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07/28/2022 6:25AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I was reluctant to join because I’ll be on vacation for a week.. but that’s one week and I bet being in this group will help me stay conscious while on vacation so I’m in!!!! 

Kelly M. , Cindy A. and like this comment.

Michelle B.

I’ve done these in the past with a vacation in the middle. It really does help for staying mindful and making good eating decisions.


07/26/2022 3:03AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Hit goal….🎉….now to maintain. It seems so far away.

Amanda V. , Barbara P. and like this comment.


You can do it!!!!!

Valerie M.

Congrats! You got this!


07/18/2022 7:16AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I keep hearing great things about Sunday’s call!!!! I keep checking for the replay lol lol 😆

Chiara T. , JLynnW and like this comment.

Meg M



The link is there.


07/18/2022 2:00AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Happy Monday!!

    Consistency is key people. even if things faltered, you can always tighten them up. New week, new goals! Let's get after it!

    P.S.- I will have the link to the Live call posted a little later today for all those who missed it.

Robinblythe , Laura M. and like this photo.

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Tina N.

Yes is absolutely true I love it!!!

Stephanie S.

Thank you for this reminder! I’ve been doing well with this DietBet but whenever I have a setback it’s really hard for me to keep going at it.

Bridgette J.

07/13/2022 5:28AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Did anyone else see all the new workouts added to BOD yesterday? Openfit is now part of Beachbody so a lot of their workouts are on there.

loris , Mindy H. and like this comment.

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Yes I did a Pilates work out ! Intense haha

Trying To Get There

Absolutely loving it!

Chiara T.

07/13/2022 4:27AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • What are people’s favourite quick and easy breakfasts? I used to do shakes with fruit but this is more filling.
    Oats, protein powder, banana and Greek yogurt

loris , Mindy H. and like this photo.


High protein berry and Oats!

Courtney W.

07/11/2022 2:04AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I did it! I weighed in this morning less than what I weighed in on Friday!!!!

Friend , Melissa S. and like this comment.

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Courtney W.

Thanks, friends! It felt really good! Hahaha


07/10/2022 10:13AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Hi Everyone!! I am so sorry about the Link-- I meant for it to be Unlisted. Try this one!


Hilary Y. , Lisa and like this comment.

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Gabrielle R.

That was very helpful, Ilana! I have also learned from tracking that I can tolerate a little of the fatty grilled meats after loading up on water and veggies. Thanks for explaining the less spiking of blood sugar rationale, etc.

Michelle D.

Great call! Sitting on the couch late at night isn’t serving me. So I walked on the treadmill while I listened. I’ll post a pic of the water line up for our weekend camping trip.


07/08/2022 2:00AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Let weight loss be easy this weekend!! Plan your water, your veggies, your workouts and your activities!! Weekends are a time for more sleep, more mindfulness and certainly more weight loss. What’s your plan???

#failtoplanplantofail #makeweightlosseasyforyou #waterfirstveggiesmost

Jessie Z. , Belinda R. and like this comment.

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Lindsey P.

Short hike carrying a large backpack and my 4-year-old on my shoulders! I felt strong! I treated myself to a creemee (what we call soft serve in VT) with my kids and I’m planning a veggie-full dinner and early bedtime!

Marlena R.

My workouts are scheduled on my calendar and my water & veggies are ready to go!

Hilary Y.

07/05/2022 9:11PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Pre-workout chocozini shake. Yum.

Love , Melissa S. and like this photo.

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Hilary Y.

Nope. Not at all. Frozen cauliflower rice works really well too.


Love it
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