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Kristen d.

07/26/2022 7:43PM in July: Weigh to go
6 days left!! I’m feeling a little nervous I won’t hit my goal but I’m not gonna give up yet!

Taylor E.

Keep pushing! But know if you don’t, it doesn’t take away from any progress you’ve made!

Annie M.

I’m in the same boat! I just keep telling myself “I can do anything for # more days.” We got this!

Taylor E.

07/22/2022 2:38PM in July: Weigh to go
  • Food ideas ????
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Taylor E.

I started out with a 40P/30C/30F split. I typically eat closer to a 40P/35C/25F now as I’ve found I prefer more carbs than fats but depends on the day. Hitting calories and protein is the priority always

Sheila F.

How often do you eat?

Karissa C.

07/18/2022 8:52AM in July: Weigh to go
  • I’m so proud of myself. I went for a walk at a local park

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Taylor E.

Walking is the best thing you can do!!! Proud of you lady!

Karissa C.

07/17/2022 11:46AM in July: Weigh to go
Any tips for getting to the gym first thing in the morning?
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Annie M.

Gotcha. I’m right there with ya. I usually set out all my stuff the night before like clothes, pre-workout, shaker bottle, etc. I also set a second alarm with a different alert sound that kind of tricks my brain. But honestly, the right mindset helps the most. Get yourself looking forward to it. If it were easy, everyone would do it so just remind yourself that you can do hard things!

Taylor E.

Annie gave great advice! I sit all of my stuff out the night before. When you’re alarm goes off count to 5 and force yourself to get up. It gets easier as you develop the habit! I haven’t even set an alarm in the last 6 months my body just pops up :joy:

Taylor E.

07/16/2022 10:32AM in July: Weigh to go
I’m calling today “Set it up Sunday”

It’s hard to be successful if you’re not taking time to set yourself up for it!!

On Sundays I plan for my week.

First, Look at your schedule
•Commit to your workouts for the week
•Plan your meals/snacks for the week
•Grocery list

Go get it done. Prep anything that needs prepping.

Set yourself up for a good week. Do your laundry, whatever else is nagging at you. Get up, get it done and LETS HAVE A GREAT WEEK! 🔥🙌

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Taylor E.


Taylor E.

07/11/2022 5:45AM in July: Weigh to go
  • Hey friends! I tried all yesterday to upload a video here and it just won’t post.

    I would love to answer any questions you may have, so please leave them here and I will make posts with answers. How are you guys feeling wrapping up our first week?

    I made this green chili breakfast prep this week! I just mixed all of this together. Poured in a baking dish and cooked covered for 45 min, ended up taking the foil off and cooking for another 15ish

    Makes 8 servings!
    301 cal
    19 carbs
    39 protein
    7 fat

Giuliana F.

This looks delicious! Definitely trying it out next week :heart:

Sheila F.

07/07/2022 9:09AM in July: Weigh to go
  • I did it. I walk a mile with a not perfect house. 81 degrees and 75% humidity.

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Annie M.

Way to go!! :clap:

Sheila F.

So I have been active trying to walk as much as I can- but went on vacation in Boston. Eating out is not the way to go. Mostly salads and seafood… got home and didn’t gain but didn’t lose :weary:. Yesterday I walked 7700 steps and planning another big day of walking but I am pretty sure my $35 will get split between y’all. FYI. I used to be a runner but I have had psoriatic arthritis for 15 years and it takes my wind out of my sails pretty fast. I’ll just keep trying

Taylor E.

07/05/2022 5:05AM in July: Weigh to go
  • Hey friends!!! I hope you had a great weekend, I’m so excited to do this with all of you. 💙

    Let’s take a second to get to know each other.

    •What are your current goals? (Doesn’t have to be weight loss related)

    •Something you’re good at?

    •Something you want to learn?

    •What’s your favorite food?

    •Anything else you’d like to share!!!

    Thank you for sharing. If you’d like, leave your PayPal or Venmo. I’m going to send a few people gifts. 💙

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Annie M.

Hey all! So excited to be a part of this group! The timing is perfect since I needed to get back in the groove of working out and meal prepping.

• Goals - Get out of my plateau for weight and overall fitness. I’d also like to improve my strength so I’ll have to get heavier dumbbells for my home gym.

• Something I’m good at - been playing piano since I was a kid, so I like to think I’m pretty ok at it.

• Something I want to learn - What foods really work for me.

• Favorite food - I love a good burger.
PayPal is @amar7710

Sheila F.

I’m hoping I can stay focused and just move. I have this stupid OCD thing that I can take care of myself unless my house is perfect. It’s so stupid- I should go for a walk while it’s nice out but I struggle with leaving dishes in the sink - the fams dishes. I’ve been struggling this summer and I don’t like walking in my neighborhood because people keep
Coming out to talk. But I’m going to do it! My Venmo is @sheila-felty
Taylor E. accepted the challenge.
06/20/2022 6:14PM in July: Weigh to go
The pot is now $35

Taylor E. created this game!

06/17/2022 12:47PM in July: Weigh to go
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

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