I was always able to maintain a healthy weight until the stress of my job limited the time and energy I have to exercise and meal plan. I’ve struggled with weight fluctuations for the last 10 years.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: egg whites, berries

Favorite Sinful Food: chocolate, cheese, beer, wine

My Preferred Method of Exercise: yoga, walking, hiking

My Approach to Weight Loss: meal plan, curb the mindless eating and drinking, eat veggies first

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $902.67

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05/02/2022 1:31PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Well I blew it this last month. Vacation, job change, illness. I am still down a few pounds since November, but nowhere close to my goal. Congratulations to everyone who made it. This was a tough one.

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Lisa T.

Great job getting down a few pounds! Life doesn't make this change easy, and hopefully you can keep working on it. Hang in there, again good job on continuing to work on it!

Katz-twin momma

04/26/2022 12:19PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
  • I haven’t posted much in the past six months but the time seems right to post a recap of my journey.
    Since November I have lost 33.5 lbs/19% of body weight, about 8 inches from my waist, and dropped from a size 16 to an 8!
    I have gained muscle, endurance, strength, and confidence.
    NSV: wrap a bath towel around myself, able to keep up with my 3 littles or even out run them at times.
    I have fought my addictive brain almost daily. I have accepted my weaknesses and and stopped beating myself up when I slip. I try to enjoy my slips as a needed indulgence and move forward with better choices the next meal.
    I have dealt with stress, sadness, ongoing sleep deprivation and death. At the end of the day I want and need to be healthy for myself and my family.
    Thank you for reading and I hope this helps at least one person keep pushing forward.
    See comments for more photos

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You look terrific and bet you feel even better! Great work!!

Michelle C.

Great work BL! :wink:


01/06/2022 4:08PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
December is in the rear view mirror, and the scale is going down again. 💪 I hope everyone else is doing better, too!

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01/02/2022 5:49AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
I know we should weigh in, bit do we HAVE TO?

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Regan W.

Just do it! It will help hold you accountable. I didn’t make goal this month and didn’t want to step on the scale but….I did and it’s motivating me to keep pressing.


Lol that’s the way I felt too but I just submitted anyway. I gotta think without this challenge my holiday weight gain would have been so much worse.

Brittany C.

01/01/2022 5:41PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
  • I was not excited to weigh in today knowing my calories the last half of December were significantly up BUT I STILL LOST AND AM A ROUND WINNER. I 💯% contribute this to my strength training program and the metabolism boost from building more muscles. When I was so sure I wouldn’t make it I was at peace with it because while indulging more in December it was not binging as I have done in the past but simply enjoying food and repairing my relationship with food.

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Kristina F.

I may be bias, but I think toned looks best. Also, working on my chest muscles has helped a lot with my post baby boob sag!!

Brittany C.

YES! I’ve lost a lot of boob, but they still look perkier from the chest workouts!

Danielle W.

12/29/2021 12:19PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
I blew it this month. Like, back to my starting weight blew it. 😭

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Kristine S.

Man… so glad for your honesty. I did too and I was feeling like a complete failure. It’s okay, we can do this!


Same. I just have to think I’d be so much worse off had I not lost weight in November. January is a new month. We’ve got this! :muscle:


12/01/2021 8:40AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Yahoo! Made round 1, and even though I am bummed I didn’t lose a little more this round, it’s pretty motivating to see DietBet’s graphic that I’m already half way to my round 2 goal. Good luck to everyone closing our this round and remember it’s a marathon not a sprint!

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Melissa Will Do This


Tara P.

Halfway to round two’s goal is awesome!! Good for you!!


11/26/2021 7:12AM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
Kept my eating in check yesterday, on Day 26 of no alcohol, and just got a NordicTrack bike delivered! The rides look so fun! Does anyone else have one and/or use iFIT?

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Yes love the iFIT app. I have a bike as well . Some great rides .


I’m cutting out alcohol too. Not that I usually drink a lot but even one glass of wine makes me more likely to raccoon my way through the pantry at night


11/06/2021 2:36PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
What's everyone's fitness/ movement of choice? I do crossfit 3-4 times a week and usually walk 1-2 days a week.

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Body Pump 2x per week. Zumba 1x per week. Spin class 2x. I walk my dogs when there's time and if schedule permits I take a general type fitness class that includes some strength training and a bit of cardio. I sometimes swap it out for a Body Flow class. I find classes motivate me the most.


Love HIIT , running . Weights , cardio kickboxing . I like to mix it up .

Angie M.

11/06/2021 1:04PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
This week I cut out calorie beverages and I lost 3lbs!! This week I plan on keeping up the beverage part and make sure I add getting 8,000 steps a day!
What are your plans this week to loosing weight?

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Melissa Will Do This

Water first. Protein and plant at every meal. Reduce nightly alcohol.
I have to work harder on that last one.


I gotta work on sneaky snacking
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