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01/14/2020 5:44AM in Jumpstart 2020 Transformer - $8,000 In Prizes!
Any advice for eating healthy while traveling for work? I have a trip this week where I will spend most of my time in airports and on planes. Should I just bring my own snacks or has anyone found healthy airport options?

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Aldi or any decent supermarket. Safe travels


Depends what your way of eating is. I'm keto so I bring jerky and almonds with me to make sure I've always got a fallback. In airport stores I've found meat and cheese packs as well as hummus and veggie packs. Also, while you can't plan it as well as food you cook yourself, any full service airport restaurant will likely have a salad option. And I say no to any airline snacks or meals. Though, these days some airlines are getting better with a variety of options!


01/09/2020 6:15AM in Healthy Holiday Hustle - Win $500 of Healthy Food!
I'm back at square one. I did well the first two weeks of this Transformer and then I started eating horrible over the holidays and gained 6 pounds! I got back on track last week and am now back to my starting weight for this Transformer. I know it will take a couple of rounds for me to catch up, but you better believe I will get there!

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Morgan N.

I did the same thing just keep moving forward!


Just keep going!
With that sort of determination, you will get there!


12/09/2019 9:24AM in Healthy Holiday Hustle - Win $500 of Healthy Food!
Where do you find your favorite recipes? I love, but am looking for new inspiration. I am planning to use some time off at the end of this month to try out some new recipes.

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I look on Pinterest. At the moment and working for me (low carbs and No sugar) is lean and green meal (optavia) .

Morgan N.

I follow brittany Williams her blog is instant loss. She follows a no processed jerf (just eat real food) lifestyle. Sure has some pretty good recipes


12/03/2019 8:13AM in Healthy Holiday Hustle - Win $500 of Healthy Food!
Any strategies from the group on surviving holiday parties? I love this time of year, but I feel like it can be hard to stay on track when food is the focus of many social gatherings and a lot of people just accept that they are going to gain weight this time of year.

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For me the key is still getting in workouts and mindful eating. Have one cookie not 10. Have the salad first or add more green beans than normal and take small portions of the Xtra yummy stuff.


I am telling everyone about my dietbet. They are all holding me accountable. It doesn't totally stop my bad eating, but it reduces it!


12/01/2019 7:27AM in Healthy Holiday Hustle - Win $500 of Healthy Food!
Up 3 pounds from Thanksgiving and the holiday weekend. I'm hoping that I can get back on track quickly and get the scale moving in the right direction. We can do this!

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11/27/2019 1:40PM in Healthy Holiday Hustle - Win $500 of Healthy Food!
Last time I did this I lost. I need to figure out what will be different this time.

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Erin Q.

I hear you, Aaron. I lost my first kickstarter. I’m hoping this method will work better for me. I really need to surround myself with motivation.


I usually do well the first 2 months and then lose steam. This time I have a big vacation in April so I’m hoping that will keep me on track!
ReneeB accepted the challenge.
11/27/2019 5:09AM in Healthy Holiday Hustle - Win $500 of Healthy Food!
The pot in Round 1 is now $1,592.50

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