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06/16/2019 7:44AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
My 4 year old son asked me why I’m so jiggly yesterday.......being as I’m officially down close to 15 lbs and know that I’ll continue to lose the remaining 30 I’m not upset, but really kids can be so brutal. Obviously it wasn’t anything malicious being as he’s 4, but gosh!

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Biking Syl

Wow, you got your inner dialogue on track! Way to analyze and get past it!


My son used to call me the Jiggler.


06/11/2019 4:53PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
If I lose 1 round, will that keep me from winning back all of my money? Or is it possible to still get back what I put in?

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  • Here’s an example of another transformer I’m in, in the first 4 rounds I’ve put in $50 essentially, and made $81.82 for a $31.82 profit. Each round is roughly $8 of profit so far, the last round is the important one, could be $50-60 or more in profit


Thank you so much!

Devora C.

05/29/2019 6:30AM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer
I feel I want to do another transformer after this one. I lose slow but the game keeps me accountable and I still have quite a bit to lose. I also like that it's 6% for 6 months instead of just 1 month to lose 4%.

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Doable no doubt,but after stressful kickstarter era,I took the Transformer just a tiny bit less seriously,relaxed and thought reaching the target would be easy peasv,and here I am,struggling with my monthly goals and failing. Have to get the grip some time soon,or else.:astonished:


Me too, I am going very well, but I think I could do another 3 or 4 before I get to my overall goal


05/18/2019 12:17PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
Does anyone know if Lexi will be doing another Transformer after this one? Has she said either way anywhere?

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Jodi S.

I haven’t heard anything...


I know she's doing a kickstarter that starts next week but haven't heard anything else.


05/17/2019 1:20PM in FatGirlFedUp's Transformer - via iPhone
Anyone know if I can use today’s progress weigh in for tomorrow’s weigh in?

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Heather S.

Last round I weighed in the day before thinking it would count. I was way under my goal, but got a message that I “didn’t win” because I didn’t weigh in. I was so bummed! I guess I didn’t do it right. I tried to email them, but they said it didn’t count.

Connie M.

Make sure you go to submit a weigh in and select "re-use" for what you submitted yesterday! As Elizabeth says, it won't automatically apply!

Tricia H.

05/17/2019 11:25AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
  • .9 to lose! Soooo close!!

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This has been my problem. Tacos.


05/17/2019 10:49AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down
A sad moment in my weight loss journey...today I padded my bra for the first time ever in my life. Yes, I am excited that I've lost over 60 lbs (hell yeah, I'm excited) and I know that I need to buy new bras (even though I just bought new ones two months ago). But my breasts are like flat pancakes and I'm just not okay with that. What was once large, perky breasts have just flattened out. I'm not usually a very superficial person, but my breasts used to be one of the physical assets that I really liked about my body.

So, for those of you dealing with deflated breasts, where do you now buy bras? What kind of bras do you get? At this point, I'm around a 34-36 C, if that helps.

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Deflated boobs! Oh the sadness. I’m seriously on the verge of getting the toxic bags implanted. I second Bombshell bras. They put the tiny amount of breast tissue I have left into the right place.




05/17/2019 9:08AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
2.6 pounds away and 3 days left.

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Brandy K.

Same girl

Chelsea H.

Yep. Do you guys have any ideas how you'll get it down? This is definitely the closest one I've ever done.


05/14/2019 4:10AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via iPhone
I’m somehow up 2 pounds after my fast yesterday. I hate water weight. I sure hope my 5 year old is ready to play today. We’re going to burn lots of cals.

Janet O. , Rachel R. and like this comment.

Megan F.

How does that even happen?


This is why I don’t fast!


05/13/2019 4:22AM in Fatgirlfedup's Post Easter Spring Slim Down - via android
Time for my 24 hour fast! Wish me luck! Lol

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Judith H.

You got this. I'm going to try too. I'll keep in touch on here.


I’m doing one too! Good luck. Mine will be over 5 pm today. So far so good!
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