason I thought it was just me! Knowing there are so many of you that have the same pattern makes me feel like I’ve got this! You’ve got this too!! :muscle:

Lauren A.

Thank you everyone :heart::heart::heart: so glad to know it’s not just me!!

Ariana V.

05/10/2022 8:11AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
First dietbet since baby was born and man I am losing NOTHING! Losing weight postpartum seems impossible! Trying not to cut too many calories and just focusing on clean eating and exercise since I'm breastfeeding. Anyone in the same boat or have tips for this first time mom? 😅

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Andrea R.

I have been through postpartum 3 times, and focusing on calories sometimes makes you give yourself permission for extra snacks and treats you don’t need. More water, more veggies when you’re hungry! Then add protein! Watch out for sleep hunger. Also, water intake seems to impact milk supply more than food. Hope you can get through this rut!

Lauren A.

Story of my life!!!

Bianca D.

04/30/2022 5:35AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Did really good eating wise yesterday, and even worked out but up .8 pounds I’m sure the drinks from Thursday finally settled. Just going to stay consistent with my veggies and water and I’m sure it will come off within the next two days

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Lauren A.

I find my weight goes up on the second day after I’ve had drinks or gone out etc. so I mentally prepare for the scale to be up the second day. That way I’m not shocked or disappointed.

Hazel Rain

I had a really wonky week this week. I SUPER dialed in my accessories yesterday and dropped 2 lbs this morning. For me im finding that accessories rule all eapecially fatty ones
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