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Favorite Health Food: Veggies

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Weight Loss Program: 21 Day Fix

My Diet Plan: Clean Eating

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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natalie h.

08/09/2020 9:25AM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
  • So this happened this week 😅 Going to finish my barre blend round and then start the prenatal!! Trying to be consistent this pregnancy with my work outs and eating! Hoping this challenge will help me off to a good start! Third pregnancy and so happy to have found the barre for this one!!

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Lorrette V.

Congratulations :heart: Stay as active as you can, barre and walks are great. Don’t forget to breath through your diaphragm and stretch for the upcoming round ligament changes :bouquet:


08/05/2020 9:17PM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
Hey everyone just joined....I am in Austin Texas...

What is everyone doing for activity? I do walking and sometimes exercise...but I am avoiding gyms because of the situation.

the temperature these days is bad so I do walk less as compared to nicer weather in October/November in Texas.

Any good youtube videos?

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Rachael T.

I'm doing Barre Blend currently through Beachbody

Marla M.

Fitness blender has good quick half hour workouts

Tamara R.

08/05/2020 6:50PM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
  • I love recipes from Skinnytaste- I have all her cookbooks! Tonight was chicken souvlaki with homemade tzaziki!

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Catharine N.


Stefanie F.

Skinny Taste is the best! She has so many great ideas!

Jessica F.

08/04/2020 9:14AM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
What’s your biggest food struggle?? My’n is cheese!!!! I think it’s healthy because of the protein and healthy fats but I’m not sure I should eat it every day. Also I’m vegetarian so my protein options are more limited.

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Jena C.

Bread and pastries. All the carbs. Working really hard on it and choosing veggies and fresh fruit for snacks.

Stefanie F.

Coffee with cream and sugar

Patricia C.

07/29/2020 1:48PM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
Have you all weighed in yet?

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Tina B

Not yet!

Stefanie F.

Not yet! We have to wait a few more days.

Jill R.

07/22/2020 6:03PM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
This may be just what I need to keep me focused on my goals! I’m excited for the accountability, challenge and most of all more barre blend. It is my favorite ever!!

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I'm hoping this will help me with my final push to 50 pounds down.

Stefanie F.

I couldn’t agree more, I need that accountability, especially during the summer when I’m off my regular routine!

Stefanie F.

07/22/2020 4:29PM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
I am so excited!! I love Barre Blend and can’t wait to start this new challenge with Elise’s support! ❤

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Elise J. created this game!

07/22/2020 12:35PM in Barre Blend Body Goals with Elise Joan
Players will compete to lose 4% of their starting weight in 4 weeks. Everyone who wins splits the pot! See how it works.

Rachael P. , Brittany B. and like this activity.

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Kristina C.

Let's do this!

Karen L.

Just signed up and ready for Monday! Pausing round 4 at week 7-8, so I can start the new pre/post natal program with Elise and this community!