morgan w.

I am three months post op from having 5lb of skin removed after losing 170lb. I have been limited in my movements and excited to get back to my strong and healthy baseline.

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Favorite Health Food: spicy turkey meatballs.

Favorite Sinful Food: double mushroom swiss burgers

My Preferred Method of Exercise: HIIT workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: I believe small changes add up. That people do not need to give up what they love and can be fun>

My Weight Loss Program: I have made my own!

My Diet Plan: Calories in vs calories out

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: apple watch

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morgan w.

07/11/2023 8:35PM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
have our shopping list and meal plan for the first week!!!

Of course feel free to eat whatever helps you meet your goal, but this is when I’ll be having each day.

I will also be making videos of my recipes with calorie and protein breakdowns. For this challenge those are the only two macros I focus on. Or like ever, really.

Anywho like I said feel free to mix and match but…

🔹 Wednesday :
Breakfast- oats and fruit
Lunch- spicy chicken sandwich and salad w/snack of choosing
Dinner- tacos!

Breakfast- pancakes
Lunch- tacos or taco salad
Dinner- air fryer chicken

Breakfast- breakfast sammy
Lunch- chicken wrap or tuna salad sandwich
Dinner- leftover chicken with rice

Breakfast- omelette or oats
Lunch- tuna or chicken sandwich
Dinner- spicy meatballs

Breakfast- pancakes
Lunch- spicy meatball sandwich
Dinner- FREE GAME! Enjoy 😉

Breakfast- oats
Lunch- mini pizza
Dinner- roast

Brunch- pancakes, fruit, eggs, sausage, cottage cheese, side salad with lemon and oil.
Dinner- toasted roast sandwiches.

I picked easy meals that are low cost and take next to no time to make. I’m setting us up for success by not going over the top, by making things approachable.

I will post the shopping list directly after this and then my favorite snacks and quick side meals tomorrow.

I eat, like a lot, in a day. I’m here to help you guys learn what tips and tricks I have and excited to learn some from y’all as well!

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Holly S.

How do you make your mini pizzas?

Jennie F.

08/11/2023 6:50AM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
I forgot to weigh in!!!! So sad!

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morgan w.

Let me to see if you can still weigh in 


08/10/2023 12:52PM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
I did it and I'm so proud of myself. I lost 10 lb. Unfortunately because I'm on vacation I'm not able to weigh in because I don't have a scale. I tried to reach out to the team here to see if there was any way around it, but I couldn't get a hold of anybody. Really disappointed about that but happy at the very least that I completed this challenge.

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Thanks y'all

morgan w.

I’m so proud of you, you did it. You made changes and you did it. That’s what matters, and I am so happy for you. I understand the disappointment and that’s valid, let me see if I can reach out to them and fix this.

David S.

08/09/2023 2:19PM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
  • Now, I’m going on a boys trip with a bunch of friends I haven’t seen in years. No weigh ins for me for the next week. 😜

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morgan w.

Where are you going?

David S.



08/09/2023 11:03AM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
Hooray! Weigh in time. Good luck everyone!

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morgan w.

How did you do?

morgan w.

07/30/2023 7:34AM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
  • Hey guys, how are you doing?

    I am so sorry I have been gone, we unexpectedly lost grandpa this week and I had a kidney stone….lol then an ovarian cyst pop for the first time.

    I’m so sorry that’s so heavy, but it’s been a week. I will post meals soon, but I just want to share a picture of grandpa and my kiddo.

    Would you like to share a picture of a loved one who has passed? I lost my dad 9 years ago and I know sometimes talking about them helps the most.

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I am so sorry about your loss. :( you and your family are in my thoughts.

Jessica T.

Im so sorry for your loss and yourrewllu rough week!

morgan w.

07/21/2023 9:41AM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
💥✨ who wants to do a live workout today? What time works for you guys? 💥✨

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Amanda S.

Evenings work best for me :)

morgan w.

07/20/2023 2:32PM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
I have day 3 of our meal plan ready to go!

I will also be posting a Workouts here soon, I am going to film at least three of them. If you guys have any questions on any of the moves or need modifications, please let me know. I am here to help you.

- Breakfast: English Muffins with eggs and Sliced Bell Peppers (~300 calories)
- Morning Snack: hummus and carrots (~200 calories)
- Lunch: Romaine Lettuce Salad with Grilled Chicken and light Dressing (~400 calories)
- Afternoon Snack: cheese stick and crackers (~150 calories)
- Dinner: Steak with Garlic Roasted Potatoes and Broccoli (~500 calories)
- Evening Snack: low calorie Ice Cream (~200 calories)

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morgan w.

07/20/2023 7:53AM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
Hey guys, sorry for my absence I didn’t realize I was low-key poisoning myself. Let me explain.

OK, so I just felt like I was poisoned, but I have a gastroporesis, which means my body cannot digest fiber.

It’s close, my got even more and effects every single part of my body. I truly thought that I needed to go to the hospital again, I think I hate doing.

My solution was to eat fresh fruit until I felt better, I totally forgot how much fiber is in fruit.

I was making myself sick.

I am only supposed to have a small amount of fiber and I was eating at least 40 grams a day…

It’s been a couple days and I’m doing better and I’m so sorry for not being active but my life was turned upside down for a few days and I know that sounds dramatic. Having genetic conditions really can rock you. I’m putting a couple days meal plan in the comments here, and my email is always open.

Thank you guys for understanding, I will no longer be eating 5 cups of fresh fruit a day. 
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Sarah S.

Don't worry about it! Thank God you're okay and figured it out. Your health is #1

David S.

So bacon IS health food…

Jessica T.

07/19/2023 4:39PM in Morgan's Workout Warriors
I didn't lose or gain in week 1, but it was my birthday Monday and we celebrated over the weekend! Here's to success in week 2! Good luck everyone!

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Happy belated Birthday!

morgan w.

Happy birthday babe! I’m happy you were able to celebrate as you should. I’m always here for questions :)
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