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Breanne V.

  • Hey my name is Breanne.
    I currently live near Toronto, Ontario.
    I’m a mom of three and work part time as a nurse.
    I lost 50 pounds last year and put it all back on with binge eating. I have been working on my relationship with food and trying to move my body everyday. I’m a person of extremes so I’m trying to do everything in moderation.
    One of my triggers is a messy house. It stresses me out and with three young children it can go from tidy to messy in a matter of minutes! I’m trying to change my mindset and enjoy the time I have with my children while they are young. If it’s messy it probably means they are having lots of fun 😊
    A motivational quote I love is “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
    Fun fact about me is I married my best friends brother.
    All I want for Christmas is an Apple Watch ⌚

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Taichelle A.

Hey fellow nurse here, do you find it hard to stay on track with the schedules we work?

Breanne V.

Taichelle: yes I do! That’s how I gained most of my weight back - when I went back to work. I have recently cut back on working so I could focus on my health. It’s a struggle for sure.


  • Hello everyone! Thank you again for joining our game! We are sooo excited to have you here. This is THE GAME where you are going to get the most support EVER. Dietbet is a great tool for accountability but other than just using this dashboard, there isn’t always a lot of support. Well! We’ve been thinking hard about how to give you more support and we are going to:

    -Do bi-weekly group zoom calls (possibly another platform, TBA) where we can chat with you and just have a support-group type feel for the weeks ahead.
    -Have a private facebook page to engage and talk on (for dietbet team members only).
    -A new FREE weight-loss journal to help keep you on track during this game.
    -And then of course, all the weekly challenges, and prizes, and everything to help you stay in line.

    List your email below and before the game starts, I will send you all the links, the free journal, etc. I hope this will be an amazing month! Please let your family and friends know about us too. Can’t wait to get started with you!

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Jennifer M.

haneylou@hotmail.com THANKS! :heartpulse:


Katie, Chris, Nellifer, and Jennifer - I have emailed you. :)