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Kelly M.

08/15/2019 5:32PM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
  • Dinner tonight! I took the advice of going to Costco for healthy noodles and they are so much better than what I bought at the grocery store. 10 carbs for 8 Oz pasta! I’ve missed noodles so much and excited to incorporate it back into my meal planning!! ❤❤❤

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jessica w.

They look good. I’m going to try these out next time I go to Costco. They are actually only 1 carb per serving because you subtract the fiber from the total carbs.

Karen C.

They are the best, I eat them all the time!!! I stir-fry veggies and protein, and put a little lite asian sesame dressing in. Delicious! Also, good with chicken curry, or anything I make for hubby. He get over rice or pasta I just put my "whatever it is" over these! Favorite find!

jessica w.

08/14/2019 1:10PM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
So I’m a major stress eater. My kids have been crazy the last two days and I have had a migraine all day. I just eat when I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I know I need to replace the habit. Anyone have any ideas of what I could to do change this bad habit.

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Abby R.

Brush your teeth! Paint your nails or do a face mask! I’m the same way. I try to stay “present” and ask myself “what’s the emergency right now in this moment?” That helps to ground me. And if all else fails I have some super hot cinnamon candy that I suck on which helps to slow me down too. I know it’s so hard and I have struggled with this for nearly 20 years. You aren’t alone! Hugs.

jessica w.

Thank you all for great advice. I’m definitely going to try some of these. I actually stress eat during the day when my 5 and 2 year old are driving me insane.

Lesley W.

08/13/2019 7:38AM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
Hit my goal with weeks to spare! 💪

If you need help reigning in your nutrition, happy to share what's working for me! 🙌

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Lesley W.

Hi ladies! Thanks for reaching out!! I assume we all know and love Ilana and the amazingness that is 2B mindset!! I started 2B about 10 weeks ago and I've lost 32lbs so far! :raised_hands:

Feel free to follow my IG @lmdubb (l for Lesley :wink:) and send me a DM if you wanna chat more outside of dietbet! Not sure what goes and what's "against the rules" as far as sharing/networking goes

Jillian R.

Lesley I followed you on IG and dont really see specifics of you journey?

Amanda K.

08/12/2019 8:28PM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
I went to a friend’s birthday gathering on Saturday. I packed a lunch box with my own foods and snacks. I pretracked all of it so I knew I would stay within my target for the day. And...

I turned down all the pasta salads and macaroni salads, the cookies and pecan pumpkin crumble, and for the first time in my life (literally) I turned down my favorite cake (white on white grocery store cake, the kind that is too sweet and rich, omg I love it so much). I am so proud of myself.

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Kim P.

You are killin it! This takes serious will power. You are doing awesome!

Lauren E.

So so so impressive!!!!

Kira K.

08/12/2019 8:20AM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
Went to the movies yesterday and was proud of myself for taking water, cucumber, tomatoes and nectarine to snack on instead of popcorn!! Yeah for good choices!!

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Good job. That is a tough one.

jessica w.

That’s great!! Popcorn is my favorite.

julie m.

08/09/2019 7:09AM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
Struggle bus here! 🙋
My eating is on point, working out everyday BUT I cant stop dropping and gaining the same 2 pounds....suggestions???

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Floor S.

Maybe ur on a plateau... your body needs time.. and it can help to eat some more...
Feels strange.. but true...

Keep going!! you can do it!


Drink your body weight in water daily! That helped me through a plateau.

jessica w.

08/08/2019 6:20AM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
  • Breakfast

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Afton B.

I was wondering the same thing! Do you make them or are they store bought? Look yummy!

jessica w.

Sorry I never saw these messages.
I get them from Costco
They are spinach egg whites cups.
They are actually really good and fast. I just add a little Parmesan.


08/06/2019 7:17AM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
  • Transformation Tuesday
    Hope y’all have a great day!

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Mary Sue

Looking great!


Thank you everyone :relaxed::blush:

jessica w.

08/05/2019 5:35PM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
  • So I feel like my meals were pretty good.
    Breakfast 2 spinach eggs cups with wasa cracker Pb
    Lunch 1 egg hot sauce, broccoli, low carb toast with Pb&j (low sugar jelly)
    Dinner shrimp with zucchini noodles chickpea noddles and a few whole week.
    I usually do more zucchini noodles but my husband actually wanted some.
    Then I ate ice cream ???????????

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jessica w.

08/05/2019 12:27PM in Get on Track Before School's Back with Ilana
  • Lunch

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