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Favorite Health Food: Ceviche

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weightlifting and walking

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $541.85

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Manuela N.

01/15/2019 8:06PM in Instant Loss New Year, New You!
Hello All,
Is anyone entering progress weight? If yes where and how often? My account says o% progress...i only entered my initial weigh in

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Manuela N.

Thank you So much ladies! You guys are the best! I will try the unofficial weigh in every other day then...I'm excited about this new journey!

Courtney P.

Thanks for asking this question I was just about to ask as well but found this first!


01/15/2019 12:34AM in Discoveringdanny's Resolution Kick Off - via android
  • Got the best smoothie of my life the other day. Tried to recreate it today with an underripe mango. Still good though!

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Valerie M.

01/14/2019 5:43PM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019 - via iPhone
Curious, how many paid the additional fee for membership? If you are in more than one game, did you pay for each of them?

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I've never paid for membership. Isn'tit just that you can win some gadgets?


You pay for each game, but you don't have to pay the $5 membership for each game, if they are at the same time, nor if you don't want to be in the weekly prize drawings. You'd have to check the FAQ but there may be other things for members too. I did a year membership after my first 3 months of games, because it'll keep me accountable that I paid for it, I better use it!


01/14/2019 10:32AM in Discoveringdanny's Resolution Kick Off - via android
  • Plank challenge posted for the start of the week enjoy and post your results!

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We did lots of planks today in my abs class and then in TRX we did multiple 1 min planks. I’m sore and tired lol

Lacie S.

Did a 1 min plank during my workout today. Barely made it!
Gudrun accepted the challenge.
01/12/2019 4:49AM in Losing_for_health’s Eating Clean for 2019
The pot is now $2,065

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