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DietBet Jen

12/09/2018 10:00PM in Fitbit Fanatics - Why "Weight" for January?
**December 11 Challenge Announcement**

Our next challenge will take place on Tuesday, December 11. For this challenge, you'll need to log 9,000 steps or more.

On Wednesday, there will be a Challenge Check In post. If you complete the challenge, you'll need to comment on that post.

From those who comment, I will select a winner at random. I will email this person (using the email address associated with his/her DietBet account). Please note that the direct messaging option is no longer available. ONLY this person will need to provide verification of his/her steps in order to claim the prize.

This person will have 24 hours to reply with verification. If I don't hear back by then, a new winner will be chosen.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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I’m heading to the Zoo tomorrow with 23 grade ones! I’m ready for this challenge!! :)

DietBet Jen

Mille - good luck!

DietBet Jen

12/06/2018 10:00PM in Fitbit Fanatics - Why "Weight" for January?
**December 6 Challenge Check In**

If you successfully logged the number of steps equal to your normal daily step goal or the past seven day average, then comment on this post.

From those who comment, I will randomly select a winner. Only this person will be required to submit verification of his/her steps in order to claim the prize. Verification is as simple as a screenshot from your device's app or website. You can use any type of electronic device to track your steps - Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Health Apps on iPhone and Samsung, etc.

You will also need to provide verification of your daily goal, or your seven day average - whichever you used to calculate your step total for the challenge.

 I will notify this person via the email associated with his/her Dietbet account.

This person will then have 24 hours to reply with verification of his/her steps. If no word is received by the deadline, a new winner will be chosen.

You have until 9:30 am EST on December 8 to comment. After that, a winner will be chosen.

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Done :)

Jet and Maggie

12/04/2018 4:46PM in Fitbit Fanatics - Why "Weight" for January? - via android
  • 10,000 steps today, brought to you by house cleaning to Christmas music and a dance party for one! Who else got their 10k steps today?

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I got 16,000! Took the dog out for a walk to start this off strong!

Jet and Maggie

Yeah! :dog2: vwill ALWAYS make you move!!

DietBet Jen

12/04/2018 6:46AM in Fitbit Fanatics - Why "Weight" for January?

Day 1

Welcome to you all! I host these challenges every month. And when I looked at the calendar for December, I tried to figure out a good time to host. My mind immediately went to, "I'll never lose weight during the holidays." My usual MO is to eat with reckless abandon. Cookies, treats, pastries...you name it. And I excuse every bit of it because it was the holidays. Every January 1, I dreaded the past month. And there I was again with making a resolution to lose weight - and several pounds of it from December alone. Why do I do this to myself?

And so as I looked at the calendar, I decided to try something different this year. This year I decided to stop that cycle.

January 1, 2018 I weighed myself. And was so disappointed that I had gained weight the previous year. I worked hard all of 2018 to lose weight. I was at my lowest back in May. And I'm up about 7 lbs from that low weight. My goal by the end of this challenge is to be back at that May weight. And if I'm successful, I will greet January 1, 2019 down 25 lbs from where I was the year before.

I know this one won't be easy. December is a difficult time to lose weight. We have to navigate holiday parties, holiday cookies, celebrations, etc. But we're in this together. We can share healthy versions of those indulgent recipes that we usually eat this time of year so we don't feel totally deprived. We'll keep moving all month. We will put in the work that's required to reach our goal.

So that's my WHY I am doing this challenge. Tell me your WHY in the comments.

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My why, motivation to move & to keep accountable. I’m on a journey down, just broke through the obese category, I’m finally “overweight”. 30 lbs. at least to release. Hope to win the walking challenges (I’ll participate in all of them and therefore “win”.) Love ya Jen!


I turned 60 this year and about to outlive my mother. I want to be an example for my children. I also have major stomach issues secondary to an autoimmune disease called IgA deficiency. I just believe that things will be better if I can go on and lose another 25 pounds. I’ve dropped gluten and refined sugar from my diet. The pounds are coming off slowly. I’m competitive and these challenges fit my personality to a tee! Let’s have some fun!