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06/12/2022 10:38PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
So, back at it today. I’ve been in vacation, and so, not super good at the following the things that the dietician told me to do, so it’s time. Tonight I made some overnight oats….. so At least tomorrow will start out right. I’m suppose to be eating soup for lunch so I can put my collagen into it. Those are my goals this week. That and the drinking all the water (I’ve been drinking pu’erh tea during the day with a little peach extract, so good) but also water. I’m trying to get up to 100 oz water/tea. I’m replacing my coffee with tea. I wasn’t doing it because my ex is who got me drinking this tea and I had convinced my self I hated it because things that remind me of him make me sad…. But I think he has taken enough from me, you know? I’m also hoping to get to my 150 minutes of exercise too. So far I have 20 minutes of biking this week. Tomorrow I have my training….. I can keep it going.

Maybe I’ll put a chart on the wall. 3 months at a time. Just a handful of changes at a time.

These are my goals this week. I got this!!

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Karin V.

Sounds real good. You got this !
Some years ago, I was drinking Pu Erh - Tea too. Forgot about it. But now, as you remind me, I think, I'll retry the taste :blush:
Do you drink your tea freshly brewed or cold?
Have a nice week!


As it is 8am and soon to be 90 outside I usually brew it the night before and then drink it cold. I usually make an entire pitcher and the idea is I drink that until about 2 or 3 then switch to water. I haven’t been switching tho, so I’ve been sleeping terribly.

My ex was super into this tea. I would spend like 200 bucks a month sampling it so I could find some I liked. He drank it for health reasons, so he always drank the stuff that I thought tasted terribly. I found a few I liked, but I guess I’m doing it for me now. It’s weird to think about these things as I’ve spent a month and a half doing everything I could not to think about him. I like it with peach extract. Not sweet but still flavored. Today I made a bit with the juice from my frozen blueberries hoping it will taste awesome.


06/08/2022 10:38AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
Omg y’all, I saw the dietician today and she actually helped me a lot. We talked about the stuff we had before, and I’m allowed to do dairy again! And the protein powders are out. Unsulferated black strap molasses is in. Protein goal is now manageable. We talked follow up and what that would look like. Ways to incorporate more veggies, more fiber, less salt, manage exercise needs and snacking wants. Collagen and how soup is totally ok. She said 40 lbs of weight loss may take me a year, and that is a good healthy goal! I mean, I may shoot for more, b if At least if I don’t make it, that is absolutely ok. My calorie goals are readjusted and I left with a followup plan( once weekly emails, tracking, changes, and monthly followup. I’m going to try this for 3 months and see if it makes a difference. I feel jazzed and less hopeless now.

Hopefully these new set of goals will help keep me motivated and we can build some good healthy habits out of it.

Also I think I’m going to start going to a Pilates center here in town maybe once weekly. I met with them this morning and maybe I’ll make some new friends/force my self to leave the house.

Today, I feel less hopeless. Not just with my weight loss but also with this huge black cloud that is drowning my life.

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Melissa G.

06/06/2022 9:03AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
Time to refocus and quit getting lazy! Was good on my workouts but got a little lazy with my nutrition. Time to get back on track cause I didn’t make the round 2 goal 😖

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Kelly M.

I made weight the week before. Mother nature and some stress I could not for the life of me hit the target on the days I needed it. Was off by 0.6 lbs but thats okay. We got this!


No where near my round 1 goal so I feel ya! We still have 4 months to turn this around!


06/05/2022 10:55AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
Hey guys! So trying to find satisfying snacks and breakfast ideas that won’t break the bank. If anyone has some great low fat high protein breakfast ideas that are not sweet!! I could use some inspiration. Also snacks. But some sweet snacks are ok. Today I’m eating freeze dried strawberries. Jerky is my go to, but like, so much sodium.

Seeing my dietitian on Tuesday. I’m suppose to come prepared with things, but I’m drawing a blank! Help me help me!!!

Been dealing with such bad depression recently. And the hits keep on coming. I’m suppose to be back at it today. So I’m looking for easy. It’s so hard to get out of bed right now, and my job is being super understanding….. so the 16 hour days are kind of killing me right now. So….. not super worried about cost for the time being. I just need simple and satisfying. And maybe a leave of absence from work.

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n k.

