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Need to be healthier! Plus- my clothes are so tight.

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Favorite Health Food: Apples

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Hiking

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

DietBet Winnings: $173.38

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Cindy D.

06/09/2019 2:49PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • Im Cindy and I live in Southern California close to the coast. I’ve done well in the last 9 months or so losing 50lbs - I’m so proud of myself and the changes I’ve made! In the last couple of months though I’ve plateaued - enjoying treats more than I should (for a person still working on a weight loss goal). Although I’m definitely about enjoying the journey and being reasonable, I want to be more stick-to-it this month - staying within my calorie budget and break the plateau - by Christmas time I’d like to be at my goal weight which is another 30lbs away. So, I’m being more consistent with tracking my eats. My exercise is on point and I have a good rhythm there - so my aim is to keep exercising consistently 5x/week or more.

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Cindy D.

Thanks everyone!

Liza Kim

Way to to!

Jenn and Kandice

06/08/2019 9:50PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • It's time for the 2nd Challenge: The Fitness Challenge!

    Monday-Friday: Get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise in each day. Walking, jogging, swimming, elliptical, sports, weight lifting whatever you want........Your choice. Just get your heart pumping, and muscles working! You can break it up into segments if you need to.

    ** Starting on Friday there will be a post asking if you completed the challenge, that is where you will comment if you completed it. You will have until Saturday at 12 PM (noon) PST to report in. Everyone who completes this challenge and reports in will get their name in the drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card!

    This is not required, but at least once during the week, post about what you did for a workout. It will help give the rest of us some good ideas, encouragement, and motivation!

    **Please let me know if you need any modifications due to injury or health.

    You've got this team! Let's have a great week!

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Jamie L.

Last night I got my 30 minutes of exercise going to a local class at the gym called grit. It's a lot like crossfit and I really enjoy it.

jill h.

Made my 30 mineaberyday and more. I loveLes Mills classes!

laurie s.

06/07/2019 4:25AM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER! - via android
Just joined- waiting for my starting weigh in to be approved. Cant believe I'm trying to lose the same weight again! I think what screws me up is that I'll win a dietbet but don't join another one immediately because waiting for the payout to be finalized, and then I don't join another one until I see the scale back up! This time I'm doing another challenge at same time thru Facebook, which focuses more on fitness and workouts, so I'll be hopefully building some muscle which will make it even harder to lose the pounds. Means I'll just need to work even harder!

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Jenn and Kandice

Great job staying motivated and accountable to yourself you guys! I wish you all the best in reaching your goals and staying with it in the long run. :)

Cindy D.

Give it just a couple days and then re-up. It’ll reduce the amount of fluctuation between games but still give you a mini break if you need it.

Jenn and Kandice

06/06/2019 9:55PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • Please click on (comment) under this post when you complete the Water Challenge and report in there!

    *You will have until 12:00 PM PST this Saturday to report in.

    We are off to a great start!!!

    Okay guys, Friday is the last day of our Water Challenge! Please comment below this post when you finish the challenge. You have until Saturday at 12:00 PM PST to report in. We will have our drawing shortly after that for the $10 Amazon gift card!

    Challenge reminder: Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, Thursday and Friday!

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Jenn and Kandice

Awesome job Mary! :)

Rachel C.

And I totally forgot to come back and report. :(

Jenn and Kandice

06/06/2019 9:53PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • Hey guys! This is going to be a great game!
    I've really enjoyed reading your posts, so many great goals! Thank you for introducing yourselves and for the motivation! Keep up with the comments and communication, that's what makes these games especially great! I'm excited for where this journey takes all of us!

    A question for everyone:
    Do you prefer warm water or cold water when it comes to drinking? Which do you feel is better for you?
    I read up on it a little bit and found out that warm water is more ideal for aiding us in our digestion whereas cold water is better in cooling down our bodies after a hard workout, which makes sense. They both seem to have their own set of benefits.
    I love cold water and that's what I almost always drink. But do you have a preference? What do you reach for on a regular basis?

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Suzy M.

Room temp for me.

Cindy D.

I don’t like warm water but do drink it room temperature a lot. When I’m pouring a glass or filling a bottle though it’s always cold.

Jenn and Kandice

06/05/2019 10:49PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
  • Welcome everyone, so happy to have you all here with us!

    I like to do weekly challenges as part of our game, it helps to keep the game more interesting and motivating. (Optional of course)

    The First Challenge is a mini one: The Water Challenge!

    Here is the requirement if you want to participate:
    Drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, from Thursday and Friday. Of course, you should keep it up after that, but we are highlighting hydration this week!

    *Water is such a vital and important part of everyone's health, and an integral part of any diet. Not only does it help cleanse your body of toxins, but it aids in weight loss and reduces water retention. Please feel free to drink more than 64 oz. in a day, especially if you are perspiring much at all. Ideally, you should be drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day, but that much isn't required for this challenge.

    I will ask at the end of this week, starting on Friday, if you completed the challenge. You will need to report in on that post if you did complete the challenge to be entered into our first drawing. You will have until 12:00 PM PST on Saturday to report in. I will then put all the players who completed this week's challenge into our drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card that same day!

    And one suggestion, but not part of the challenge: Please introduce yourself and share your goals! I think it helps the group get to know each other and creates a way for each player to establish some accountability. Accountability with weight loss is essential! Let us know where you are on your weight loss/fitness journey, and what your short/long term goals are! Just for fun let us know where you are from. I live in Southern Utah.

    Let's get going!

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In that case- I have officially completed the challenge!!


Complete! I believe physical strength and fitness translates to mental fortitude as well. And I want all my clothes to fit well again!
Mel accepted the challenge.
06/05/2019 10:45PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
The pot is now $2,800

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Liz D.

06/05/2019 7:44PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER!
I'm excited to get started & get some extra motivation! My wedding is 9.21.19, I have a little over 100 days to get ready!

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Jenn and Kandice

Woohoo! so exciting! Congratulations Liz! I wish you the best! You've got this! :)


You’ve got this!!


06/05/2019 1:17PM in $200 IN BONUS PRIZES! JUNE KICKSTARTER! - via android
  • Hello everyone, I am exited to be starting this weight loss challenge. Words of encouragement are powerful!

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Hi Jenn. Yes, I am a preschool teacher. I love teaching. You retired? Or just taking a vacation? Thanks for the warm welcome. I am happy to be here too.

Jenn and Kandice

Preschool, such a cute age! :)
I'm retired for now. I may go back someday. But I taught 1st grade for a few years, such cute kiddos!