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My Weight Loss Program: Workout Videos at home

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01/07/2021 4:21PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
How much was the prize for those that won round 3?

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Megan M.

You can find you payouts by pressing “all” at the top of the game page that has the numbers 1-6. You’ll see the total pot and how many winners. The payout was 43.69, and like all months it will be paid at the end of month 6.

Elison C.

12/07/2020 6:26AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Has anyone actually ever won any of these prizes that are offered every round? I don’t see anyone posting photos of the prizes or saying anything about them at all. I wonder if these winners actually exist.... Well, good luck with round three everyone!

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Elison C.

Well, it’s great that real people are actually winning these prizes and they aren’t going to bots. Good luck this holiday season my weight loss warriors!

Judy B Mi

Since I’m in several at once, I realize that WEEKLY weigh-in prizes are across all DietBets open at the time.


12/05/2020 11:00AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
How much $ do they put in for each monthly round winnings? I thought it was just prizes until the final you know?

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Nice - so we find out today?

Michael O.

No tomorrow, weigh in is 48 hours, they will finalize it tomorrow and at some point email and update the game with the number of winners and amount won per winner.


10/24/2020 9:11AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • What is this? I get that I am at 36% of my total weight loss. I am guessing that the day 20 mark is showing where people are at on average in our game or something? It can't be where I am supposed to be because I already made my round 1 weight so I am definitely not under my goal. Thanks for the help. So confusing.

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Ha ha. Ask the help desk.


Maybe where other people are?

Hal S.

10/23/2020 9:08AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
This is my first dietbet... my brother was asking me about winning the money and I had no idea how to answer him... can anyone tell me specifically how its broken down? What happens if I lose my goal by the deadline? What if I lose it before my deadline? What if I lose more by the deadline? I don't understand how money is ultimately divided and awarded to everyone? Thank you in advance for any info!!!

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This is a little concerning to me because the diet I'm following has pretty quick results, especially in the beginning... Coming from eating everything under the sun to bring VERY careful and restricted. I feel like unless I'm calculating wrong - I could pretty lose too much!??! When I started, I was 208. If by round 5, (5 months) I'm down 40 lbs.... That's too much?


Oh wait -I calculated that wrong - I would need to lose 60...(30%) Hahaha- yeah ok...I'm no longer concerned :joy::joy: that for sure won't happen! But 40...maybe


10/14/2020 11:16AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
So I started a new program and lost so much this week! Not feeling deprived at all. I am a little hungry before dinner but so far so good! Trying to lose weight once and for all and I'm hoping this program helps me so that!!!!

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Jeanne H.

Great job.

Erin C.

10/14/2020 7:31AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Working out, tracking my food and still haven't lost anything :(

Hoping for a whoosh at some point but man this is frustrating!

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Erin C.

Thanks all, I started keto with my bf at the beginning of the month and am around 1400 calories daily. Just started Muscle Burns Fat this week so I'm hoping its just inflammation that is keeping me from dropping. I drink plenty of water, but may incorporate a few more carbs to feed my muscles and see if that helps.

The scale not moving is such a mind mess!!


1400 seems like so few calories. I would try to get at least 1500. But I bet if you stick with your plan and just keep going you will start seeing some weight shed. Sometimes I feel like I workout really hard and do everyting I am supposed to without a budge in the scale and then almost randomly the scale drops several lbs....Not sure why it does that. Just keep trying.

Lisa I.

10/09/2020 9:30AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Did Upper Fix and 10 min bonus abs today
I forgot how hard the ab workout was
The 🔥 is real! But looking forward to them feeling easier over the next 3 weeks

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Lisa I.

I have taken a much to long break from exercise too
I used to think it was getting easy
Not any more lol
Thank god for modifications


Awesome :thumbsup:

Pam L.

10/09/2020 8:22AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
This is my 5th diet bet. I’ve always given up halfway through. Since my first diet bet in 2015 I’ve gained over 40 pounds. It was shocking to scroll through my old weigh-in photos. This time I’m going to finish.

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We're here cheering you on all the way to the finish line :raised_hands:

Chris A.

Just focus on one pound at a time. If you focus on the goal weight it may seem unreachable. Just focus on one pound at a time. That’s how I do it. And exercise is key whatever you enjoy. Yard work or something fun:kissing_heart:

Megan B.

10/09/2020 12:36AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Did a progress weighing and have lost 4.2 lbs! Definitely too good to be true so now very worried about having to keep it off 😂

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Just keep focused....what's most important :blush: you got this!


Let the weight go and let the worry go too. You've got time to do all the fluctuations and still get to the end weighing less than you started. We're here cheering you on :raised_hands:
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