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Claire H.

10/05/2021 4:13PM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
This next round is going to be tough! Really gotta buckle down! What are you all doing to stay motivated and on track?

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Claire H.

Thomas-yes, family and quality longevity are great motivators!!


I took up ballroom dancing as an extra, new to me form of exercise, and it’s fun.

Kirby L.

10/03/2021 4:21PM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
I was, right at the end, able to make it. But I know this next month will be harder in different ways (more control of the day-to-day, but more stress). My goal this month is to hit 10k steps a day. Anyone else have a goal they want to share?

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I barely made it by .5lbs lol. My goal is to get more active and close the rings on my watch!

Thomas M.

On the last round, I had already reached my goal a few days ahead of time, but then on the morning of the weigh-in I was a fraction of a pound over even though I had eaten sparingly after attaining my goal. Sometimes it is hard to manage those little fluctuations in weight that may be due to hydration or the need to eliminate food that is still making its way through the digestion process. Fortunately, I was able to shed the extra fraction within a few hours and land exactly on my goal weight. Whew!! This month I am trying to be consistent with intermittent fasting (16 hours of continual fasting per day with an 8 hour window in which to eat). I typically eat between 8AM and 4PM and then fast until the next day. Resisting the urge to snack in the evening is really challenging, but I am learning self-control and little tricks to distract myself with other enjoyable activities so that I don’t think about food. It is definitely developing my character in a positive way as that self-control spills over into other areas of life.


09/07/2021 6:06AM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
This is going to be a tough month. I feelnlike I've gottne much sttonger and fitter byt haven't loat weight and I've been plateau'd for 2 weeks. Hard to be active 60-120 mins a day and not exceed my calorie goals! Or be at my.calorie golas and feel tired, miserable, and hungry all the time. I eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and grains, mostly what I cook myself or Daily Harvest. ugh.

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I hear you Ninja! Getting stronger and fitter is the ticket long term but can be a mess on the scale. Also makes you more hungry. I think taking a maintenance day after being in a deficit for a while is a good idea, but make sure you're not overestimating your calories burned and underestimating your calorie intake. And I agree, Keto is not a good long term strategy although it seems to work for some people--I don't believe it's sustainable or healthy.

Claire H.

That’s a long time to be working out!! I used to do a lot of longer distance running/cycling/“cardio” and never lost weight because I was always starving/eating. These days I do HIIT and strength workouts usually not more than 20-40 mins, 3-5 days/week. I eat 40% cals from protein, 30% of my cals each from fat and carbs. Calorie goal is about 11.5 x my goal weight in pounds. This is my sweet spot for still seeing results and not feeling hungry. I use MyFitnessPal app to track my food. Best of luck to you!!!


08/21/2021 4:47PM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
  • Does anyone have an explanation for this? I've been trying to join this game for 3 days and it won't let me. Is there a limit of games you can do at once?

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I think the limit is 3 total? Or 3 maybe kickstarters and 3 transformers. If you scroll through the faqs you should find the info you're looking for.

Monika H.

3 transformers and 3 kickstarters max


08/20/2021 3:03PM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Any recommendations for a way to manage recipes online? I'm looking for something where I can import and edit the recipes, that displays the nutritional information, and where I can organize various recipes by some kind of categories. Pretty sure it must exist...

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AnyList has everything. Importing, organizing by categories, editing recipes. Even Nutrition info. Love it. The devs are always improving it and adding more features. We’ve had the premium subscription for years which includes family sharing and even a meal planning calendar. You can select meals to assign to different days on the calendar, and then when they are in there, you can quickly select ingredients to add to your grocery list, and it even auto assigns each ingredient to a grocery store category (dairy/produce etc) they have thought of everything. There’s even more I can’t mention

Fabienne F.

I'm using yazio. I'm not sure if its available in your country. For me it works fine

Luis L.

08/15/2021 11:21AM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Hey guys! I have an android phone. What are good apps that people use to listen to music while they work out?

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Alyson P.

I use Pandora and spotify


There are a couple of channels on Pandora that I like - Hard Rock Strength Training and Pop Fitness.

Claire H.

08/11/2021 12:38PM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Hey have you seen any good resources for yo-yo dieting? I finished a transformer ending July 1, but I fell off the wagon April 1st. I gained 15ish lbs in just 4 months (between early April and early august) and it’s “real” weight, not just water weight.

I have had a harder time getting motivated than I thought.
Jan 2019: 180
July 2019: 155!
(Holidays 2019: probably 170ish)
Aug 2020: 150!
Jan 2021: 158
April 3 2021 (transformer weigh in and dehydrated) 145!
August 2021: 164.5

I used keto plus intermittent fasting but it wasn’t sustainable fOr me.

Feeling discouraged today. I’m also not feeling great health-wise so maybe it’s something I’ll get over in a few days.

Advice or encouragement?

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Claire H.

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your experiences and wisdom, and having a community of people going through this together makes it feel possible.

Jay S.

Done keto for ages and eventually hit a wall. Spoke to a PT who advised it ruins your metabolism. Try to reverse diet and get used to eating more clean food more often. I eat full meals 6 times a day and drop weight sustainably now rather than big drop and wall

Diane O.

08/10/2021 9:37AM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
I just joined for the first time- is this feed only for this specific contest?

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Yes it is

Panny T.

08/02/2021 7:30AM in Endless Summer Mega Transformer - Win a Peloton!
Anyone out there uses Fitness pal or any other app for tracking your intake? Which one/s is better?

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alicia l.

I have been using my fitness pal for year. I have tried others but it’s hard to make the switch. All my recipes are already saved on my fitness pal.

Claire H.

Free version of MyFitnessPal is great!