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Lacee G.

06/27/2022 8:03AM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • #Day 8
    Objectives this week to focus on:
    1. TRACK ALL FOOD with MYFITNESSPAL (download app) or BOD (Beachbody on Demand App - this is our objective again bc we are trying to create this healthy habit
    2. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night

    Journal Entry: What organ in our body is one of the most important to feed? …Is it your heart? Kidneys? Lungs? …

    Nutritionally, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals help your brain to stay happy, productive, and healthy.

    Spiritually and mentally feeding your mind positive affirmations and loading “good vibes only” help your brain thrive even more.

    How can you feed your brain and train your mind to be better?

    What does this look like in action:
    In the comments - Write down one FOOD that is FUEL for your brain that you are going to eat this week

    2. Write down 1 positive affirmation statement that you can "feed" your brain, mind body and soul this week.

    LOVE YOU and LET's GO!

    Here are mine:
    1. Going to eat more salmon, blueberries, turmeric
    2. I AM ENOUGH

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1. Spinach
2. Don’t give up. I can do this!

Pamela L.

This week I'm keeping on track with food following the gut protocol, but this weekend I'm camping so I will definitely be trying to stay accountable using my containers and the beachbody app. Good proteins like salmon and chicken will feed my brain. My affirmation is "I've got this"

Lacee G.

06/26/2022 4:43PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • #DAY7 SOOO fun with everyone in our ZOOM today! KEEP UP ALL THE AMAZING! LOVE OUR DIET BET TEAM! Week 2! Let;s get it!
    How can you apply those tips? How can you do even better this week?


Alex W , Jasmine G. and like this photo.

Nicole R.

Love these calls!!!

Jasmine G.


Brittany H.

06/27/2022 8:02PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • Hello everyone! Todays workout is week 3 upper body fire and LIIFT More sample workout!

    I absolutely loved the Fire and Flow workout I loved how the intensity increases each week and the sweat keeps coming! Now that LIIFT More sample workout was ABSOLUTELY amazing! I absolutely loved it!! I love lifting and this program is just going to take things to another level!! I even loved the cardio portion of the workout!! I cannot wait to start this program I am so excited to see what Joel has in store!

    Nutrition was on point for today as well! I definitely stayed busy throughout my day to minimize boredom eating and it definitely worked in my favor! I hope you all have a blessed night ????

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Pamela L.

I can't wait to try this program!

Jasmine G.

Crushing it!

Jasmine G.

06/27/2022 4:05PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • HIIT Legs + Core
    My daughter worked out with me a little today too ????

Bianca A. , Sarah B. , Akhila A. , Rose101 and - B. like this photo.

Sarah B.

Loved it!! So cute and you are a beast!

Da’Nasia M.

06/27/2022 8:49AM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! This morning I completed Les Mills cycling and job 1. I want to be more consistent this coming week with my nutrition.

Bianca A. , Sarah B. and like this photo.

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Sarah B.

You got this girl!! I know it!

Da’Nasia M.

Thank you, Sarah :blush:. I’m trying to be on your level.

Allison W.

06/26/2022 5:53PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee

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Jasmine G.

Love this!!

Sarah B.


Chantal Ann

06/26/2022 4:35PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • It's been so freakin' hot & humid in Montreal since Friday (100 to 104), and was out and about today and I had this bad boy!!! Should I have had it? Probably not (270 cals, 17 gr. of fat BUT it did have 4 gr. of protein 😆😆). Did I enjoy it GUILT FREE? You bet I did!! You only live once and tomorrow is another day.

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Lacee G.

Absolutely! And you enjoyed it and you were mindful that you were having a TREAT! That is LIFESTYLE and that is GREAT!

Jasmine G.

Yess! Guilt free!

Lacee G.

06/24/2022 8:53AM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • #Day5 #FeelGoodFriday WHAT'S Up DIET BET FAM! I'm talking to YOU!

    We are on #DAY5 ALREADY! Woot woot! How are you doing so far? Where have you been most successful? Where are feeling the most challenging?

    What does this look like in ACTION :
    1 Write in the comments ONE area you feel successful about in the past 5 days?
    2. Then write one thing you can do OVER the WEEKEND ( not WEAK END ;) ) to improve that area that you are struggling with when working towards your goal!

    ALERT : FREE WORKOUT ( in my studio at Ventura, Ca and ONLINE)
    DATE : SATRUDAY (6/24)
    TIME: 10am PACIFIC
    CLASS: TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT ( equipment: dumbbells)
    Duration: 45 min
    ZOOM LINK : Lacee Green @thecurvygirltrainer is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: 2022 JUNE ZOOM Classes w Lacee Green @thecurvygirltrainer
    Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 817 9591 1535
    Passcode: WOOTWOOT

    ** Workout will be recorded and posted HERE **

    (Remember that WORD you wrote down on DAY 1)

    REMINDER: OUR 1st LIVE ZOOM check- in is SUNDAY, JUNE 26th @ 10am PACIFIC

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Sarah B.

Workouts are going great, very consistent.
And I can always work on my nutrition
Weekends I always try to stay active

Brittany H.

I was successful this week with tracking and my water intake and workouts. For the weekend I was not successful with being prepared the day before and learning to implement balance over perfection!


06/23/2022 8:04PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
Im expected to be up on Monday due to an anniversary weekend. I know it will mostly be salt but celebrating 8 years. Excited. Woohoo! I struggle with PCOS and a hormone imbalance so if you know, you know. Its gonna be tough getting rid of the salt but it will be worth it. Hope to have time to still hit my 4%. Wish me luck!

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Jasmine G.

I struggle with PCOS too.. you got this! I’m rooting for you!

Kelsey H.

Congrats and enjoy!!

Bianca A.

06/23/2022 7:01PM in RESULTS in 4 WEEKS - SUMMER STRONG w/ Lacee
  • Lunchtime workout finished week 2 of Job1 and did a cycle class

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Jasmine G.

Woot woot!!! :hearts::hearts:

Kelsey H.

Doing the thing!!
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