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Favorite Health Food: egg white omelet

Favorite Sinful Food: mexican food

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: a little a day will go a long way

DietBet Winnings: $100.23

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-1.6% Since last weigh-in-3.6 lbs
-1.6% 1-Month Change-3.6 lbs
-7.8% Lifetime Change-18.6 lbs

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05/17/2021 6:37AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
  • Good morning everyone happy Monday it’s our final week together! Next Monday you will be weighing out and hopefully winning your game. Remember this last week should be exactly like the previous ones. Don’t drastically change anything you’re doing if you’re on the right track to win. I know it can be tempting to cut calories more or exercise a little bit more but make sure whatever you’re doing to get to your goal is healthy and sustainable for the long run. I get it time is not on our side if you’re behind but please just be smart during these last 7 days. You have 7 days of OPPORTUNITY you have 7 days to give 110% you can do this and you will finish strong. If you’ve got a few lbs to goal and you’re feeling discouraged I’m telling you you shouldn’t be, look at the accomplishments you’ve already obtained in the first 3 weeks! Look at the healthy habits you’ve made for yourself just by setting a goal that you want to achieve. You’re here to lose the weight but even more so better your lifestyle and overall health. You are creating amazing opportunity for you life!

    Tell me below in the comments what’s one healthy habit you’ve gained these last 3 weeks that you maybe never thought you’d see yourself doing?

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Water water water!


Walking, walking, walking! I’ve decreased my intensity but that doesn’t mean I need to stop being active. I’m happy to respect my body and work to keep it healthy at the same time.

Jacqueline P.

05/12/2021 10:36AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
  • Quick a.m. walk 😊

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05/10/2021 6:16PM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
  • Happy Monday all we’re at our halfway point! It’s time for everyone to make sure you are close to if not at your halfway goal weight and if not it’s time to tighten up a bit in any areas that you’ve been slacking. If for whatever reason you’re being and not where you want to be you have 2 options.
    1. Think about the time you wasted and all of the things you could have done better.. HINT HINT NOT HELPFUL
    2. Understand that you still have 2 full weeks of opportunity to make as much progress as you can. THEN constructively think about everything you can do better going forward.
    It is somewhat human nature to always focus on the negative before the positive. Somedays it takes more effort than I would like to admit to stay positive but I know from experience that it is not impossible. We’re here to improve in all aspects of a healthy lifestyle and with weightloss keeping a positive mindset is a key factor to your success! If you’re stuck in the mindset of I can’t you need to remind yourself that YOU CAN! You are capable.
    Thanks to everyone who shared sweet pictures of your and your kiddos. Hope everyone had a relaxing Mother’s Day!
    Below are the 2 winners for the $50 amazon gc and also the Starbucks gift card winner from last week. Ladies please email me. Isfrannyfityet@hotmail.com

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Jessica J.

Yay!!! I just emailed :blush:

Nicole T.

This game started during finals week of grad school for me. I gave into the stress more than I would have liked and have been upset with my limited progress so far. But this morning I woke up to having crossed the 15lb lost threshold (total, not just since the start of this game) and I am feeling wonderful about it. I may not win this game but I have earned a masters degree and lost 15lbs, I am proud of my progress the past 4 weeks! I am still on my journey and will be starting a new game as soon as this one ends.

Jacqueline P.

05/09/2021 5:28PM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
  • Happy mother's day to all the mommies out there ????

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04/30/2021 10:38AM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
  • Hi everyone happy Friday!

    Let’s share our fav go to lower cal Starbucks orders? Drop yours below in the comments. I’ll be giving two lucky players each a $15 Starbucks gift card. Winner will be picked from the comments tomorrow morning 4/30.

    Mine is always cold brew w SF Cinnamon dolce and almond milk.

    Side note I still need Jeffery C and Suzette to email me to claim your $25 amazon gift card for the intro post giveaway Isfrannyfityet@hotmail.com or dm me on IG @isfrannyfityetdietbet

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Brandy W.

Venti Iced coffee with light oatmilk 3 pumps sf vanilla 3 pumps sf cinnamon dolce and 1 stevia

Julia C.

I saw this today and ordered it. I love SF cinnamon dolche and have not tried the cold brew. Love these kinds of tips! Thank you for posting.

Jacqueline P.

04/26/2021 1:19PM in Countdown to summer w/ IsFrannyFitYet
Hello everyone I'm Jacqueline, this is my 2nd dietbet. Won last game gonna work on winning this time around too . Let's do this!

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Jacqueline P.

04/17/2021 8:01PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • And now my evening walk 🚶???

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Jacqueline P.

04/17/2021 7:08PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • Woke up early this morning for a fasted cardio session 😁

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Jacqueline P.

04/11/2021 9:27AM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
7 days left. Let's give this last week our 1000% Happy Sunday 😊

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Justine o.



04/08/2021 8:52PM in Franny's Spring Dietbet
  • Friday/Saturday workout challenge is below

    Leg burner
    5 rounds (3 movements 10 seconds each x 5)
    10 second leg hold/lift (on your back)
    10 second plank hold (roll over for plank)
    10 second wall sit


    5 rounds (25 total squats, 30 total lunges)
    5 squats
    6 lunges (alternating legs)


    I’m giving away two FitTrack Dara scales to two random winners from the comments. You’ll have until Saturday evening 4/10 to complete this workout! I will post the winners Saturday at around 6:30 PM PST.

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Kickboxing this morning and this challenge tonight. Almost 9pm EST. Aaaannndddd I'm DONE.


Challenge CLOSED
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