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yalda f.

09/29/2022 3:30PM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
  • Lunch egg sandwich
    and dinner : salad and shrimps

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yalda f.

Rebekah : it’s so so delicious :yum:

yalda f.

This is my IG page that I post most of my meals :smile:



09/24/2022 4:27PM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
  • I have been weighing almost every day for a year. Following 2B Mindset (losing or learning) and Playing diet diet. Lost 75 lbs. Amazing!!!!

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Erin A.


Miranda R.



09/23/2022 8:33PM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein

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Heather L.

Absolutely stunning fall colors! My favorite time of year!

Erin A.

Another amazing picture!


09/22/2022 8:49AM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
  • I had to find a way to see the progress of my actions so I made an excel sheet. The progress arc is great, and I track everything Ilana recommends in detail, but I needed a quick visual of my momentum. All or nothing has tripped me up in this round, so I decided to give myself just a few things to change at once in the last two weeks. Although the momentum usually leads to more healthy choices through the day, I’m only focused on a few. I began on the 18th, so it’s blank up to that point, but hoping to keep it rolling through December. When something feels solid, I’ll drop it and pick another thing to add. I’m habit tracking water goal (blue), Plate It breakfast (yellow) and lunch(green), no alcohol (red), and an intentional reframed thought (purple), and aiming for just not missing twice. If I don’t win this round, I’ll at least know I won my habits, and results will catch up.

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Sabrina D

Took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at here lol But glad you found something that encourages you to keep chipping away! That's great

Heather L.

That is such a great idea, and so helpful! Thanks for sharing!!

Rebekah K.

09/22/2022 6:43AM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
  • My biggest wish when I started this 9 months ago was that I would see the 140s by my birthday (today)! I did a happy dance around the living room when I stepped on the scale this morning!
    We leave on a 4 day camping trip today and I WILL stay on track!

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Crystal S.

Wow! That's great!

Erin A.

Hope your Birthday and camping trip were great! Congrats on such a great Bday morning weigh in!

Rebecca A.

09/22/2022 4:52AM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
I could use some encouragement. Two sick kiddos and another’s birthday have left me with extra stress and extra sweets in the house. As a result, I haven’t been tracking the last couple of days, which always leads to weight gain for me. I tend to get my tracker set up, then lose track of it (no pun intended) during the rush to get everyone on the bus. Anyone come up with any good places to keep their tracker where they always see it?

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Heather L.

I keep mine both on bedside table and living room table, then try to stick it in my purse to keep with me when I leave the house.

Rebecca A.

Thanks everyone. Kids are still sick but yesterday was a better day!

Elizabeth R.

09/22/2022 2:07AM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
  • Good a.m I know no biggie but almost in onederland. Under my bet goal by 3 lbs ohhhhh rest of the week and weekend be good to me....

Cait M. , Erin A. and like this photo.

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Elizabeth R.

I really don't have anymore tips or tricks than 2B it's been hard to focus but also I'm worth it. I also have a very hard time shedding lbs. But thought hmmm I went to a Dr last yr when I wasn't losing and she did a bunch of blood work and a cortisol test. Well while reading through the tests 3 of my tests came back very odd even notes in the chart that it was abnormal. So like most people I read up on it in Google of course information highway and well seems like I should be hypothyroidism, or however it is spelled. I did call nurse at my Dr's office and even though I was all clear now they would like to see me. So I'm thinking did my primary Dr not read my charts from the specialist? So appointment next Friday and praying that everything is good.

Erin A.

Congrats on being so close! You got this! Hope your doctors appointment went well!

Courtney W.

09/22/2022 2:01AM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
Got back on track yesterday with my 2 bunnies and am down a pound! 8 to go…I’m still so crabby at myself for sabotaging but seeing the scale drop today is going to help with my DETERMINATION. Starting the day with water and exercise. Tomorrow will be another weight loss day.

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Heather L.

Definitely stay positive and remind yourself what works for your weight loss days. I had a gain over my birthday weekend, but lost 2.5# in one day by doing what works for me. Hoping for another weight loss day today. The tracker works!!

Erin A.

Sounds like you’re on track and have the right mindset!

Erica H.

09/16/2022 2:46AM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
  • Was I eating broccoli straight out of the microwavable bag in my car at 10pm last night because I was getting home late? Why yes, I was 😂

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Heather L.

Love this! I specifically bought an extra bag of carrots to eat from on the way home from work, since I had to stop, I didn't plan for being late and hungry, and I didn't want to be tempted to go thru a drive-thru.

Alisa M.

Good for you!

christina d.

09/12/2022 9:20PM in Get Back on Track With Ilana Muhlstein
Committed to trying new 2B recipes that align with what I’m already feeding my family. Tonight was fettuccine Alfredo with air fried chicken thighs for the family, so I make the Caulifredo sauce on top of zoodles.

It was all so freakin’ good!

No pic cuz I was starving & gobbled it up!

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Erin A.

My husband and I try to do the same…make something that aligns with what the kids have. Most nights we all eat the same, but sometimes we’ll give them a favorite of theirs and we’ll just have a healthier alternative.

I want to try the caulifredo sauce! Good job sticking to your goals and skipping the real deal, I know that would be hard for me!

Stephanie S.

Did you use hemp seeds in the recipe?
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