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Holly M.

05/04/2022 4:17AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I started this DietBet on the same day I started my first round of the Gina Livy program, is anyone else doing the Gina Livy 12 week program?

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Valerie M.

Haven’t heard of Gina Livy.

Holly M.

It’s a 12 week nutrition program, my friend referred me too so I thought I would try it too and I’m down 6.2 pounds since Monday. I find it similar to 2B mindset so I’m combining them both.

Barbara H.

05/03/2022 9:36PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Frozen banana, frozen berries, oat milk and 1 T. Cacao blended is just like eating ice cream.
It’s our favorite desert lately.

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Gena P.


Valerie M.

Thanks for sharing! With the summer coming I love having ice cream.

Jessica F.

05/03/2022 6:06PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I love seltzer. I drink water too. Do you guys count seltzer towards water? I feel like it’s a no b it just curious lol.

Michelle B. , Valerie M. and like this comment.

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Gena P.

I drink my quota in regular water then count seltzer as ‘extra’.

Valerie M.

Seltzer causes me to bloat so I don’t drink it much. When I do I don’t count it in with my water amount.

Ali M.

05/03/2022 4:39PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Purple cabbage Turkey tacos - let’s go! So satisfying & feeling on track today. I woke up to a great weight loss that is putting me back on track for 2lbs at a time for the DietBet. 💪proud of myself that I’m keeping consistent this go around 💕

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Gena P.

Looks so delish!

Valerie M.

Definitely going to do this for Mothers Day. The kids plan to make chicken fajitas but I won’t be having the tortilla wrap!

Gena P.

04/27/2022 3:45PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Beautiful day for a 5K walk!

Mackenzie G. , Victoria H. and like this photo.

Jenny M.

Love your hair!

Valerie M.

04/27/2022 9:36AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Work out done. Drinking recovery with frozen zucchini. Taste like a treat! This morning I had 2 eggs with peppers and toasted Ezekiel bread. Plan for a salad for lunch. After work going to dinner with a friend and getting a mani/pedi. Self care and friendship is so important! Yesterday I had some popcorn that I thought would have derailed me. I was happy to see that the scale went down .7 this morning. Maybe it would have been more if I didn’t have the popcorn. I still call it a win!

Jenny M. , Rebekah K. and like this photo.

Nicole S.

That’s a win in my book! I love popcorn :yum: skinny pop has a lime flavor that is fantastic! Plus it doesn’t mess my scale up too much either :grin: Sounds like a great day :relaxed:

Gena P.

Definitely a win! Congrats!


04/27/2022 9:35AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Leg day - Four Weeks For Every Body

Jenny M. , Rebekah K. and like this photo.

Gena P.

Way to go! Love that program.


04/27/2022 2:00AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Here is just a little something to get you over the week and to start you off right. In my book "You Can Drop It!" I talk about setting up your Environment for success. The goal is to get your space set up so it's extremely inconvenient to gain weight, and extremely convenient to lose weight. For example, ask your spouse or housemates to keep their junk foods and tempting snacks in an opaque container on a very high shelf, and cut up some fresh fruits and veggies so they are the first thing you see in the refrigerator. Use the rest of the week and weekend to set yourself up for success, go and buy what you need- Veggies, lean proteins, waters, etc and comment in this post and let me know what you did and how you did it. You Got This, You're Going To Make It Rock!! #Wednesdaywisdom.

Rachel C. , Deidre S. and like this comment.

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Heather S.

I bought lean meats and fish from Costco and put all the treats on a shelf I can’t reach but hubby can!

Alexis M.

I'm keeping my water bottle by my side at all times! I've moved my husband's and son's junk food to the back of the cabinet and fridge, as well as off the kitchen table and counters, too.


04/26/2022 8:14AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I know it's probably water weight, but down 2 lbs first day... I'll take it!! Being mindful today and tracking on!

Michaela , christina c. and like this comment.


I’m down a few pounds also! Even if it’s water weight remember you aren’t up weight over night which is a WIN!

Gena P.

Congrats! I use My Fitness Pal too!

Amy C.

04/26/2022 7:45AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Good Morning! Happy Tuesday everyone. I am a shake for breakfast kind of gal! Shakeology became too expensive for me every month. I switched to a plant-based protein from Costco that I am loving! I added a banana, baby spinach, water and blended it up! Cheers to an awesome day, friends.

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Gena P.

I am a shake for breakfast kind of girl too. I found Shakeology too expensive and now use Vega Essentials plant based powder. I love the chocolate & get it off Amazon on auto ship.

Amy C.

  • I get the Orgain Organic protein powder! You can also find this on Amazon as well. So far I have had the chocolate and vanilla flavors. I really like them both! My husband loves the chocolate flavor. He didn't even like shake-o when I was buying that, but this he loves.
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