Linda A.

For the first time in my life, I'm putting me first! I want to be a healthy size. I deserve this!

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Favorite Health Food: I love a good salad.

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza!!!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: I love hip hop cardio!

My Approach to Weight Loss: WW

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $224.91

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Linda A.

07/03/2022 1:04PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
If any of you love coffee drinks but hate all the calories, or in my case WW points, 7 Brew opened up a few minutes from my house and they have so many lighter options than Dunkin or Starbucks. They don't have their nutrition information online yet, but all their sauces and syrups are Torani so easy to look up. The one near me has 15 sugar free options, and the prices are cheaper. Today I got a large iced latte with skim milk, sugar free coconut syrup and sugar free dark chocolate sauce drizzled. 😋

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Linda A.

07/02/2022 9:47PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a $500 Grill!
I started off strong round 1 and then hurt my back really bad. I could barely walk for several days and needed assistance just to go to the Dr. Then everything in life seemed to spiral, including my eating habits. I'm about 4 pounds over round 1 starting weight so I have lots of work to do. Today was day 2 of tracking my food again. I don't feel confident in myself but I know I can't afford to quit so hoping I will make great progress this month. I hope you all had a great round 1!

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Belinda R.

Checking in Linda. How are you?

Christine F.

You got this!

Linda A.

07/02/2022 9:40PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
So my whole month basically went to hell. I've been pretty active in the other challenges, but this time I had a mishap and hurt my back. It was worst I have ever hurt it. I couldn't even get in and out of the car without help or get into the shower for a couple days. The injury was days before a 10 hour road trip home. It was the first time in maybe 15 years since my siblings and I all got home at the same time and I didn't want to disappoint so I went. When I got back I had an out patient procedure for something non related and then back to working long days. I would say I'm 5 pounds over my starting weight. Today was day 2 of trying to get back on track. I'm turning 50 in a month and hoped I did better. I won't reach the goal I set, but I figured I need to stop dwelling on it and move forward. I hope you all had a successful challenge!

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Shelly S.

I'm sorry you had such a rough month and I hope your back is healing. Kudos to you for focusing on moving forward. I hope next month is so much better for you!

Linda A.

Thanks so much Shelly :heart:

Belinda R.

06/30/2022 7:26PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a $500 Grill!
So excited! Very very close but I made it by .3. Best of luck for every single person to win this round.

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Melissa O.

I faltered a bit mid game and worked my butt off the past week and half to get back to good. Just sent in my weigh in 0.2 lbs under goal. PHEW!

Linda A.

Fabulously done!

Linda A.

06/08/2022 5:39AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Breakfast: Iced coffee with sugar free syrup. They don't have fat free half and half so I brought my own and put it in when I got to the office. Just 1 WW point. I brought fruit and veggies for snacking if I get hungry before lunch.

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Ainsley R.

06/08/2022 5:27AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Morning cup of coffee with 15ml of willy Wonka creamer. Tracked on my fitness pal (39 calories)

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Linda A.

Willy Wonka creamer sounds interesting!!

Ainsley R.

Ya my husband bought it for me in the states its pretty good

tyson j.

06/08/2022 3:33AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a $500 Grill!
First time jumping on the scales for a while im very disgusted and mad at myself. Only one thing to do about it though and that’s why I’m here. Excited to get some big results and see everyone else’s progress too. Let’s get after it everyone 🙏

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Linda A.

You're in good company. Many of us have felt like that. You got this! Good luck!

Stephen D.

"Mad at myself" I agree with. Success comes from turning those negative emotions into positive actions, and positive reactions, creating a virtuous circle.

Linda A.

06/07/2022 10:06AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Lunch: I used to say I'm too lazy to bother cooking, but that fact is I work a LOT of hours and I'm tired. LOL. I have been buying these pre-made salads at Walmart for $3.47. They're all tasty. I added a couple hard boiled eggs for extra protein. WW: 7 points

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Jeanette P.

Just gotta do what works for you!! I’ve decided if reaching my goals means I have to take the “lazy” way out (like buying precut fruit or veggies, salad kits, etc) then so be it!! I can afford the extra cost and if that’s what it takes to get my goals…then that’s what I’m doing!! Glad you found what you enjoy!

Linda A.

Thank you Jeanette!

Linda A.

06/07/2022 8:45AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I forgot it was food share day! So I discovered the cooked herb roasted chicken breast at Sam's Club. Holy cow!! So freaking good. I ate the last piece for breakfast today on a sandwich with mustard and onions so no picture, but I'll go buy more tomorrow and share a picture. I'm following WW.

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Allison C.

06/07/2022 7:31AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Week 1 - Food Tracking Challenge- 6/7-6/13
    If you are ok with your meals being shared, please add “PTP” to your caption! (Permission to Post)
    We have four weeks to kickstart some healthy habits that (fingers crossed) will result in positive lifestyle changes! This challenge has unlimited entries, the more active you are, the more entries you will have!
    To be entered into this week’s giveaway, please post a picture of your meals and a snip of however you are choosing to track them (myfitnesspal, ww, caloric info, lose it, etc) to either the main feed or this post in the comments. This can be a combined post at the end of the day with all of your meals, or you can post each meal one by one. I post my meals as the main picture and put the macro information in the comments! (Use this post as an example)
    Keep in mind when you make your own post, it’s gives other players the opportunity to like and comment!
    Let’s start this challenge off! We are all #finallylosingweight

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Brooke E.

  • Air fryer chicken strips & fries ~600 cals

chelsea c.

  • Ptp. A smoothie and another salad for dinner.
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