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Sarah W.

05/05/2020 4:46AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
Not doing great ☹️ My weight will go down then creep up a few pounds, and back and forth. Getting frustrated

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Debbie R.

Maybe keeping a food journal will help you pinpoint what foods are making your weight jump up and down. Also, are you drinking enough water? Hope this gets the scale going the right way for you. You've got this...

Sarah W.

Yeah I track on MyFitnessPal, I think I need to up my water, I'm only drinking 60 oz of usual 90 oz lately


04/21/2020 8:52AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
  • I lost the first round due to water weight after eating off plan, and I'm only 2 lbs away from making round 2. I'm going to be fully committed these next 10 days and grateful for this extra challenge motivation. Let's get round 2, everyone!

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Haha, I like your profile picture. :joy::chocolate_bar:

Debbie R.


Sarah W.

03/26/2020 5:53AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
I made my goal but I'm scared my period is going to cause water weight and I won't win this round 😐 usually how it goes since weigh in is beginning of the month

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Isn't that just how it goes sometimes? I'm in the very same boat this weigh in. UGH.

Last month I retained 8 lbs of water weight.

Alicia M.

Same. Mine is supposed to start the day before we can weigh in. Ugh. I’m a pound under right now, so I’m gonna try to be really diligent with my eating, keep up my water intake, and get my exercise in

Jeff Potato

03/26/2020 5:47AM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
Weird thing to say, but the virus isolation has helped my weight loss game.

If you're trying to lose weight, restaurant food isa huge wild card. Even if you choose the right foods, you have *no idea* ho much oil they use to cook. We haven't had restaurant food in more than 2 weeks because we're self isolating.

And with extra time on my hands (since I'm not commuting to work), and being a little stir crazy, I've started taking a dog out for a walking early in the morning.

So between complete avoidance of restaurant food and new moderate exercise on an empty stomach., my numbers are getting better.

In a deeper sense, I think it has compelled me o really focus on my health. And playing a self improvement game like DietBet is a good way of keeping my mind occupied and forward looking.

I guess I will consider it a good lesson. When all this is over, being more conservative about eating out and taking long walks with my dogs are good practices I should keep up.

Is being at home because of self-isolation helping or hurting you guys?

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Jeanne H.

It's helping me because I view it as a way of rationing my macros. If I overeat, I might get stuck at some point!

Ruth S.

It's totally screwed my goal up. I was .3 lb away from my goal . . . and then the order to isolate came last Monday. I work in HR and it's been absolute chaos. I've started drinking wine at night again to relax, and now I'm up 2 lbs. I am now done with the wine, but I don't know if I'll be able to take off the 2.3 lbs before next Wednesday.

Sarah W.

03/16/2020 5:25PM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
  • Welp last gym photo for a while

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Nice gym! I miss mine already :sob:

Sarah W.

03/09/2020 7:31PM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
  • Work out done

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Sarah W.

03/09/2020 2:06PM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!
Won't lie, had way too much fun celebrating birthdays this weekend! Lots of tacos and margaritas LMAO but back at it today.

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Sarah W.

03/04/2020 4:34PM in Mindful Transformer - $2000 of Wellness Prizes!

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Get it!

Aneta W.

Good job!