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Jennifer G.

10/05/2020 7:50AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
I've had a very hard time lately with work stress and covid cases increasing. I finally weighed myself and I've actually gained 5lbs since last weigh in. I need to lose 8lbs now for next weigh in and I'm feeling so discouraged. I've been dieting for so long I feel burnt out and as a short woman it's taken me so long to make small progress (my maintenance calories are around 1500).

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Chelsea W.

I'm there too. I experienced a great amount of stress this round and I went up and down and up and down..and I almost gave up. Now I got myself back in the saddle...except my stress is still with me. I'm stuck with 4lbs to go in 7 days. But we have to keep trying. We have to keep understanding that we truly don't know what we are capable of...what if I push 5 more minutes? What if I do one more rep? What if this is the workout that my body finally understands what we are trying to do. We have to keep believing in ourselves. :heart:


Same. Gained a whole bunch back. And being crazy short, my maintenance calories are supposedly 1350?


09/14/2020 8:28AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Feeling like the next round might be tough to achieve because I barely made this one with giving up alcohol, IF and exercising. I did have sugar a few random times but that's the only thing I know I can do differently. Geeze.

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@deendra Actually you are point on. Its the cortisol that has stopped my weight loss. Not insulin spikes. Going to commit to my Taich and meditation every single day. Might try to give up coffee, I have a weigh in in 18 days! Keep at it!!


I found that by limiting my carbs, I swelled less. Also that sodium is a killer! I can 'gain' up to 5 pounds just by one semi salty meal, so although it's done to death, I always say water water water :)

Kat C.

09/13/2020 4:41PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
This app is making me want to change my BC pills schedule. Period is gonna screw me again. Bah!!!

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Paola C.

Same!!! It makes it that much harder

Chelsea W.

Period got me this round so hard. I'm so bloated! Made weight by .2 under.

Claud O.

09/08/2020 1:49PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Mental health postie:

I've been fighting with myself hard, mentally this last week! Just trying to remember to be nice to myself!

So I lost a Kickstarter diet bet last week by 10#! I knew I wouldn't make it, just too many lbs in too short a time, not because I wasn't trying. Knowing that deflating weigh-in day was approaching, I set my focus on NSVs, closet shopping, measurement and picture comparisons, etc. I was really feeling ok about losing that bet, I look thinner all around and confidence is gaining and I'm doing all the right things to be a healthier me!

But I'm pretty sure I'm down on myself cuz I've been the same fucking weight for the last month! Ugh! As you might have read already, I started using My Fitness Pal app (food & exercise tracker) so I hope that helps move the number on the scale. But when it comes down to it, maintaining is better than gaining!

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You look good in the jacket. My scales have plataued last week. Google told me that the top 10 things that causes flatlined weight. No 5 was not managing stress, no 7 was drinking alcohol. I drink alcohol to manage stress. Fuck you google.

Claud O.

LMFAO, thanks Jem. That's exactly what I was going to say, "I do manage my stress, with beers!" And not those bitch beers, "ooOoO only has 98 calories" nope, gimmie that craft beer and all of it's glorious calories!

Thanks for the chuckle Jem, good luck managing your stress brother!


09/03/2020 9:24PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
First small win! Found a forgotten bag of chocolate chips. Poured myself a quarter cup to snack on, felt sated halfway thru, and with little thought proceeded to DUMP those remaining suckers back in the bag. I’ve NEVER not finished an indulgent snack!

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Haha, man.....more times than I’d like to admit Rachael

dana d.

That is huge. Way to go!

