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Walker Texas Ranger

05/23/2022 7:31PM in Stick To It Transformer - Win an extra $500!
I’m hoping to squeak by this one, but after that it’s going to start getting really tough for me. I’m getting to weight levels, I haven’t really been at since before kids. Eek.

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Eli M

I'm right there with you. The good new is the round 3 goal is only 2% unlike 3% in rounds 1 and 2.

Casi P.

05/23/2022 6:57AM in Stick To It Transformer - Win an extra $500!
Is anyone else finding it to be extremely inconvenient that the weigh-in for this round is over the holiday weekend? I can’t be the only person who was planning on being out of town the whole weekend. Is there a way to weigh-in early? If not, I guess I’ll have to pack a scale in my suitcase.

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Casi P.

I was able to request an early weigh-in! Thank you for your suggestions!


Good to know we can request earlier weigh in as I might have conflict for July.


05/14/2022 3:40PM in Stick To It Transformer - Win an extra $500!
  • McDonald’s is my weakness!

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Dog Mom 81

It was my weakness too before I started my health journey in Feb. Since stopping, my A1C dropped from 9.8 to 6.5 in 3 months.! And my cholesterol went from high to normal. You can do it!

Walker Texas Ranger

Haha! In my experience the more good fresh food I eat, the less I crave this type of food. Also, I bet those cravings are hitting when you’re hungry so setting good mealtimes and having healthy snacks for in between times should keep you strong against the “gym.”