Mary K.

Postpartum weight loss.
My joints feel better.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: pink lady apples

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Lately I've been really into kickboxing.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Balance and consistency. 👌

DietBet Winnings: $155.21

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06/06/2022 7:57AM in Syd’s May DietBet Game!
  • We are halfway done with our weight loss challenge everyone! I’m excited to finish this strong with you all! I’m personally down 4 pounds so far and I’m ready to dig deep and win this game! We got this!!! Here are the winners from last weeks gift card giveaway:

    Weekly $5 Amazon gift card winners:
    - Faith M
    - Becca C
    - Stephanie P
    - Kathy B
    - Emily
    - Wendy N
    Weekend $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift card (winners choice):
    - Mackenzie B
    - Gabbi
    - Christina H

    Congrats friends! Please email me at to claim your gift cards 😊!

    Our next weekly challenge is the Staying Hydrated Challenge! I’ll go ahead and share the water chart for those that like to have an idea of how much they should be drinking. But feel free to stay hydrated and drink as much water as you personally need! You do not need to go based off the chart if you do not wish to. The goal is for all of us to stay hydrated and mindful for this next week 👍😊. Please go ahead and share daily in either this thread or the DietBet wall when you reach your water goal. You can share a selfie of you drinking water, share a screen shot of your water tracking app, or comment a simple “I reached my water goal for the day”. I’ll go ahead and announce 1 winner for an IronFlask water bottle (color of choice) and two winners for a $5 Amazon gift card on Monday! Cheers to an awesome week everyone!

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Melissa S.

Reached my water goal today and yesterday. Woohoo!

Megan B.

I met my water goal today

Cori K.

06/05/2022 5:42PM in Syd’s May DietBet Game!
  • I found myself very much stuck in my head today. I decided to get in a quick HIIT to see if it could help me out. It did!! I just wish I would have done it earlier in the day - I could have enjoyed my Sunday more. Next time I’ll know better.

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Mary K.

Good job showing up for yourself! :thumbsup::clap:


05/23/2022 8:30AM in Syd’s May DietBet Game!
  • Hello and welcome to our 4 week weight loss challenge! I’m so pumped for these next 4 weeks with you all! I went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on a ton of healthy food choices. I’m READY!! And I hope you all are too! I want to see a ton of winners during this game including myself 😉.
    On top of working hard and giving this our all, I want to make sure we have a fun time 😊. Which is why I’ll be doing a ton of gift card giveaways just like my last game! So get ready!
    Before we kick things off, here are the four $5 Amazon gift card winners from the introductions:

    - Jenny Z from Hugo MN
    - Ruth from SoCal
    - Tarini T
    - Amy W from New York

    Congrats friends! Please email me at to claim your gift cards 😊!

    For my DietBet games, I like to set weekly challenges with tons of chances to win gift cards. My goal is to get as many people as I can to win something 😊! The first challenge is the Weekly Workout Challenge for a chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card! Here is how you can win: Complete 4-5 workouts, of choice, this week for at least 30-40 minutes to be eligible. You can do any workout of choice! If you are new to working out I highly suggest checking out Fitness Blender on YouTube as they have ton of free beginner workouts on their channel. Walking is also a great low impact exercise. Once you complete a workout please either comment below “I did __minutes of __ today”, post a screenshot of your fitness tracker, OR share a sweaty selfie. You should have 4-5 posts total by Sunday 😊. I’ll go ahead and announce 5 winners on Monday 5/30! Let’s get these workouts done team!

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chelsea c.

  • I did 40 min of peloton classes today. (35 spin, 5 stretch.) was nice to actually get it done before 11 pm this time!

Claire B.

  • I did speed walking every day Monday to Saturday except Friday, I wasn’t wearing my watch for the whole time, but most of the walks show in the screenshot!


05/16/2022 8:20AM in Syd’s May DietBet Game!
  • Hello friends and welcome to our next DietBet game! My name is Sydney (@syd_journey on socials) and I'll be your host for this 4 week weight loss challenge. Im super excited to be doing this with you all! Ive personally struggled the past few games because I didn’t give it my all. But this time Im committing to the entire 4 weeks and I cannot wait to get started!

    I do a ton of gift card giveaways in my games so please make sure you are checking out the activity area for new posts. To help kick off the game please go ahead and comment your name, where you are from, and a little bit about yourself and why you joined. I'll go ahead and announce x4 winners for a $5 Amazon gift card on Monday 5/23. Let's go!!

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Emily J.

Hi I'm Emily, I'm from very North Central Montana. I joined a long challenge originally in Jan and haven't made the progress I've wanted so I'm hoping for exactly what the name says it is, a Kickstarter.

Vanessa A.

Hi everyone! My name is Vanessa and I’m from Arizona! I currently work as a nurse and I don’t have much time to exercise or meal prep because of my busy schedule. I am committed to living a healthier lifestyle and I hope diet bet helps make me accountable! We got this!!!