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Cristen H.

05/01/2022 8:27AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • How’s everyone doing

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Dianna b.

Ummmm yea I would eat 6 donuts hehe:flushed::laughing: donuts are my weakness ( maybe not the many though )

Mark S.

Not to defend soda and energy drinks, but I think this just compares sugar. Donuts have that plus fat and carbs. I hate whoever thought up fried bread with sugar on top and brought it into my life.


04/19/2022 12:58PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
Does anyone else crave ALL THE JUNK FOOD as soon as you try to improve your diet? Have I consumed more sugar in the past 24 hours than I have in the past 24 days? 😬 How do YOU get yourself on track when you’ve been off the rails for far too long?

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Make sure to increase that water intake!

Amanda B.

I get it out of the house!! And then when I crave something I try to find a healthy alternative. But the biggest thing that helps me is to have a meal plan and stick to it! Don’t let yourself go hungry and then you don’t want all the bad stuff in a moment of weakness

Mark S.

04/17/2022 5:12PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
I’m doing this game and a transformer too. Just submitted my weigh in for the other game and it won’t let me weigh in for this one now. Will it use the same weigh in for both?

Also, I’m from Houston and 10 pounds from my highest ever weight. Started eating and drinking too much during lockdowns. I got Covid last summer and don’t feel like I have ever gotten my stamina back. Really feel unhealthy and need to make some big changes. My wife used diet bets before and told me I should try it.

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