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Favorite Health Food: Spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: SWEETS

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Gym

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low Carb

My Weight Loss Program: Atkins Diet

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DietBet Winnings: $51.64

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Joey Beans

08/11/2022 3:33AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I am making a strong push here...any last minute motivational ideas???

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Gia Nettie

Reduce your calories and drink loads of water!! This close to weigh in, don't sink yourself! You can do it! :grinning:

Jessica F.

Yes, water water water!

Joey Beans

06/29/2022 1:00AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
Be encouraged by YOU. We all have our moments....gain some and freak out..but when things are going well, tell yourself!!!! Daily affirmations are kind to the soul...... Love and peace to all

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Tina L.

Love this! Hugs

Gia Nettie



06/19/2022 7:25AM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
  • Hello! I jumped directly from a very successful kickstarter into this transformer and then promptly stopped putting in any effort. Ugh. I gained a few pounds over the past month but at least I’m not back to square one? It’ll take a miracle for me to reach my Round 2 goal, but I’m determined to not quit all together. Wish me luck!

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Joey Beans

You can do it....just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day

Gia Nettie

You can do it! :raised_hands:

Crystal Light

06/18/2022 12:37PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
I still love this, it’s fun….but….. I just realized that if we pay $40/month and only win $25.67 we aren’t even winning our bet back. Even if you win every round, AND the end you will just break even if the final weigh-in payout is $137.32

I thought when I played this back in 2017 it was just the upfront bet of $40, not the $40/month like now but I could be wrong.

If we’re lucky it’ll be a $5.00 profit 😂

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Joey Beans

It is about the motivation if making a profit from weight loss is your motivation, bet a friend....this is a method to the madness of weight loss.....we all have paid money for bars, and shakes and trainers and this and that.....I love it and it is keeping me going

annamarya j.

Only half of the monthly fee goes into the monthly round, the other half goes into the final round. So the winnings for round 1 are 25.67 vs 20.- that went in.

Joey Beans

05/26/2022 5:49PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
Good luck high school classmate who was always a little overweight suffered a heart attack today and I am in desperate need od losing weight...thank you all for this outlet.

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Rooting for you, Joey! Also praying your classmate is getting better.

Gia Nettie

It's a shock sometimes to see someone close to you go through something like that. I had a stroke at 27 and have a heart condition so I understand these wake up calls. Rooting for you and praying your friend has a speedy recovery.
Joey Beans accepted the challenge.
05/26/2022 5:41PM in Summer Splash Transformer - Win an Inflatable Paddle Board!
The pot in Round 1 is now $7,100

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