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Favorite Health Food: Addicted to Built Bars currently

Favorite Sinful Food: Tacos and craft beer

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Not letting my cheats turn into quits

My Weight Loss Program: IF and being more mindful of fried food/carbs

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Garmin and Zero

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Referee Tayla

07/25/2021 4:47AM in The DietBet Kickstarter
  • Hi guys!! Here we are! It was a pleasure hosting and i hope you picked something up along the way thats helpful to you!

    Reminder: FINAL WEIGH-INS ARE DUE THE 26th and 27th. You MUST submit a final weigh-in during that time if you wish to be considered for winnings.

    *Tip - use a world clock and set reminders for yourself using PST for your deadlines.

    *Any issues? You NEED to email for assistance, posting on the game page isnt the best route as I wont be checking as often as our team checks emails.

    I hope each of you has reached your goal, but please know any progress is a win in the big picture. Yes, our game is determined by the lil number by your feet - but your life isnt, not by a long shot.

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Nancy G.

26th AND 27th? Is the 27th ok?

Referee Tayla

Hey Nancy - Yes. Either day. Its a 2 day window, just need to weighin once but its best that you weighin asap incase you have issues

Referee Tayla

07/22/2021 8:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter
  • Non Scale Victories and Gains

    What are you gaining by being here? By losing weight? Getting healthier?

    As I said earlier, I was a yo-yo my whole life. I started this "round" for vain reasons - my best friend was getting married, I had a feeling I was at my highest weight ever (I was) and I knew I needed to do something because bridesmaid dresses are the legit devil - unforgiving pieces of fabric that are meant to make you feel every horrible self depricating thought ever. Anyways. The day of the wedding, I had lost 40 lbs. I felt better about myself but not great still (probably because of the devil dresses), but then I had no goal in sight, nothing to put the pressure on. So thats where dietbet came in and the rest is history.

    All that to say, I started my weightloss for vain reasons. Many of us do. Our culture is geared towards thin is beautiful (though there are some very positive movements happening to get away from that toxicity - mainly, healthy is beautiful).

    Below you'll see a side-by-side. The left picture was taken in 2014, the other just a month ago. In the left, I obsessed about whether my stomach was sucked in enough and that my eyes were so squinty because of my fat cheeks. The smile was forced (not just because its a posed pic, but because I was praying it was a good picture and that I looked ok). The right picture - I had confidence, I was running with my kids during a family photoshoot but I wasn't obsessing about holding it in. I was genuinely happy I could run around and not be overthinking everything about my body.

    I gained freedom as well as a smaller dress size when I lost weight. I gained more years with my babies and a genuine smile.

    What are you gaining?

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Alicia S.

A more positive outlook every morning!


Amazing outlook and you are beautiful!

Referee Tayla

06/18/2021 11:34AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus

Hey guys!!! FINAL STRETCH!!

Final weigh-ins are June 21st and 22nd - if you don't submit a final weigh-in during this timeframe, you won't be considered for winnings. MAKE SURE TO WEIGH-IN ON TIME! Best to weigh-in early incase your weigh-in is rejected for any reasons.

So far in this game you guys have logged 1,040 lbs!

Wooo hoooo! 

I hope you can be proud of however many pounds you've added to that amazing total as a group.  Please know that even if its a pound....that is STILL a pound you dont have on you anymore and your body is likely thanking you for it :) 

Also, any progress is a win. Repeat, ANY progress is a win. Yes, money/winnings are wonderful - but at least the way I see it, winnings are an extra reward for doing something good for yourself - they aren't the goal.  Happy and healthy is.  And any steps towards that are what should be celebrated.

I won't say good luck. This isn't about luck. So I'll say - make yourself proud.

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Kaylee R.

Hi there, it says my weigh in wasn't accepted because I accidently posted it in pounds not in kilos so now it says I don't qualify to split the pot even though I hit my goal :( is there anyway we can change that?

Referee Tayla

Hey Kaylee! For things like that, reach out to support ASAP :)

But i just checked and youre all set :heart: congrats on your hard work!

Referee Tayla

06/17/2021 6:30AM in The DietBet Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus
  • I share this near the end of every game - because its one of the most important reminders you can have.

    "Remember that the reason you're doing this is to make your life better"

    Every diet I was ever on, I eventually gave up on, for a number of reasons - what I WISH I would have reminded myself each time was WHY I was doing the hard work. The real WHY can make all the difference between pressing on and giving up.

