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Kay A.

11/09/2021 4:34AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
I’ve really struggled with motivation this DietBet, but I feel it returning. Any tips for how you stay consistently motivated? Also, I’m realizing I have my best weight loss weeks when I’m working out. Other than walking at my walking desk, I really just don’t have motivation to work out. How have others moved past that hump? (In the past, asking myself “what else are you doing?” Or telling myself “it’s 30 minutes, in the grand scheme of things, it’s 30 minutes” have been helpful tools to motivate … but they’re losing their power lol)

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Jessica K.

Energize motivates me! Can't waste that stuff!

Debby F.

you can do this

Jennifer G.

11/09/2021 3:02AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Anyone have any advice for when it’s the last week of the Dietbet and you are stuck and fluctuating around the same weight that is still just above your Dietbet goal weight? Ugh!

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Jessica K.

I hope it is going well!

Debby F.

drink more water

Maribel M.

11/08/2021 3:49PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Day 3 of being at the hospital with a family member. Im getting a lot of walking in , taking the stairs , bringing my food with me and water .
Today I stopped in to the gift shop and saw a super cute comfy dress with pockets and it was 60% off !
Tried it in and it was a great fit. While in line waiting to pay I spot a few of my absolute favorite chocolates. I contemplated buying 1 single serving chocolate but as I held that really cute dress in my hand I thought you know what this dress is more of a treat than any chocolate will be. I had originally gone down to go get tea. So I got myself a pink unicorn tea with stevia and almond milk. Redefining what a treat is !

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Jessica K.


Debby F.


Kay A.

11/07/2021 4:42AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Just got back from vacation and only gained .4 lbs! That’s a WIN in my book!! Definitely thought I had 2 weeks left on the DietBet but looks like only 7 days. Idk if I can lose 3.3 lbs in 7 days, but I had ALOT of salt yesterday and hadn’t had a 💩 yesterday, so we’ll see if it’s doable or not LOL!

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Jessica K.

You can do it! Great job on vacation!!
Dial in nutrition 100%, drink all your water each day, get your movement in, and get enough sleep. You will crush it!

Juliette P.

I have 3 pounds to lose too. Let’s do this!!!!

Laura G.

11/07/2021 1:56AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Made pizza as meal prep. I am going to freeze them and when I am lazy or tired I know I have fun go to meals in the freezer that I legit probably would have picked up exactly the same frozen pizza at the store anyway

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Jessica K.

These pizzas look perfect! What kind of crust did you make?

Juliette P.

Wow these look amazing

Dawn S.

11/06/2021 12:40PM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
I feel like I haven’t been as present in this DietBet and have only dipped in occasionally. I just moved apartments AGAIN and it’s been extra stressful with 2 out of 3 of my children being sick and home from school in the chaos of unpacking. My sofa is on backorder so we have set up camp on an air mattress and the moving company broke my dining room table in half. I was finally able to join the live call on Friday and seeing everyone and
hearing Ilana share so openly and honestly made me a bit emotional. I realized there will always be stressful circumstances and how necessary and crucial self care is to help navigate through. Going on here and reading everyone’s posts is a form of self care. So happy I joined this DietBet and will definitely do the next one because the NSV I see are so much more important than I thought.

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Kay A.

So so true! I’m just checking back in today after really not being present here & realizing, I may not lose my 4%, but only checking in when I’m doing well sets me up for an all or nothing mindset. I’m either losing weight or not. Instead of recognizing all the NSVs that I am achieving, all the mindset shifts that are making me healthier emotionally, etc. I’m sorry you’re going through such a stressful time! I hope things start to settle down for you!

Juliette P.

This is so true.

Ilana Muhlstein

10/28/2021 2:00AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Hi Everyone! I am super excited about our next LIVE Q&A, ZOOM Link is below. Please don't forget to submit your questions.

****Again if you see someone has already asked your questions just "Like" the question and I will pick the top 5 or 6 questions to answer in the 30 minutes we have together.******

Ilana Muhlstein is inviting you to a Zoom meeting.

Join from any device: https://beachbody.zoom.us/j/96692912259?pwd=ejMyMjZwbUY3VVRUS1BQTUF1SjErQT09
Password: 627014

Or iPhone one-tap :
US: +16699006833,,96692912259# or +13462487799,,96692912259#
Or Telephone:

US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 346 248 7799 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 646 876 9923
Canada: +1 647 374 4685 or +1 647 558 0588 or +1 778 907 2071 or +1 204 272 7920 or +1 438 809 7799 or +1 587 328 1099
United Kingdom: +44 203 481 5237 or +44 203 481 5240 or +44 203 901 7895 or +44 208 080 6591 or +44 208 080 6592 or +44 330 088 5830 or +44 131 460 1196

Meeting ID: 966 9291 2259
Password: 627014
International numbers available: https://beachbody.zoom.us/u/abm3tPmWJN

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Otonye B.

Thanks JMS. Thats 9.30 am est ill have to plug into my calendar

Nancy S.

How do we submit questions? Just post them here for next Zoom call ? Or wait until she posts link for Friday?

Yael M.

10/27/2021 9:49AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
Going to an event for the first time this evening since beginning of diet bet.

I know they will be serving chinese food. Can’t imagine anything will really be healthy.

Deciding if I should eat dinner before I go and not eat there. Or just try and choose the healthiest option there.

What do you guys think?

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Monika H.

Chinese food is not too bad in my experience although you might retain water due to the salt. Just load up on the veggies and meat and avoid the rice and spring rolls!

Juliette P.

Have a protein shake before

Jennifer S.

10/27/2021 6:16AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
  • Breakfast cloud bread pizza!

    Everything but the bagel seasoning
    Crushed red pepper flakes
    Red bell pepper

    Happy hump day, everyone!

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Jenny H.

This looks incredible

Melissa K

Looks delicious!

Ann H.

10/27/2021 5:08AM in Pre- Holiday Shred with Ilana
I lost 4 lbs last week and gained 3 lbs over the weekend which is the hardest part for me. I’m really good about working out every day but my eating habits have been off track. Very disappointed in myself but trying to prepare for this weekend better.

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Ayelet R

Such a real and relatable situation. Ilana addresses this in the call from Friday. I just listened to the recording today and really appreciated all the tips and advice.

Laura S.

  • Go back to the basics! It’s definitely a first step posting here for accountability. My friend shared this sticky note and I refer to it when I feel doubtful
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