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For my daughter!!!

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Betsy Y.

08/01/2020 7:34AM in Flex Kickstarter
It was a challenging week ....I’m at 77% how’s everyone doing?
Hurricane on the way. 💦

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Betsy Y.

It’s definitely challenging... we aren’t perfect just have to keep pushing through.

Christina A.

I slipped to 22% but I am back on track today!

Betsy Y.

07/24/2020 8:30AM in Flex Kickstarter
49% to this diet bet goal.
How’s everyone doing?

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Right now I’m 85% but it’s still early lol :pray:

Betsy Y.

Awesome nette, pray and fo the work. You’ve got this.

Christina A.

07/21/2020 8:45AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
  • I am so excited that I finished my first DietBet! Congrats to everyone who lost weight.... you guys are the real winners!

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Christina A.

07/19/2020 6:42PM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
I’m excited! I hit my goal today and can’t wait to weigh in! This is my 2nd time doing a DietBet but the first one that I have completed! I am already signed up for another one!

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Awesome work!!!




07/19/2020 8:32AM in Flex Kickstarter
Want to introduce myself here.. I like to to be sporty but with heat and covid this is going to be a challenge. I am 5'5", (after the covid 19) starting this game at around 135 (yup a lightweight) my goal is 6lbs for this game but hope for more. Any other shorties or lightweights here? lol

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I’m 5’0” so definitely a shorty. I’m usually around 130-135, plus or minus a few pounds, and had gotten down to 113 during a weight loss challenge earlier this year. Since March, I have gained my weight back with being shut in and not being disciplined with my eating. This is my start back to getting the weight off and making the changes to sustain it.

Christina A.

I’m a short heavyweight! I am here to change that, one challenge at a time! I’m already down 11lbs, 52 to go!
Christina A. has weighed in at 246 pounds, up 0.2 pounds
07/15/2020 6:05PM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge

now at 65% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 4,630 pounds! Average is 3.5 pounds.

Christina A. accepted the challenge.
07/15/2020 7:18AM in Flex Kickstarter
The pot is now $3,605

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Christina A.

07/12/2020 1:43PM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
One week left!! Let’s do this everyone 👏

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100% !

Christina A.

07/10/2020 7:16AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
  • Lemon, lime, cucumber, cactus pear, mint and Ginger!

    Great summer drinks and a great detox for the body!

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Julie D.

07/03/2020 10:18AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
Left for vacation last wed. My husband got corona on Friday, me and my two sons got it on sunday. The boys are better they had it one day only. My husband still has fever and i am super week and cant eat. Everything is so gross since i lost my taste and smell. All i seem to taste is salt. I know I've lost weight but i dont have a scale so i dont know. At this point i just want to get better because we have a 1600 mile drive home.

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Julie D.

Thank you guys!!

Emily C.

Hang in there, I’m a week into fighting it. The no taste/smell thing is sooooo weird. Drinks lots of water- it helped me.
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