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Christa M.

08/13/2019 9:46AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
  • Yay!!!

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Christa M.

08/13/2019 4:17AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
I made it. It was a tough last week to get the final couple pounds gone but I made it. Now to wait on verification so I can drink my coffee!

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Christa M.



Mine was approved in 35 minutes

Christa M.

07/23/2019 3:42AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
Well, due to a period of intense stress I have lost 5lbs this week. Not the best way to lose but it puts my final goal within range. Take the silver linings when you can get them right?

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Think of it as a kickstart!


07/13/2019 5:44PM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
  • Kickin' 2019's tail!

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Christa M.

Careful not to exceed the maximum allowed loss!


Christa.... those max loss allowances are pretty far out there.
You're allowed up to 30% (81 lbs in my case) in a transformer.
Im currently at 18% (49 lbs), so no worries.

Chelsea H.

07/13/2019 6:09AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
Well, I didn't make my final weight but I'm well under the 6% needed to still qualify for the last round!!! I'm only about 1.2 lbs away from that. I'll take it. I know I'll demolish my final weight goal!! Good luck to you all!!

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Christa M.

Yeah you will!

Chelsea H.

:purple_heart::purple_heart: Thank you Christa M!!!

Dana W.

07/11/2019 1:50PM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
Totally forgot that you have to pass round 5 to be eligible for the final round & haven’t been on here in a while to remind myself. Bummed I lost focus & wont be able to finish the game. :(

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Christa M.

You just need to lose 6%, not hit your full round 5 goal.

Christa M.

07/10/2019 4:15AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
I am so close to squeezing under the cut off line that I can taste it! Gotta eat super clean and low sodium today and tomorrow so that Friday I make cut off and can continue for the big round 6 goal! Down 29.4lbs since Sept, and about 15lbs during this diet bet!

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Lauren W.

Right there with you... Unfortunately I went on vacation and gained 4 pounds.... So I will.make it... But it won't be pretty :unamused:.

Christa M.

07/03/2019 3:14AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
I joined Noom at the start of June and it has made such a difference! I was on track to lose all rounds but there is still a chance I will make the cut off for being kicked out of round 5 and maybe hit round 6! Down 27lbs total today and down 13lbs ish from the start of this dietbet. Pushing hard to make it!!

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Christa M.

Noom gives you daily articles on different health topics with a psychological spin to them. They work with you to make small changes that add up. They also have you commit to doing various things and you have a goal specialist and a group and group coach to interact with for support and guidance. You weigh in every day as that has been proven more effective than weekly, and they have a really realistic view of progress. Early on they talk about slips and surges in motivation, about your emotional brain vs your logical brain, etc. In terms of food logging it categorizes things by caloric density, and give you a target for each group. Veggies, fruits, whole grains and fat free dairy are green foods, lean meats, low fat dairy, beans and proteins are yellow foods, high fat dairy, other meats, condiments, junk, etc. are red foods. Nothing is off limits you just jave a target for each category each day.

Chelsea H.

Wow, that sounds really in depth! Thank you!


06/26/2019 5:32AM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix
  • 58 lbs in just over 5 months.

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Audrey S.

Great job!

Christa M.

Whoa!! Congrats!

Christa M.

03/13/2019 4:54PM in Slim Down for Summer—Win a Vitamix - via android
Did terrible because of work travel. Now I jave to lose 6% this month to hit goal. I know I can do it but it will take strict dedication!

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holly m.

I know how you feel. I have to lose almost 6lbs for round 2. It's going to be challenging, but that is what we have each other for! You can definitely do it.
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