    WHY do i keep a healthier lifestyle than before? I feel better. I move better. I can somewhat keep up with my 4 and 2 year old kids and I dont sweat as much as I used to in the heat. My lower back, while still has pain from the fact that my posture is HORRIBLE, feels significantly better than it did even in my early 20s.

    What's your WHY? What are you gaining from losing weight? Answering this question may just help you press on this last weekend together or if you think you'll fall short of your goal, it will remind you that the bet isn't the only thing that mattered here.

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Sharonda H.

07/23/2021 7:55AM in The DietBet Kickstarter
  • Yall see those legs!!! BTW We Are Champions 🏆#GoBucksGo

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Referee Tayla

Dem legs!! :heart_eyes:

You look great and so happy! Congrats to you and your team!!!

Referee Tayla

07/21/2021 5:13AM in The DietBet Kickstarter
Morning friends!

Today is one of my favorite posts of any game I host.

To date, you guys have logged

391.1 lbs lost!

For perspective, a refrigerator weighs 300lbs, as does a baby elephant.

YOU guys lost an entire refrigerator.

Whether you have lost 1 lb of that or 5 or 10. You added to that total. And whether you're on track to win this game or not, please know that any progress at all is a win. Any positive changes you made for yourself, is a win.

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That huge!

Bernice M.

07/19/2021 1:02PM in The DietBet Kickstarter
Eek! I need to lose 4 more pounds. I can do this. I had a decently active weekend and mindfully ate even with family around. I’m hoping I can refocus this week and make this happen.

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Referee Tayla

You can do it!!!

Alicia S.

You got this!

Referee Tayla

07/19/2021 6:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter
  • We've had breakfast, shared lunch and had some snacks - now we have dinner!!

    One of the surprising things i found during my weightloss is an actual enjoyment in cooking my own meals. I used to hate putting in the effort and felt like i was too busy and also, honestly, felt like i was a crappy cook and didn't think i could ever be good at it so i pizza instead.

    Now, I own many cookbooks and often pass on "ordering out" because i see the price and say "i could make that at home and itll actually taste just as good if not better for way cheaper"

    I totally recommend getting a cookbook that interests you and diving in - grab some post-its and promise yourself no eating out for a few weeks - give yourself a challenge.

    I own all of the SkinnyTaste cookbooks and have many many favorites from them that i keep on regular rotation. One of my favorites that i share often is a hasselback chicken - why is it a favorite? 1. its tasty! 2. its so filling i dont have to worry about a side dish - and thats a friggin win time/budget and calorie wise.

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Referee Tayla

07/18/2021 7:00AM in The DietBet Kickstarter

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Referee Tayla

07/16/2021 8:18AM in The DietBet Kickstarter
Hey guys!

Lets do lunch!

Lunch can be a hard one, i feel like if you work in an office its just a known fact that there will be food around and if you need OUT mid day, grabbing lunch is the best break.

Dont sleep on the fact that fast food doesn't need to mean bingefest/bad choices.

I do best with a light lunch (if i eat too much, too heavy, im ready to nap and want to go home)
The important follow up - make sure you have a healthy snack/back up food in case you're hungry later.

Pack something that will satisfy you for sure, then while you're eating - start with just half. listen to whether you actually need the whole thing. Take a nice walk, see if you're still hungry and eat the rest if needed. If not, hey, leftovers for when you ARE feeling hungry - and don't forget, you've got a good snack coming up too.

Planning a lunch or not planning a lunch that would be geared towards deprivation/"saving calories for dinner" is a recipe for DISASTER. You don't ever want to plan to just BE hungry especially if you have a stressful job. That mentality/no food/not enough food with you points right to going overboard and/or making bad choices out of hunger or feeling rebelious.

My fave light lunch starters:
Adult lunchable (almond crackers, salami, cheese, maybe a small piece of chocolate, fruit) - i LOVE apple slices and cheese. LOVE.

Mini sandwiches if you're a bread person - i use the mini bagels from aldi, if you load those up with meat and cheese, you can easily have a delish filling lunch with just 2 of those guys.

Snacks: Skinny pop if you're just feeling snacky, more cheese, protein bar, protein shake (love using black iced coffee and half a premier protein as the creamer to make a great afternoon treat that is actually nutritious).

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Alicia S.

I love the turkey and cheddar kid size lunchable


I'll save my overnight Oats for 11am, protein bar a couple hours later to get me through to dinner.
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