I’m unhappy with my appearance

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Favorite Health Food: zucchini

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: treadmill & weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: diet & exercise

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06/14/2022 11:09AM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
I was able to lose 12.2 lbs going to keep it up

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Goody M.


Lesley P.

06/13/2022 10:37PM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
I didn't make it this time. Lessons to be learnt. Well done to everyone.

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Krystal F.

Same. Progress but I'm not dropping weight like I had hoped... I'm feeling healthy & my muscles are definitely getting stronger & more defined. I'm happy with that/me, just not that I couldn't win this challenge by losing 4%.


Any progress is still progress! Learning is progress too :)


06/13/2022 8:19AM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
I am a winner!!! Good luck to everyone!!

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Good work Jacquie! I won as well! :)


Congrats!! I made it by the skin of my teeth, but I made it and that's all that matters¡

Taylor E.

06/13/2022 5:25AM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
Two days to submit those final weigh-ins!!!

How did it go?! How are you feeling??

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I won, but I feel like I could’ve done better honestly.

summer S.

I’ve done two of these before and each time had lost by a pound. This time I beat my goal weight a few days before the final weigh in, but then went on vacation and luckily only gained enough to put me back at my goal weight. I’m really happy this competition actually motivated me this time! I’m still not at my true goal/ideal weight yet, so I’m gonna give myself a little break to make sure my mental health stays top notch before I hop back into another competition.
But dang guys. It’s tough to be so strict with yourself for so long. Props to those who do the transformers.

Rose L.

06/12/2022 7:29AM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
I'm feeling extra hungry today, what is everyone's favorite low calorie, high volume foods/meals?

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summer S.

Watermelon !


Veggies, veggies, veggies!

Cat the Cowgirl

06/09/2022 11:16PM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
  • Oh gosh! My self talk has not been good lately. We flew to Hawaii today and despite the best laid plans, I’ve gone off my food and am struggling to find good options. I packed and planned in hopes of winning this bet, but I’m feeling super discouraged right now!! Any pointers for navigating an Airbnb with little cooking options, challenges getting groceries without a car and unhealthy food all around that is easily accessible?? I am leaning towards dropping the ball on this one, but know there is still hope- a good workout in the morning will help my outlook💪🌺

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Jessica Z.

We go to Hawaii every summer and it’s rough. Lol we have to rent a car in order to get healthy groceries. Idk if that’s an option at all for you. Also if you’re not there long term you’re not going to derail your progress! Have fun!

Goody M.

Try and find grocery delivery. Covid has made shopping from home so much easier. Best of luck!

Julie L.

06/08/2022 3:59AM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
I’ve hit a plateau. What do you do to get through a plateau? I don’t want to revert to my bad habits bc I’m not seeing progress.

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Taylor E.

I know it can feel like nothing is happening but if you know you’re consistently making the right choices there’s nothing you need to do, but to keep doing exactly that. It’s totally normal to not see movement, if you’re maintaining for more than 4 weeks, then it’s time to adjust your intake but typically most people jump on lowering their calories or making other adjustments before they’re necessary. Just keep going. :heart:

Don S.

Drop to 1000 cal a day - And start running, or heavy activity.
Both of those for two or three days Will get you back on track.

plateaus are mental blocks where have you fallen off your plan

Alex S

06/06/2022 1:52PM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
After posting in week one that I had already lost my 4%… this week I’m back up. Not really a surprise to me but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t disappointing. By the looks of it I won’t be “winning” this diet bet but that’s alright. I will keep showing up for myself!

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summer S.

Yessssss that ending! I’m a pound away from my goal and working hard to try and get it off before next week, but I’m trying to keep myself positive even if I don’t get it off by then


You can still do it!


06/05/2022 3:01PM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
  • UPDATE: The pot was $49k - there were 1,400 players, of which, 583 won and the win was about $65.

    Just won the other DietBet I was doing :)!!!

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Lynda D.

Congrats. Curious how much of a win it is with that large of a pot??


There were 1,400 players & 583 winners — I got $65

joel M.

05/30/2022 6:13PM in Taylor's Game: Weigh To Go
  • Sometimes making a monster out of pizza helps to remind you its not a great choice to eat; however, I'm brave and chose to bite back :( this weeks goal was not met. Hopefully I won't run into him again..tomorrow is another day :)

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Julie L.

Pizza is my weakness! I totally get it. We got this!


Now I want pizza lol
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