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Amber A.

07/01/2019 12:26PM in Love Yourself to Health!
Happy weighin day!! I want to touch on something real quick... I've seen several posts and comments regarding messing up after the game. I've been there and undone some of my progress in the past..I quickly had to put myself in check! We feel as if the pressure is off..we lost that high level of accountability and have time to slack a little. It's so important in those moments to remember why you wanted to join the game in the first place and why you want to get healthy..reach out to people in this game on IG and find more sources of accountability to keep you focused and on track. If you've already messed up and binged or over ate today, just accept it and move on. Remember that each meal is a new opportunity to nourish your body the way it deserves to be nourished. You did not ruin the whole day or week..you didn't undo all your progress. You guys are capable of continuing these healthy habits! I'm rooting for you all!! Last thing, if you did not meet your goal YOU DID NOT FAIL!! You took charge and made an effort to try again. You still made improvements this month irregardless of if the scale reflected it. I'm proud of all of you 💖

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Shirley R.

Agree 100%. Im excited for my next dietbet!


I’m taking July off from DietBet, but thanks for your words of wisdom, I did eat an extra 200 calories though, not too bad! Thank you again for hosting, encouraging and being my example to follow!

Julie G.

06/28/2019 3:51AM in Love Yourself to Health!
  • I hit goal weight!! My only concern is that July 1 I'm in our new house with no internet :(


Congratulations!! Nice job! Can we submit early? Or do we have to wait until June 30?


Oh no. Maybe steal some WiFi from the local McDonald's.... don't go inside though lol

Nancy M.

06/09/2019 7:35AM in Love Yourself to Health!
Do any of you use an air fryer? I bought one and I am considering sending it back because it’s so big! If you have one tell me what you think about it. TIA!

Momof2teensandatot , Camille E. , perla m. , carly and Heidi P. like this comment.

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Nancy M.

Thanks everyone, sounds like I really need to give it a try. Keeping it in the garage between uses sounds like a good idea. What I do is a big cook every few months and then I portion out each recipe and freeze it. So I won’t need it out constantly.


I love mine but it was def hard to use at the beginning

Shannon W.

06/09/2019 6:59AM in Love Yourself to Health! - via android
  • This is the first weekend in a LONG time, that I haven't gone completely off the rails. Worked out both days and kept to my diet pretty well. Not perfect, but way better than it has been. Low carb wrap with 1 egg, turkey sausage, and low fat cheese, instead of the cracker barrel breakfast of last weekend??

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Looks fantastic! Nice job!! Celebrate it, because it’s work to stay on track!

Amber A.

06/07/2019 1:56AM in Love Yourself to Health! - via android
  • What is a healthy habit you are trying to form this month?!

    1) I'm working on my consistency & discipline by committing to the challenges.
    2) Do a guided meditation daily even if it's only 10 mins.
    3) Get/stay organized so I can be more efficient with my time & more likely to be productive when I have moments to myself throughout the day.

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Doing some at-home yoga at least 3 times per week. It just helps me sleep better and focused my mind so much. Also, sticking to Keto for the full month.

Leahs losing it

My healthy habit goals are:
1) drink 100 oz water a day
2) walk 10,000 steps a day
3) take advantage of summer hours and organize my house.


06/01/2019 9:31AM in Love Yourself to Health! - via iPhone
What eating plan (if any) are you all following?

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Kacey W.

Weight Watchers or as it’s called now WW

Heidi P.

I count calories, and do intermittent fasting (so I eat between 6am-2/3pm)
I ONLY drink water. Nothing else, no coffee, alcohol, juice, coffee tea, literally just water.