I usually don’t eat breakfast, but for snack I have any and all fruits if I want a sweet. For savory maybe a 100 calorie nut pack. For a crunchy, nutritious, (some) protein snack I air fry a can of chick peas with different spice mixes (could be Chinese five spice, taco, salt and pepper or whatever you like). Note the can is usually 3.5 servings.
Or frozen, in the shell edamame is good steamed and salted since you eat them somewhat slowly bc of the shells.
Or cucumber, celery, or red pepper with hummus or guacamole. Hope this helps…gotta go get a snack now (:

Kristen S.

Plain Greek yogurt with a bit of fruit


06/02/2022 6:16PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • So I e been working from a cookbook or two to find new recipes and push my self to make new and different things.

    Today I made fried shrimp po boy wrap. 340 calories 10 g fat 31 g protein and 39 g carbs (according to the recipe I tweeked a little, because mayonnaise is gross)

    It is delicious.

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According to my fitness pal….. 270 cal, 5 g fat, 30 g carbs and 23 g protein….. still a win?


Looks yummy!


05/29/2022 9:00AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
So, we did meal planning last week for my little family (me and my daughter) instead of our usual which is “what do I feel like tonight”. Had way less food to throw away and a couple of soups in the freezer for lunches moving forward. It was a fun experiment and now I have a few more recipes I am loving that are good for you.

I have the next two days off. Then I have about a week and a half and I’m on vacation. I wish I had motivation to plan stuff for our vacation but I’m betting we will just end up in Denver for a day or two. Maybe make a trip to Fort Collins so I can be a little more familiar with where I’m going (because I use to live there). Any colorado folks got any ideas on stuff we could do? I want to go on a hike and bring my dogs, you’d think us mountain people would be better at this stuff.

Anyway, today I am going to scour my cook books for another 7 days of delicious food ( maybe take a peak at my freezer to guide my
Choices). I maybe didn’t hit my mark every day but I did track my food every day. Working with the nutritionist/Diatitian has helped me to work towards more healthy habits. One day, the weight will come off along with those healthy decisions.

I did talk to my trainer about how sore I was for days and days. She said “whoa, not my intention, we will focus on that next week” but honestly through my workout i kept saying “Brady my muscles are fatigued and on fire” and she was like push through it and then I couldn’t move for 4 days. Still sore today (5 days later) but I’ll hopefully get a workout in. Unless my brain takes over…..

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Kelly M.

Make sure you're stretching lots! Helps those sore muscles a lot getting them moving, active recovery.

Josie H.

05/28/2022 1:01PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • Hi everyone! This group seems quite quiet compared to another transformer I am in (the Jan-June), so thought I would pop on and share!

    I joined the other transformer, then my husband and I decided to go through the home buying process, then he got COVID, then we were moving and getting our house set up. So while I had every intention of losing weight starting in January, due to not having a useable kitchen for about 4 weeks, way too much takeout, stress (cortisol). Instead I ended up and my heaviest weight EVER in April.

    It’s been pretty humbling to see myself in the other group JUST NOW getting back under the weight I started at in January. For some reason in my mind, I didn’t think the heaviest weight was actually weight- and kept telling myself it was water weight. 😂 Uhm, no girl! That’s the three times you ate Mexican food in a week.

    Anyhow, I am back on it! We got our home gym set up complete with peloton bike and tread and I have been grinding away and finally feeling like myself again. Just a half pound away from my next weigh in weight!

    PS if you have a peloton I need some more folks to follow!

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Cnutt1 in steamboat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Josie H.

Added all three of you!


05/28/2022 6:32AM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
So tracking in my book has helped me really see what I’m eating. I’m just struggling keeping me at a “let’s loose weight” calorie count.

I am Waiting for the dietitian to get back with me. I’m a little frustrated because she emailed me, then totally disappeared. Maybe I’ll
Be meeting with her on the 8th. Who knows.

I guess I don’t know where my calories should be and maybe that is the problem. I’m shopping for aggressive weight loss but also want to do this healthy and in a lasting way. I’m hoping I can kick up my exercise and they will help, but my trainer kicked my ass so hard on Tuesday today is the first day I can walk without pain. I’m very frustrated.

