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Favorite Health Food: Blackberries

Favorite Sinful Food: Pasta

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking or elliptical

My Approach to Weight Loss: Basic Math-Burn more calories than I eat

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $682.99

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Alyssa B.

I’m looking for some healthy mexican inspired recipes! If anybody has tried something that they loved, I would love to know!

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Morgan S.

I love putting chicken and salsa in the Crock-Pot. You shred the chicken after and can put it on rice or in a tortilla. You can also include corn or black beans. You can top it with guacamole or light sour cream. Many ways to vary it and it's delicious.


I love the Cheesy Vegetarian Zucchini Enchiladas recipe from Skinnytaste. I use low carb/low calorie tortillas to make it healthier and I use store bought enchilada sauce to save time.


  • I hosted a party over the weekend and decided to make a few healthy recipes instead of my normal calorie rich foods. I made these Korean spiced turkey meatballs which are 140 calories for 3 meatballs and they were a hit. Plus, I don't feel bad eating the leftovers.

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Great idea! Looks yummy!!!

Nora W.


Jisel P.

Not completely weight related but....does anyone have any tips for sleeping at a decent hour? For some reason, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep before midnight or 1 AM, and my 14-month-old daughter has started waking up again around two in the morning, so I’m not getting a ton of sleep since I wake up for the day around 6.

Do any of you have a good sleep routine that works well? Ideally I’d like to be asleep by 10:30. I find that when I don’t get enough sleep I definitely crave more carbs and my calorie intake goes up a little bit. I seem to be having a little bit of a problem winding down at the end of the day, and my mind still feels pretty active when I try to go to sleep.

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Rebecca G.

Going to bed/sleep at the same time every night really helped my routine. I struggle with no screen time before bed but definitely want to aim for that.

Jisel P.

Thank you! Phone is definitely a problem for me. I say I’m going to read using kindle app, end up browsing web and instagram which definitely doesn’t help!


07/30/2019 6:03PM in Get Ready to Party Transformer—Win a BBQ
  • Whelp did not win this round. This is a marathon not a sprint. I'm regrouping, bought some veggies and have been making salads to take to lunch. I just made a Mexican Street Corn Salad from the show The Kitchen. Trying to not eat the same boring things. How are you mixing it up in food and exercise?

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I didn't make this round either, but I am hoping to catch up by the end. I love skinnytaste.com for recipes.

Erin D.

That looks tasty! I've kind of hit a lull with my food... As far as exercise goes, I'm currently training for a 10k in September and doing strength/cross training on my off days.
ReneeB has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 1.6 pounds
07/19/2019 6:05AM in Get Ready to Party Transformer—Win a BBQ

Total weight lost is now 3,733 pounds! Average is 9.3 pounds.

Amanda E.

07/16/2019 2:29PM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
Hi- is anyone else having an issue submitting weigh in's? I contacted support last week and they said it happens periodically and to keep trying...a week later and I'm still unable to submit. I haven't been able to submit a start up weigh in on this new game either.

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Francesca D.

Did you try resizing your photos? I had to crop mine smaller and it accepted them

Amanda E.

Thanks! I had to contact support and email the photos to them.
I didn't try cropping them because they were way smaller than the allowable upload size. I will try cropping and see if it works.
I've never had issues submitting until last week.

Nicole W.

07/08/2019 10:00AM in Get Ready to Party Transformer—Win a BBQ
After a strong start, I fell off the DietBet wagon. I'm recommitting from a pretty sizable deficit, but I'm hoping I can recover to hit the minimum percent for round 5 and pull a win out of round 6. It's doable, but I need to get moving!

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I'm right there with you. I made round 1 and then gained some pounds back in round 2. We can get back on track and finish strong!

Nicole W.

Update for anyone interested—I’m *almost* back to my starting weight, so it should be doable if I stay on track!
ReneeB accepted the challenge.
07/02/2019 4:44AM in Fatgirlfedup's July Jumpstart Dietbet
The pot is now $12,540

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Wendy L.

05/21/2019 12:42PM in Get Ready to Party Transformer—Win a BBQ - via iPhone
I was supposed to eat pizza with a friend tonight, but I just made a new plan where she gets a burrito and I drink a protein shake instead - not because I have to, but because I want to. It’s just not smart for me to have any pizza right now cuz I might overeat. #smartmoves

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I was supposed to have pizza with a friend tonight too. He had to cancel and I am so excited to test out a new salmon recipe instead.


Good for you !!! We ended up going out last minute with neighbors so I had 2 blackened fish tacos / and only ate the inside (no shells) and smothered it with chunky tomato salsa Good choices can be made !!