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Lera C.

Motivation, community and consistency.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Advocado

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cardio/Zumba/Running

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Noom

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $231.68

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-1.7% Since last weigh-in-4.2 lbs
-4.2% 1-Month Change-10.4 lbs
-2.7% Lifetime Change-6.6 lbs

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Lera C. accepted the challenge.
04/17/2019 1:39PM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
The pot is now $40,650

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Avonique P.

03/12/2019 8:57AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
Hi everyone the pass teo weeks has been rough for me and i drop off completely i gain whatever i loss back i know the dietbet is ending but im gonna continue from where i left off.. i did invest in a air fryer as well when life throw a curve ball at u its hard at times to get back up i need all the motivation i can thanks everyone

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Lera C.

Hey Avonique! Sorry to hear that you've had a rough two weeks. This journey to a healthier lifestyle is "a marathon not a sprint" as they say. Good luck with getting back on track. I know you can do it!!!

Avonique P.

Thanks lera i sure can! I started back as of today ! Hoping for the best thank u


03/10/2019 9:24AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
Ugh... 3.6 pounds to go! This week has to be 100% on point!

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3.6 too!!!! This is our week!!!

Krystin N.

You got this!
Lera C. has weighed in at 258.8 pounds, up 5.4 pounds
03/01/2019 12:05PM in Love Thyself—Win a $500 Wardrobe Giveaway

now at 0% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 547 pounds! Average is 2.7 pounds.

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02/23/2019 11:54AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
Good afternoon everyone and Happy Saturday ! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far. When I was first starting my weight-loss journey I really found weekends to be tough. What I found helped me eventually was to prep or at least plan ahead my meals for the entire weekend. Doing this often ensured that I had no reason not to stay on track!
Today’s mini exercise challenge is to stop wherever you are right now reading this and complete a wall sit! Complete one wall sit to failure. For some this might be five seconds and for others it might be one minute, do YOUR best! Once you have completed the challenge comment “DONE” below ❤

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Rona B.

Sorry but what is a “wall sit” and how do you do it? Thanks!

Neli M.

02/23/2019 7:53AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
Weighted myself today and happy to say that I have lost 4lbs !

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Miranda H.

That's awesome!

Neli M.

Thank you all :relaxed:

Novis S.

02/18/2019 7:37AM in Fatgirlfedup's February Fight Back - via iPhone
It was a rough first week with traveling for work, Valentine’s Day, then emotionally eating after a post Valentines breakup. Regardless, the challenge isn’t over, I’m not quitting and I’m going to use this as motivation instead of an excuse. Off to the gym then the grocery store to meal prep for the week. Make it a great day friends!

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Awww, sorry to hear that! Good for you, for not giving up!

sharon c.

Go after your goal!

Referee Kim

02/13/2019 7:26PM in Love Thyself—Win a $500 Wardrobe Giveaway
  • I know we are all so excited for a chance to win the $500 wardrobe!

    The winner will be randomly drawn from the active players on the last day of the game, March 10th. Players who have dropped out of the game will not be included in the drawing. You do NOT need to be a DietBet member to be eligible. This is a game-specific prize and is not dependant on a membership.

    If the winner resides in the USA, you will receive a $500 gift card which can be used at the GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy & Athleta.

    If an international player wins the $500 gift card, we will issue the value of the prize ($500 USD) in WayBetter points. Those points can use used for new WayBetter games (DietBet, RunBet & StepBet) or they can be cashed out to Paypal.

    Where would you shop first if you won?

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Gap and old navy, I don’t think we have any of the other stores around here :)

Mary S.

I love old navy athletic wear. I am a taller girl and my daughter is also 5,11 so the long pants are perfect from there!