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12/12/2018 4:36PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via iPhone
  • Yumo 2 ingredient dough taco pizza!!
    9pts for 1/2
    Ff refried beans
    4oz lean beef
    Ff shredded cheddar
    Not pictured a few jalapeños

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I think I’m going to try this for dinner tonight! Thanks for the idea :blush:


12/12/2018 2:03PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via iPhone
Hey guys!!! I would love to connect with everyone! :) I love following people’s journeys for motivation.. if you have IG follow me @elizzzabethgetsfit and let me know you’re from dietbet so I can follow back :) let’s push each other and all be winners! :) :) :) can’t wait to hear from youuuuu!

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Megan I.

Oh and mine is megansmission_ww


I just followed you also


12/12/2018 7:40AM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via iPhone
  • I ❤❤❤ this 4pt meal!!
    1 smart bun= 1
    2 eggs = 0
    1 turkey sausage patty =2
    1 slice velveeta =1

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12/06/2018 2:35PM in FeliciaFitnessHealth DietBet - via iPhone
  • I get a weekly allowance and this is what I spent some of it on. Best. Thing. Ever! Thanks Felicia for introducing me to them. #smartcake

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Marci H.

Can u buy these in stores or only order


Yum I love these too!


12/02/2018 5:47AM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via iPhone
My name is Jessica I'm a stylist from NE and a mama of 2. I have been up and down 20lb the last 5yrs! I usually loose fast get to my goal for diet bet then gain it back before the diet bet is over🙈 Not this time!! Making myself and my family healthier before the year is over is my Christmas gift to myself!
Let's do this🙌

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That’s my mindset too. Instead of winding down the year with unhealthy choices, why not rev up and kickstart the New Year!


Hey fellow Jessica ;)
I’m so happy to see you try again after gaining weight before the finally weigh in! This is an awesome Christmas gift to yourself:hearts: I like the determination, keep it going :)

Melanie K

12/02/2018 5:20AM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via iPhone
  • Hello, everyone! This isn’t my first dietbet, but I haven’t done one since May. My weightloss journey has been going well, I’m down 80lbs but thanksgiving threw me off. I haven’t eaten well for the last week, which is the longest time I’ve gone off track in like a year. So I decided to join this bet to help motivate me to get back on it! I’m excited to be doing another bet! Here’s my starting and my current pic. Good luck everyone!! Oh and I’d lost to follow more people on IG @mels_losing_it_

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LOOK AT YOU!!!! I see those obliques girlll ;)

Shemila G.

Just followed you on IG :)


12/01/2018 9:01PM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via android

Amanda E. , Brittany J. and like this photo.



Hahaha I love this!

Gina m.

11/26/2018 5:52PM in My Girlish Whims After Thanksgiving Bet
Disappointed after losing 30 pounds I’m back up. So it’s time to reset my bf birthday is January 18 so I would love to earn the extra cash and look my best!! We’re seeing our favorite artist so it would be great to feel more confident.

Celeste R. , Jessie and like this comment.

Kelly A.

You got this


You can do it!! That's my daughters birthday too! Great day!!:)

Rebecca G.

11/26/2018 5:26AM in My Girlish Whims After Thanksgiving Bet - via iPhone
{CLOSED winner was comment #42 or Nikki V!} WELCOME TO THE GAME!!! Let’s get things started with a GIVEAWAY, shall we?!? I’m so excited that you all have decided to play with me 😊 Introduce yourself in the comment of this thread and let me know what your motivation was for joining this DietBet. Do you need a reset after the Thanksgiving holiday? Have you already lost weight but need some accountability to keep going? Whatever your motivation, let me know below and I’ll pick one random US based winner to win a body analyzer scale from vanity planet! Good luck,I’m so ready to get started with you all!!!

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Rebecca G.

According to random.org the winner is comment number 42 or Nikki V.! Please email me at mygirlishwhims@gmail.com to get your prize :)

Rebecca G.


11/08/2018 6:25PM in Staying Determined In December With Jessica - via iPhone
Hello everyone!!
Welcome to our December challenge😁
If you would like a chance to win, I am picking 2 people who leave their email and Instagram handle under this post TO WIN $50!! SENDING STRAIGHT TO YOUR PAYPAL!!!
Good luck 💙💰

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Amanda E.

This would be so awesome!!