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I started my weightloss 4 years ago. I stayed on the wagon for 2 years, never reached my goal weight, and then I fell, hard. I'm finally trying to seriously get back on the damn wagon and regain my footing, in weight loss and life in general.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Broccoli

Favorite Sinful Food: food is never sinful

My Preferred Method of Exercise: cardio & strength

My Approach to Weight Loss: cut calories & exercise

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, FDDB

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $699.83

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Liz R.

08/15/2019 9:30AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
Trying to put this limit on myself: only step on the scale once a week. It’s normal for your weight to fluctuate from day to day, but I tend to obsess over it. So I’m setting a healthy boundary for myself. Anyone else have a strained relationship with the actual number?

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Karri S.

My weigh in day is on Monday so I try to only weigh in on Friday. That way if it's good it motivates me to keep it up over the weekend and if it's bad I am motivated to work harder on the weekend! When I weigh everyday I obsess about it and forget that I am doing this to be healthy!! If I am up it makes me depressed and you know how it's easy to cheat when you are feeling that way.

Nicole S.

Oh I am definitely obsessed with the scale.. But in a way it makes me want to go out there and work harder on getting that number lower. I’m kinda stuck right now, so I’m reevaluating what and how much I eat and how long and hard I work out. There are worse things to obsess about lol


08/13/2019 4:40AM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe! - via android
I invested the payout of my last Transformer back into this one, paying it all upfront - it was very tempting to just get the points transferred to PayPal and not do another Transformer, it was a nice sum, but I remembered my goal of winning enough bets to pay a Transformer in full and upfront with my winnings. And I still have a big chunk to lose anyway, so here I am!

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Krystle S.

That's so awesome, way to go and invest in yourself!!


Great strategy to stay motivated!

Sherryann K.

08/13/2019 3:50AM in Breanne's Fat Blast
Hi Breanne. How can I change my weight that I had at the weigh in? You see, apparently my scale was wacko! I weighed myself at one of the pharmacies yesterday and my scale was way off !!!!! The reading from the pharmacy scale is 170 lbs! 😩. My weight at the weigh in says 136 lbs! Please advise me. Thank you.

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If you weigh out on the same "wacko" scale it shouldn't matter too much, because the loss should be correctly measured in relative terms - if you lose 4% the scale will reflect it, even though it takes a lower starting point than your actual weight. That is a phenomenal discrepancy though, between your scale and the one at the pharmacy.
Emailing support at support@dietbet.com seems the thing to do. But I predict that you'll need to get yourself a working scale to take new pictures.

Sherryann K.

Thanks :thumbsup:
McSchwabbo accepted the challenge.
08/11/2019 1:18PM in Awesome August Transformer—Win A Workout Wardrobe!
The pot in Round 1 is now $11,060

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07/06/2019 11:58PM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via android
Submitted my weight 2h ago but when I visit the weigh-in page it doesn't say "weigh-in under review" like it normally does, just "become a member/weigh-in unofficially" :/
I got a notification on the app that my weigh-in was received but I'm a little worried, has anyone ever had that?

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Just got verified, had contacted support an hour ago and did get an email that they received my request - so idk if would have just needed to wait a little longer or if my email did something.
Hope you get verified soon!


Did you ever get this straightened out? Support is very helpful.


06/06/2019 1:07AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4
Hi, I have a question for those of you who have played before and requested a payout - does it allow you to just take out part of the points, or does requesting payout mean you have to take out all of your points?

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Vanina R.



06/04/2019 1:22AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via android
Reusing weigh-ins: I used to think that you could reuse an official weigh-in from another game for 48 hours after it was submitted. But checking the rules it says:

"If you are in multiple games at once and their weigh-in windows overlap, you may submit one weigh-in to apply to several games."

The weigh-in window for the game I just submitted a weigh-in in to closes exactly as the weigh-in window for this one opens. So I won't be able to re-use that weigh-in for this game, correct?

Edit: this is what support told me

"When you have an approved official weigh-in from the past 48 hours you can reuse that weigh-in for other games. :) Just go to your other game and start the weigh-in process. Click through until the "Reuse weight?" option comes up. This will submit the photos again for us to review."

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Anna Z.

I just reused a weigh in I did for a game that already payed out, so that's not quite true I think they mean that if you have two games that end at the same time, you can do one weigh in. The 48 hr window is still valid I think, you can reuse a validated weigh in up to 48 hrs after the moment you submitted it.

Vanina R.

I think what matters is when you submitted your weight, not when the first game closes.


05/02/2019 7:33AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4
I have never struggled so much with a transformer ever (this is my sixth)! I'm in two others at the moment, but I started this one after I had already lost a good amount of weight, so it's difficult. I usually hit my 10% in month 3, but I'm struggling just to make the weigh-ins for this one.

I hit my round 3 goal this morning, BUT that was without clothes on. Hoping to lose one pound or so before the official weigh in so I can make it!

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At the moment, I’m 1.8 below my goal, should be a little bit more in the morning! I’ve been super strict these last couple of days.

Also, I’d never do an official weigh in (the close up) nude, even if my scale wasn’t reflective. I’d just feel weird about it, and I like the full body pic to show the same number as the closeup.


I'm in a similar boat. This is my first transformer where I haven't got the 10% after 3 months. Lbs are not dropping off as easy this year.

Sean B.

04/06/2019 7:12PM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4 - via iPhone
I have not been calorie restricte for this long and I can’t remember the last time I was below 170. My body is going crazy and demanding sweets!!! I gave in today and ate every calorie I could get: truffle fries, chocolate pie, coconut-blueberry cake, waffles. Maybe a calorie binge will help my body not go into starvation mode????

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In order to help my sweet tooth I usually eat fruit or I keep small portions of dark chocolate in my pantry. I keep individually wrapped small dove dark chocolates (it's my fave) or a bag of the dark chocolate Reese's thins! Each piece is only 40-50 calories. Also, drinking my gallon of water a day helps

Sara H.

One bad day isn’t going to do anything. Maybe try to see if something triggered it and avoid that in the future. You got this!

Samantha M.

03/14/2019 10:29AM in Winter Wonderland—Win an Apple Watch Series 4
Had a bit of a set back. Finished up an 8 week challenge they were doing at my gym. Decided to reward myself with some pizza for 8 weeks of doing well (figured one meal couldn't hurt me so long as I got back onto my good eating the next day). Ended up gaining 3lbs. Pair that with the horrible stress of finals (yay med school and having finals every 6 weeks!!) and now I've 5 lbs heavier than I was at the start of the week. I'm hoping it's all the cortisol and that I'm just fluid retaining and when I get back into the gym regularly instead of holing up studying all day I'll drop those pounds pretty quick.

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Samantha M.

Thanks for the well wishes for finals and the encouragement to get back into it everyone! I knew it was probably fluid retention but it was definitely hard these past few days because I was so stressed for finals I couldn't get into the gym as much as I wanted so the scale wasn't giving me the results I hoped for. But I was super good about my diet even during the finals because I knew I couldn't exercise the way I was in previous weeks so this morning I hopped on the scale and saw I'm back down 3 of the 5 lbs I gained. Slow going, but I'm moving back in the right direction and not letting this hiccup get me down!

Samantha M.

Also @Michelle H. I feel that struggle. I'm only in my first year but it's been hard trying to get into the gym consistently and keep taking this weight off. But I'm doing my best!
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