Star Captain

09/02/2020 11:08AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Yesterday I ate a lot of small meals/snacks. AND IT WORKED! I'm watching a course on "Body Composition: Diet & Exercise" which is giving me science-backed permission to ignore a lot of diet myths & feed my body what/when it wants. I gave myself more credit for the long, sweaty walk I took & acknowledged that for my fitness level, that burned a lot of calories, and my hunger pangs were NOT things to ignore, but to go ahead and feed with a bunch of small meals EVERY TIME I FELT HUNGRY, including right before bed. Normally I would try to deprive myself, thinking I'd be "wasting" my exercise if I "overfed" myself ... and then I'd wake up and weigh the same or more. This morning? I woke up ... and weighed less. I want to treat my body more like an athlete would, according to my level of athleticism, and embrace good & tasty food as the fuel that it is!

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Rachael J.

Yeah, I’m like of course I fast... it’s called sleeping. Teehee

Julie G.

I 100% believe in intuitive eating. Some days I eat multiple small meals and some days I just eat one or two very large meals. I don't count calories, but some days I personally eat 1200-1400, and other days I probably eat 2200-2400!!! I just listen to my body and m it all balances out (not so much in times of high stress/ insomnia, because then my body tries to compensate for lack of sleep with calories).


09/02/2020 6:12AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Weigh ins are the best and worse! If I'm over my last weigh in I dont want to submit. I keep telling myself it's the accountability of it all. Which is what I need, but man does discouragement sneak up on me...

Today I'm working on not judging the path I'm walking in the weight loss journey. Knowing weight fluctuates. Knowing I know what to do to lose it.

Keep your head up if you're feeling down and discouraged. And weigh in. Today is another day.

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Right there with ya :heart:

Kirstin G.

I'm in the same boat as you are! I almost didn't submit it, but then realized that this is a marathon and not a sprint. It encouraged me to look closer a at my nutrition for the next couple of days and see what it can accomplish. (It is also the time of the month, so I'm hoping some of that weight will be magically disappear next week :sweat_smile:

Claud O.

09/01/2020 6:54PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Tuesday means arms.... I completed this round with Holly Dolke this morning, along with a hike in the wood with coach!


Then this afternoon I completed this round with Holly, after my 2 mile cardio outing (I ran at least 1.5 miles, typically I'mma 1 and done type of gal!)


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Rachael J.

Chelsea, that...was...awesome!!!

Claud O.

I agree, thanks for the chuckle Chelsea!


08/30/2020 4:36PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Definitely not hitting this month’s goal, but I’m finally feeling fine with it. Doubling up on a Transformer AND Kickstarter really didn’t work for me. Dare I say, it full on backfired. Lesson learned. I’m a gradual loser, and I’m learning to embrace that. Finally back into a healthy groove, and won’t mess with simple lifestyle changes that I know will work!

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Chelsea W.

"hands on learning" is what I call those life lessons. Sometimes learning what doesn't work really helps us become more successful. The failures eliminate options and plans we tried. I'm so proud that you are embracing your body's operation and pace it takes to see the effort turn into outcomes. Keep learning about yourself and you will truly be triumphant. Keep going!

Georgio W.

Ditto. Keep going. Never give up. Jus keep going. Resilience


08/16/2020 10:04PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Haven’t been able to stop bingeing after weigh in. How do you guys get back on track? It feels impossible

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Sherry D.

I did the same. Made weigh in then went crazy this weekend. Pizza, Chinese, taco salad....uhg. To be fair it's so hot and smoky from all the fires here in CA...plus rolling blackouts (gotta love CA) cooking was the last thing I felt like doing. But I made sure I logged it all and am back on track now!

Julie G.

So, what works for me is to not have an all or nothing mindset. Nothing is technically off limits for me. My guess is that you have been binging because you feel deprived? I eat healthy most of the time, but I eat pizza, burgers, tacos or something like that once a week (and sometimes twice a week). The day my weighin was approved, I ate ravioli, and this past weekend, I had tacos and margaritas.

Another thing I do is find healthier ways to get the things I'm craving. Today I was craving a bacon cheeseburger...or a BLT...and after thinking about it, I realized that what I was really craving was bacon and tomato. So I ended up eating a tomato and bacon omelet, and my craving was completely satisfied.
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