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Favorite Health Food: Quinoa and Avocado

Favorite Sinful Food: Bacon, Beer, Wine, Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: running

My Approach to Weight Loss: keto

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07/08/2019 2:47PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Roll call! Also, how’s everyone keeping up?

Jackie- Chicago burbs, down 2.6 lbs so far.

Currently egg fasting. Planning a 72 hr fast 7/28-30th @jax_wentketo

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Tee, down about 2 lbs, eating less and trying to mostly do it in 8 hour windows, exercising about 4 days. Wanted to increase my step count to 10k more days, but ankle was bothering me and only got 8500 steps one day, close enough, left the gym and was feet better the next day, did 17k steps yesterday with friends outside after work. Eating more fresh veggies and pickles, less high calorie snacks or late meals, smaller portion sizes.


Melissa-East Texas - down 1.2 lbs. Harder to manage around the holidays and I know it is my carb intake. We bought a huge watermelon and my husband isn’t a fan, so I’m the only one eating it and it busts my carb intake through the roof

Kasey M.

07/04/2019 11:04AM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
  • Transitioning out of my egg fast today! I did 3 full days and lost 6lbs. Today I had the egg fast shake for breakfast and lunch is egg salad but I added the avocado. Tonight I’ll have meat ????. I’ll do something similar tomorrow and then back on Regular Keto this weekend

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Kasey M.

The egg fast is equal parts egg and fat and minimal cheese and nothing else at least 6 eggs/6tbsp fat a day and less than 4 oz cheese. Fat can be in the form of butter, mayo, coconut oil, MCT oil etc...

That’s sriracha on the avocado


That looks so yummy.

Kasey M.

07/01/2019 5:00PM in Step out of your comfort zone this summer!
Hey! Anyone else doing the egg fast? I started it to get myself back into keto and kickstart my weight loss. Today was my first day and surprisingly I don’t feel hungry at all!

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Kasey M.

I am on day three and down 4 lbs...I feel fine not hungry at all, eating 7-9 eggs each day. I’m getting a little tired of the egg taste but I’ve been making some yummy recipes.


I want to try it! I’m an egg person so it might work for me :)

Kasey M.

06/08/2019 5:11AM in Summer slim down with bee
  • 3 years ago I was running 6 miles in under an hour 1-3x a week...I decided to start running again this week after not running for over 2 years. I don’t know why I stopped, but I do know I need to get better

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Jessica D.

Same here..but more like 5 miles an hour:p...I used to love running but life and kids slowed me down. Good luck to getting back on track. I’ve started back to 2 miles a day and I think the running bug has bit again:)

Kasey M.

Me too! I’d love to get back up there! I did knock 6 mins off the 3 miles tonight! Baby steps! Keep going xoxo
Kasey M. accepted the challenge.
06/02/2019 6:22PM in Summer slim down with bee
The pot is now $4,365

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