With the stress I’m dealing with outside of the weight loss endeavor I’m surprised I’m a functioning person at all. I don’t even want to get into the lack of motivation I have for exercise right now. Like I can’t make my self get up early, and I’m so emotionally exhausted from trying to be ok at work that I can’t make my self do it when I get home.

Any advice from fellow dietbeters on how to handle severe depression and weight loss and excercise would be awesome. I’m overwhelmed and trying to make good decisions, but when I am failing all the time it is so deflaiting.

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Katherine M.

My Fitness Pal is a free app for tracking calories (and macros). It’s easy to use and you can scan foods in which makes it pretty quick to do. Tracking is so helpful and I find I do make better choices if I know I’m going to be tracking it. Also, I have used WW and just started the Mayo Clinic Diet to help structure my eating. When you input you current weight and goal weight, these programs calculate your daily calorie intake to lose the weight. I personally don’t do well if I go below 1500 calories/day, and I feel less hungry if I work in increasing my protein with my meals. Anyway, I can totally relate to a lot of what you said as I’ve been dealing with significant work stress over the last year and finally made some changes as it was negatively affecting my health and well-being. I find when I get busy and stressed, everything goes out the window (exercise, sleep, healthy eating) which is when I really need those things!! I am working to prioritize those things now. Would you be able to add a walk in during the day? Walking (outside especially) is a mood booster, stress-reliever, and gentle on the body. I try to do walks in the morning before I eat to burn fat. Having a good book or podcast to listen to gives me something to look forward to and makes the time go by quickly. Keep at it, and good for you for reaching out for support!!

Marianne P.

I highly recommend working with Amanda Neighbert, who has been so helpful to me in organizing my weight loss and making sense of all the chaos. I’m not here to promote her; just sharing what worked for me. And she works nationally!


05/26/2022 10:31PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • I got this book to track my food and stuff in. I have kind of always shunned using these kind of things. Anyway, I know trackers on my phone are nice and all, but something about writing it down?

    Anyway, today was day 1 of using it. I screwed up and had a box of sour patch kids, so meh, it didn’t set me off too bad tho. 1550 calories. I think on a bad day that is not so bad.

    I’ve been hurting so bad from my trainer this week I can hardly walk. I’m hoping tomorrow I can walk again so I can redo said excercises that ruined my week. We will see! 7500 steps. Not awesome, but not so bad either

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Karin V.

I have trackers and Spreadsheets too. But anyways, like you. I love the haptic of a pen in my hands and of real paper.
Just yesterday, I made me a paper - plan for my next big personal milestone on August 15th. 80 days to go!


05/24/2022 1:55PM in Mega Mega Transformer - Win a Sauna!
  • It’s been kind of a bad go of things. Missed weigh in because of ex boyfriend. Had some sad feelings because of said ex boyfriend and missing out on a job opportunity. Saw my counselor and my doctor this week trying to cope through this depression I didn’t know I was in the middle of until I was in crisis. So it’s been kind of rough recently.

    Needless to say, I’m back where I started. And that is ok. I met with my trainer yesterday and we are working on setting a work out schedule that fit with my weight loss and fitness goals. Today was the first work out that is going along those lines, and Brady never disappoints, I can barely lift my arms to hold my phone to type this out. In hopefully 2 weeks I’ll meet with my dietitian/nutrition specialist and we are going to work on a nutrition plan that fits with my weight loss, fitness goals, and mental health goals.

    When I started all of this I kept telling myself it was because I wanted to take care of my self and I wanted to be better. Where as that was partially true it was mainly because my boyfriend was telling me “he liked me on the inside, but I needed to match on the outside” because he just wasn’t attracted to me.

    With him gone I can really focus on doing what is best for me, and reaching my health goals because I’m worth it, fat rolls or not. I signed up for another 4 months with my trainer, my doctor is on board with my new more direct goals, and my trainer is ready to fucking kick my ass.

    I got this, right? Screw you world, I’m not going to let my weight be something I use as an excuse anymore. I’m beautiful, I’m focused, and it’s gonna be alright.

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Kelly M.

I think you lost the most important weight to lose, dead weight! Good riddance to you ex! Happy you are showing up for yourself. You absolutely got this!

Jessica B.

You Are beautiful, and everything Will be okay. You are using your support systems and that is the best choice you can make. I believe in you, you can move forward with a healthy mindset and take steps for positive change.
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