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Favorite Health Food: Apples

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Workout Videos

My Approach to Weight Loss: Make it a priority & be consistent

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Pamela A.

05/18/2022 3:26AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
I thought we had until today to weigh out? The button is not here?

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Midnight PST last night

Alevtina K.

05/17/2022 1:14PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I'm thinking about doing carb cycling. Does anyone have experience with it?

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Mindy S.

Try keto!

Alevtina K.

I've been on keto many times. I have been on keto since January.

Samantha S.

05/16/2022 2:01PM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
We only have one more payment right? Also, now that this game is coming to an end— would you join another 6months or stick to the shorter diet bets? Lost 70 pounds and counting this game!

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pamela t.

Transformers are a better deal when you have more to lose. They get harder as you get closer to a healthy weight. I will be at a healthy weight if I win this dietbet, so hoping to stick with member maintainer games. Might do some kickstarters if I gain weight on vacation. Hope not to fall back into bad habits and need another transformer. It was harder for me to do it this time. I lost rounds 2-4.

Erin A.

I am in a Members only one that is 6% in 3 months. I’m not happy with it at all. I joined because I hit this goal and wanted to keep motivation up. There are only 78 members and no interaction. Like at all. So I will probably find a Maintainer for my next one. Good luck with whatever you choose!

Vivian T.

05/15/2022 7:36AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
Need some advice, everyone. I reached my goal wait a week ago, and continued to eat sensibly and get in exercise, but by yesterday morning I'd gained some weight back.

All day yesterday I was extra careful, didn't even have time for breakfast, ate a small lunch and half what I normally eat for dinner. Drank a ton of water. Walked 4 miles. And by this morning I've gained another pound 😵‍💫

With the end of the game in a day, any tips? I'm pretty confident I'm doing everything right for long term, but would hate to lose this Dietbet so willing to be more extreme in my final day.

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Vanina R.

If you're still up today, I would eat breakfast and a maybe a light lunch and fast the rest of the day, including water. Just drink lots of water before you begin your fast.


Me too, but I slept terrible last night and I'm sure that's the culprit in my case. Taking some melatonin and early to bed tonight!


05/13/2022 12:08PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Happy Friday!!! It’s our last weekend of the challenge! Remember that your final weigh in is due on Monday or Tuesday! You got this !!! For our last weekend giveaway I’ll be gifting x4 $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift cards (winners choice). Please go ahead and comment your name, where you are from, and what you enjoyed about this DietBet game 😊. I’ll announce the winners on Monday! Cheers 🔥

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margaret e.

Margaret from Illinois. I like the accountability!

Pascale C.

Summer is back !! :joy: in Quebec canada

Lora H.

05/01/2022 8:04AM in _FinallyLosingWeight April! GOPRO GIVEAWAY
I would love insights on this, especially from east coast diet betters with experience.

Looking at the weigh in coming up and I always struggle with the details of this with eastern time because dietbet is west coast time.

So for us east coasters-weigh out starts at midnight after the last day of the bet on May 5th, which would be 3am on May 6th and 48 hours after that is May 8th at 3:00 am is last possible weigh out?

I’m so close, so the extra 48 hours might make a difference, and also weighing in clothes holding my phone adds a tiny bit of weight.

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If you weigh by a window sill or table you can put your phone down on picture mode and pick up when weight is set and snap pic. As for clothes I always do a sports bra and boy shorts underwear. Something super light. Cause I learned that all that can add a pound or two


Might seem silly, but you can weigh in on the scale naked and then put on clothes for the full body pic. Also - the app will give you a countdown when the weigh in period ends. I always check the app to see how many hours I have left as time zones can be confusing. Best of luck!

Vivian T.

04/30/2022 9:17AM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
I'm feeling pretty rough right now. I've been drinking tons of water, trying to get exercise in between my insanely exhausting and busy work schedule, and I've been making healthy choices for food with lots of lean protein and roughage. I haven't even let sweet things touch my lips, or any alcohol. And yet, I barely made any progress this week. It's so discouraging and I feel like giving up. I hate living like this, I hate not having the ability to just enjoy a dessert or a glass of wine. I've taken all the joy out of my days and feel like it's for nothing.

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I second what Jenn said. I'm also a firm believer in everything I moderation. I had a small piece of chocolate almost every day. I also have a glass of wine a couple days a week. It fits into my calorie budget and I don't feel deprived.
The key is to find balance :sparkling_heart:

Anne-Claire O.

I can only second what have been said here. I used to think that I could only lose weight in being very hard on myself, not allowing myself to have some treats, working out like crazy. I did and didn’t lose much. Since starting the Dietbet journey, I decided to follow another approach: “balance”. I have been following a balanced diet. I eat healthy everyday and when I feel like a treat (I learned to listen to my body and what it wants) I do eat it. I balance it with healthy food and exercise sometimes. That’s the first time I do this and I am losing more weight than during the time I was treating myself hard. That’s incredible. I feel also happier and everyone noticed that. Try to see and live this weight loss happily. Having a treat from time to time won’t get you off of track. It will energize you to keep going and push through. Personally, I won’t go back to strict weight loss. It’s not worth it and life is about happiness!

Darrishia M.

04/29/2022 6:25PM in _FinallyLosingWeight April! GOPRO GIVEAWAY
What are y’all’s go to meals for after a workout. Something not to heavy but filling?

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Diane C.

I like to make a quinoa bowl. Quinoa, chicken and non starchy veggies!


Usually a container of yogurt, a protein bar, a slice of toast with nut butter, or some fruit with a handful of nuts. I don't have the energy after working out for anything fancy lol!


04/29/2022 6:16PM in Syd’s April DietBet Game!
  • Happy Friday friends!!! I want to do a quick giveaway to show my appreciation for you all! I’ll be giving away x4 $5 Amazon or Starbucks gift cards (winners choice) and announcing the winners on Monday. I really do appreciate everyone here that has joined my game and I hope you are enjoying it so far 😊!

    To be entered into the giveaway please go ahead and comment 1-2 things you are proud of accomplishing so far during your 2 weeks here ❤. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mary K.

I'm proud of myself for maintaining a positive attitude and doing positive affirmations every morning. I'm proud of exercising, even a little bit, every day.

Jessica W.

Keeping up with my exercise, walking daily

Jennifer M.

04/28/2022 7:46AM in The 2022 Game Changer Transformer - $10,000 in Prizes!
I know I want this. I work on it, but there’s always an excuse for not sticking with it. How do you all do it? How do you say, enough is enough…I’m doing this (and actually do it)?

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I recently read a book by Stephen Guise called Mini Habits for Weight Loss. Breaks things down into little manageable pieces for me that I've found tremendously helpful.

Erin A.

For me, It was Dietbet. I joined because a friend suggested it and I was determined not to lose my money. My husband and I have made changes to our diet, but all manageable to keep up and we don’t call it a diet. It’s a lifestyle change with no restrictions. We traveled this weekend and I’m sure put on a few lbs, but once we’re back home tomorrow we’ll get back to what we know works for us. I hope you find something in these suggestions that works for you!
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