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Rebecca F.

04/06/2021 6:24AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • I made it!! Just barely. Iced coffee till the confirmation though >.<. This has been a very humbling experience; while multiple family members have had to navigate issues with obesity, I had always been slim but started gaining some years ago and didn't recognize how much I had put on and for how long, I kept thinking delusionally "this isn't me, it's so temporary, I could lose this easily, in fact I'll do it next month". Even starting this DB I thought I'd have no problem losing the 10% but it was a struggle till the end. I'm so happy with my progress and, not to be sappy, but am surprised how much more that "progress" has meant to feel more like "myself" than anything else. Still a ways to go but new forms of exercise and tons of produce and better self-awareness are all going to be the immeasurable rewards from this that I hope and believe will carry me there! Congratulations everyone and I hope for those who didn't quite make their cutoff goals that the less tangible benefits are still valuable, we all did a lot to even put ourselves out there and keep trying. Much love.

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Debra A.


Greg L.

04/05/2021 1:38PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
This isn’t a bragging thing, nor a guilt or judgement thing of anyone else. But I want to say thank you to this group and celebrate. I’ve been slowly gaining weight for 30 years. I’ve long thought I should lose 20 pounds. I just never tried. Last July I finally made up my mind to get in better shape. I was 260 at the time. I lost 35 pounds in four months, all before I heard of DietBet.

I joined this transformer on October 7th, weighing 225. I wished I did it before I lost 35. But I thought it might be the accountability I need to finish strong and reach my goal of 200. I lost an additional 45 in these last 6 months, hitting a new normal of 180. I feel great and think the encouragement of this community and the accountability of the bet was a significant part of my getting healthier. Thank you everyone! Blessings and best wishes. If all goes well, I won’t need to do another one of these.

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Debra A.


Claudette A.

Congratulations, fantastic achievement :raised_hands:

Laura B.

04/05/2021 11:14AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
I made it and then some! 30.6 pounds gone forever in 6 months! Was I perfect? Nope! Did I win every round? Nope! Am I where I want to be? Not yet. I simply never gave up. Keep moving forward. Don’t give up on your goals and if you didn’t make it this time, try again. Good luck to all of you ❤

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This is a great post. It’s real and a good motivational. Thank you and best to you on your continued journey!

Debra A.

Great work!


04/05/2021 5:20AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Made my final weight today! Fitting that my weigh-in word was brocolli.

    Brocolli, I coudn't have done it without you.

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Amazing side-by-side! Congrats on all your hard work!

Debra A.


Ashley K.

04/04/2021 8:31PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Happy Easter!

Confession time:

I ate until I was full.
Then I continued until I finished my plate and became uncomfortably full.
Then I took just a little more of my favorite foods.
Then I took a little more.

And now, over 2.5 hours since my last bite, I am STILL painfully full.

Facing the scale tomorrow will not be pretty. I’m finding myself exceedingly grateful that I went into this weekend over 10 lbs below goal so that I had a little buffer against the inevitable (but temporary) holiday gain.

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Judy B Mi

Ashley, me too - I’ve been gobbling like my old self. Gained 7 pounds in 5 days. I actually think I’m sick from too much sugar. I made a trip to store tonight to get Alka-Seltzer. I’ve been in Diet-Bets since last fall. Mostly bouncing back-n-forth JUST PAST few months. I had a buffer too but used much of it up the last few days. NOW I MUST GET SERIOUS n tackle the next 20 pounds.

Judy B Mi

  • Jumping into this game!

Debra A.

04/04/2021 6:59PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
I haven't won a single round, but I have continually lost weight and am down 10 pounds in these 6 months. All things considered I am happy and plan to press on. I'm happy for all who have financially succeeded at this transformer and equally happy for all who have participated and may not have won the "big money" but have won their personal battles along the way.😍

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Ann J.

Sounds to me like you are still a winner. I’m sure lots of folks were still gaining COVID weight during these 6months, so way to go!

Claudette A.

Congratulations on your achievement to date & May it continue


04/01/2021 3:49PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Holding strong through the holiday weekend for the weigh in on Monday! I should come in almost 10lbs below the goal! (I missed a couple months over the holidays but it's amazing how 2 months of no holidays helps!)

COVID has certainly brought some strange times and a month in, my husband was given not so great medical news so we had to kick our butts into gear and get healthier. Since April 29th of last year, he's lost a staggering 85lbs and I've lost 62, both with better bills of health! We know it's still a long road ahead and we'll have to change our habits forever, but man do we feel better!

I have my friend Rachel to thank, for convincing me to sign up for my first ever Diet Bet and keep myself on track during a pandemic, job transition, holidays and road to being healthier. This has been a ton of fun!

Good luck everyone! If you don't make this round or game, don't give up!!! You've got this!

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Amanda H.

Congrats to you and your husband those are huge accomplishments not just weight loss wise but more importantly health wise go you guys such an inspiration! :clap:

Debra A.

Ditto to what Amanda said!

Ashley K.

03/30/2021 12:04PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Transformation Tuesday DietBet edition:

    Left: Day 1 - 191 lbs (9/20/20)
    Right: Today - 151 lbs (3/20/21)

    I restarted WW a few times after having my son in 2019, but kept falling off track. This time around I’ve used DietBets for some added accountability.

    I’ve won 3 Kickstarters (4 week games), and will win a 4th tomorrow...

    I’ll be winning my first 6-month Transformer game (this one ????) in a few days... and I have one more Transformer that ends 6/30.

    Life is filled with ups and downs and we’re all bound to fall out of the saddle from time to time - what matters is picking yourself up and trying again. ❤

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Debra A.

Great job!


03/29/2021 8:05PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • I am an emotional eater and I look at what I have gone through in the past six months and I can't believe that I am going to make my goal weight.... 20 down for the bet and 35 overall. We had Covid in November which knocked me out for two weeks and my husband for a month, the fridge died a week into Covid and we went three weeks without a fridge because we couldn't have the fridge delivered while we were quarantined, Thanksgiving, Christmas, surgery three weeks ago, my son fractured his back about three weeks ago and now Easter coming up. I don't pretend that I have this all figured out, and I would love to lose 25 more but it feels great to be where I am at right now.

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My son is OK. No spinal cord damage. But a long recovery. 3 months was the initial prognosis. Now may be 6 months to a year.

Judy B Mi

Be very patient w/ spine recovery (I broke base of spine in 1986). Measure progress w/ a long stick. Look for improvement from last month, last summer or a year ago. And score ”little” advances. Being able to reach a clothes hanger in the closet is an accomplishment to celebrate. I have a handicapped plate on my vehicle (didn’t walk for 2 years, off work for 8) and almost every day, am proud to walk in from far end of parking lot.

Debra A.

02/06/2021 11:46AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • My sister shared this with me. Maybe it will help give a visual to some as we round the bend!

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