Debbie N.

To be healthier as I get older!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Veggies! Love almost all veggies.

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat veggies, pay attention to what I'm eating, but don't deprive myself

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Arin L.

05/16/2022 8:58AM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
I’m very disappointed that I didn’t meet my goal. I was within 2 pounds two days before, and I continued what I had been doing and just couldn’t drop the last 2. :(
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Debbie N.

That has happened to me the last 2 games and then my body, very nicely, dropped the weight just in time for the next unofficial weigh-in. I'm just happy that I'm going in the correct direction. Keep progressing, even if it is only a pound or two.

Arin L.

Yeah I actually went up 3 pounds which is even worse than not dropping the last 2 lol! Of course I’m back down today. But thanks all - I appreciate the support!

Ref Brittani

05/14/2022 11:10AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - Win a $100 Athleta Gift Card!

Weigh in time is officially here! I'm Brittani, and I'll be your host for the game. I live in Florida with my boyfriend and for this game I'm focusing on sustainable habits. I definitely want to start building those building blocks! I'm so excited we have a small little group so we can get to know each other better!

While our game doesn't start for another two days, players can begin weighing in starting today. You have up to 14 days to weigh in, but the earlier you do, the more time you'll have to meet your goals! The final weigh in dates do not change regardless of your initial weigh in.

I'm super excited to get this game underway and get to know you!

Please introduce yourself in the comments and tell me some of your goals. I'd love to connect!

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Ref Brittani

I so so so love the engagement I'm seeing here! Our game is growing so quickly and I'm really loving all of the sharing in this community. You all are awesome! Let's do this!

Demetria B.

I’m Demetria and this is my 3rd time doing a diet bet. I won my first time didn’t win the second and now super focused This time - it really motivates me to push myself and stay focused.
I joined because I am actually a health and fitness coach who runs my own accountability groups so I help others but right now I need something for me to just do and not have to lead. This is great. I am currently doing a 4 week gut cleanse and pairing it with a workout program that is 4 days a week. I hope to feel my best before our beach vacay in June. Excited for this!

Brittany W.

05/04/2022 3:36PM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
  • Since we are in the week of the veggie challenge, I am curious to know what your favorite vegetables are? My personal favorites are green beans, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers just to name a few.

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marissa s.

Carrots, green beans, and peas!


Sugar snap peas, Bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, spinach

Brittany W.

05/01/2022 7:38AM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
  • Week 2 Get Moving Challenge Check-In

    Comment below with how you did with this weeks movement challenge! Random winner will be announced tomorrow.

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Adrianna K.

There was only one day I wasn’t able to do it but I got it done the other days! Even if it meant hopping on the treadmill at 11:30 at night!

Mary Rose S.

Rings closed each day last week! 60 min intentional move my body. Sometimes formal workouts, snuck in additional walk with dogs, and yoga on recovery days.

Brittany W.

04/28/2022 7:14AM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
  • Every day is a New Day.
    Sometimes we get in the habit of dragging yesterday's failures into today. I urge you not to do that. Every day, each morning is a fresh start, a new day for the rest of your life! Whatever you did yesterday, let it slide away into the past that is forgotten and focus on moving forward. When you drive, if you spend the whole time looking in the
    rearview mirror you will crash. Same is true for your life. Forget the past and focus on your day today. It's the only moment you actually have, today.

    Curious to know, what's your favorite form of exercising? Mine is walking/running and light weight training!

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aPriL ✨ M.

I go to Orange Theory, hike and take Pilates classes!

Frances E.

I’m no longer able to run. My favourites are boxing and swimming. I have dogs and walk a lot.

Frances E.

04/25/2022 6:31AM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
I’m taking high dose prednisone because of a severe allergic reaction. The drive to eat is non stoppable. My sleep is disrupted, I’m exhausted, retaining fluid, and feel down. It will be two weeks before I’m off the prednisone.
Did you know mango peels have urushiol, the same chemical as poison Ivy? I peeled 4 pails of them.
I’m working on being gentle with myself despite a 5 pound weight gain.

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Suzanne A.

Wow! I had no idea! Hope you feel better soon!

Sandy B.

I’m so sorry! Hang in there! :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::pray:

Brittany W.

04/24/2022 5:38PM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
  • Week 2 Get Moving Challenge

    This week 4/25-4/30 I challenge you to incorporate (and track) at least 45 minutes of movement every day this week Mon.-Sat.! I have tracked my movement/exercise throughout my journey by hand in my planner, but you can use any tracking app, a note in your phone, whatever method you feel will work best for you!

    Submit your tracking results by the end of the day on 5/1 to a check-in thread that I will post the morning of 5/1 to the group (It will be pinned at the top of the posts titled week 2 check-in). Then one winner will be chosen at random to win my favorite foam roller. Perfect to use for a variety of strengthening, flexibility, and balancing exercises!

    Remember 45 minutes of activity could be a walking the dog, a virtual yoga class, playing outside with the kids, anything that gets you moving! Let’s focus on getting our bodies moving this week!

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Laura J.

Easier on the weekend for me than during the work week. I have a "butt in chair" job. I usually walk/run for half an hour b4 I start at 7am. Will have to do a little extra tonight, and set my alarm earlier for the rest of the week so I can knock it out early.

Debbie N.

I've managed to scrape by on the 45 minutes this week, but have managed it so far!

Brittany W.

04/13/2022 12:08PM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
  • WELCOME! If we haven't met before, Hi i'm Brittany and I am stopping by to say hello and let you know how excited I am to have you join us for this challenge!

    Weigh-ins begin as early as the 15th but you have up until the second week of the game to officially weigh-in. I want you to know that there is a weekly weigh-ins hosted by Dietbet, but the only weigh-ins that are officially required of you is the one at the beginning of the game and the one at the end of the game. For a fun addition I like to host my own weekly challenges with incentives and prizes (cookbooks, gift cards, etc.) to keep the game exciting so be on the look out for those!

    My motto is JERF: Just Eat Real Food. I don't track calories or macros, l use intuitive eating coupled with portion control guidelines, not only did I lose 125 pounds in a year I've maintained my weight loss for almost 5 years! I personally started doing Dietbet challenges as a fun incentive about 5 years ago to keep my momentum going and I have never looked back!

    I am curious to know if you are a returning challenge member or if this is your first challenge? Also, what are some of your personal goals? Comment below and let me know so we can get to know each other better! :)

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Vanessa K.

Returning challenger! These keep me on track and I've done many. Love it!

Laura J.

This is my 1st time. Looking forward to the fun & accountability!
Debbie N. accepted the challenge.
04/07/2022 3:47AM in Instant Loss It’s Gonna Be May
The pot is now $385

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