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lisa s.

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Favorite Health Food: cucumber

Favorite Sinful Food: cheeseburger

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Zumba and P90X

My Approach to Weight Loss: Bring it!!!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: Polar Heart Rate Monitor

DietBet Winnings: $400.39

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lisa s.

08/20/2019 10:22AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
I'm really enjoying this LIIFT4. I've always been a P90X lover, but I'm so short on time these days, LIIFT4 fits sooo much better into my day. I find it's just as effective and just kinda covers it all. I'm digging it! Some nice eye candy too. Sorry Breanne. 😉

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Breanne F.

Hey, I can’t blame ya :grin:. So happy you’re enjoying it!!!!

Regina H.

08/20/2019 10:11AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • It's Tuesday! So I wanted to share my transformation journey so far.
    We often see all of the pics of great abs, a shapely booty, beautiful arms and strong legs. What we often forget is the starting point for that body. The other thing we don't see is how long it took.
    This was not an Amazon prime delivery for me. It's been 3.5 yrs of work. I'm a busy 44yr old wife & mom to 2 even more busy daughter's.
    I was busy being a wife and a mother but I got lost in there somewhere. One day I looked in the mirror and I was over 50 lb heavier than I am today. I no longer knew who I was. My identity had changed I wasn't happy, suffering from depression, constantly tired, losing my health and life was a daily struggle.
    Then a friend offered to help me. I jumped on that opportunity and I have never looked back.
    This is me today flexing. I barely recognize that sad woman in the bottom corner but I sure do thank her for taking the first step and not stopping

    You can do this!

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Regina H.

Kristi R. I do it's under ReginaLHelmer. I've only been using it since February

Regina H.

Thank you so much ladies! I just wanted to share my journey to show that determination & consistency will bring the change we all want

Breanne F.

08/20/2019 6:58AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • Are You Lifting Heavy Enough?
    Most people considerably underestimate how much weight they can lift for 10 reps of a given exercise. This simply means you’re not maximizing calorie burn and muscle building potential of your workouts. If you are new to weight training and LIIFT4, it may take time to know your strength and how much effort you could be giving to each workout.

    Give yourself a LIIFT4 strength test today: Try some practice sets with a weight you think you would select for a particular move and perform as many reps as you possibly can. Give this a try for bicep curls, chest press, or any move you want to try. If you can do 13+ reps, try increasing your weights during your next workout. Comment below if the weight you’ve been using have been spot on or if you'll be increasing your weights for your next workout 💪.

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Breanne F.

Holly: check Craig’s List

Sara R.

I'm curious about not having enough grip strength for what my legs can actually do.

Breanne F.

08/16/2019 5:22AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • Now that you have been tracking your food this week, I know a lot of you are noticing you’ve been WAY under on protein. I was in the same boat before I started tracking. As you’re learning here, protein is the one macro nutrient that is science-backed to have THE MOST POWERFUL IMPACT on your body composition goals. Without a sufficient amount, both weight loss and muscle gain can be extremely challenging. I already covered some of this in my guide, but I think it’s worth highlighting again because sometimes we need these little reminders:

    1. In combination with a weight training program, protein is essential for muscle maintenance and building. More muscle mass = a faster metabolism. A faster metabolism means you’re burning more calories at rest and weight gain can be avoided assuming food intake remains consistent over time.

    2. Calorie for calorie, protein keeps you satisfied longer than carbs or fat so you’re likely to eat fewer calories throughout the day, making fat loss even easier.

    3. Protein is more thermogenic than carbs or fats. This means it takes nearly 3x’s more calories for your body to break down protein and digest it as energy. While studies on thermogenic effect differ, general parameters are: 10% for fat, 10% for carbs, 30% for protein.

    4. High protein diets (25%+ of calories) are proven to result in nearly 2x’s more fat loss compared to a moderate-protein diet (~12% of calories).This is most likely due to increased satiety and the thermogenic effect of eating more protein.

    Numerous studies have shown consuming 0.8-1g of protein per pound you weigh every day maximizes all the benefits protein has on body composition. Shoot for that and you’re golden 👍. #fitwithfreeman

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Pirin B.

I’ve closely watched my protein for a few years now, but only discovered recently how much protein is in plain Greek yogurt, specifically Fage 2%. 20 grams! I used to avoid yogurt since so many brands are loaded with sugar!

Tiffani J.

I did both macros through Lose It and My Fitness Pal and they are significantly different. I'm used to My Fitness Pal and use the free version. What do y'all prefer??

lisa s. created this game!

08/12/2019 5:58AM in Fit through Fall
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

Up to the challenge? Join this game!

lisa s.

08/11/2019 10:24AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • So here are my workouts for the next 4 weeks. I'm starting LIIFT4 week 4 tomorrow. What a quinky dink that LIIFT4 is the workout program if choice in this dietbet. I had no clue before.
    Cool to be spending the next 4 weeks with family Freeman.

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Same girl!! Love my L4!!! :muscle:

lisa s.

08/10/2019 4:43PM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • I just calculated every macro for every meal based on my daily total. This looks pretty touch to maintain. The brackets are alternating days.
    Wohoo... I'm gonna be screwed if I'll eat like that. ????

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Victoria J

What do you mean that the brackets are alternating days?

lisa s.

I can either have the rice or the oats in 1 day.

Breanne F.

08/10/2019 11:02AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • Hey everyone!! I was reminded today that we don’t have a #hashtag to use for this group when we post to social. I’d love to hear your ideas. I’ll pick one and announce on Sunday 😁

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Nicole D.


Beth G.


Kristen r.

08/10/2019 8:05AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
  • Pre pregnancy > 39 weeks > 4 weeks postpartum (my diet bet weigh in).

    So ready to get back to feeling like my old self. Anyone else on their postpartum journey??

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I’m 18, 12 and almost 5 years postpartum :joy: and I have another 20 to lose if I wanted to be pre pregnancy weigh before #3 Just remember to love your body no matter how she has changed after giving beautiful life. And staying fit is a good example for you children. It’s about the number but the intensity of heart. You got this Mama!

Kristen r.

I am so happy with where I am at. I’m proud of myself for staying healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy. I’m just mostly excited to be able to workout again - it’s my favorite form of me time and it makes me feel good.

It’s not all about the numbers. It’s about feeling strong and fit again.

David B.

08/07/2019 3:40PM in David & Stephanies Get Ripped Summer w/Live Streaming Workouts
Hey guys! So impressed with everyone's results! 91% won.

I want to continue to encourage you in your health and fitness and if you get stuck along the way, feel free to reach out to us on facebook!

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lisa s.

How come there was no money gains then? I'm confused.

David B.

Hey Lisa, I'm not sure, 10 of 11 won. I didn't make any. Maybe Diet Bet gets a certain amount. I would contact support.
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