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Favorite Health Food: Roasted almonds

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking or workout dvds

My Weight Loss Program: 21 day fix workouts and meal plan

My Diet Plan: Clean eating minimal sugar

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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Jeff D.

04/30/2021 4:16PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • I'm wondering...

    As many of you may know from my posts, I love to participate and motivate as many people as I can everyday. It's something that's a huge part of who I am and I am so thrilled to see so many people playing in this game.

    So that's got me wondering about hosting DietBet games again myself. I used to host games and had a pretty good following but then I stopped for awhile.

    I'm thinking now might be the time to start hosting again and trying to encourage and help as many people as possible as I continue my weight loss journey.

    I am thinking of hosting a game starting the day after this game ends. It would not be to step on anyone's toes because we can play in up to three games at a time simultaneously. Yeah lose the weight once and win three times as much money!

    So my question is this, if I was to create a game, would anyone here like to play in my hosted game, as well? If there's sufficient interest, I'd be thrilled to create a game and host it and support and motivate as many of you as possible just as Lexi does such an amazing job at doing.

    Helping others helps me and it keeps me focused and motivated on my goals so I'd really love to start doing this again and building a following for future games.

    Let me know when the comments below if you'd be interested in playing and if I get enough interest, I'll set up a game and let you all know.

    Have a healthy and amazing weekend!


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Definitely in!

Jeff D.

Thank you so much for the support!

I've created my DietBet game and signups are now open! Sign up now, build the pot and invite family & friends! I look forward to playing with and motivating you in May! :blush:

Join Jeff D in Jeff's Motivational May DietBet now:


04/27/2021 8:45PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • Had kind of a rough day but I didn’t let that stop me from getting my workout in!

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04/27/2021 7:04AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • My breakfast this morning!

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Sandi C.

04/26/2021 3:52PM in Jenny’s SuperSpring Challenge
Looks like ya’all are going to make a little money off me! 😀Missed it by 3 pounds!😡 I didn’t start when I needed to! But I am up for another challenge!

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Drea T.

I definitely want to keep going. Jenny should start another one :)


I didn’t make it either :sob:

Kelly H.

04/26/2021 8:21AM in Jenny’s SuperSpring Challenge
Wahoo! Got my verification that I met my goal. Cheering ya’ll along.

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Drea T.

I need money so I am so glad I also met my goal! :heart:


Good job! I didn’t meet my goal this round but I will next round for sure

Andrea L.

04/23/2021 2:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • Did a 1 hr weight workout ( glute focused) and a short 2.24km walk by the water! What did everyone else do today to get moving!? ????

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Did 2.5 miles on treadmill before work!!!


Did an Orangetheory workout and walked 4.8k with the doggie.


04/22/2021 9:53PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • Got a good workout in tonight! Even got my teenagers to join me 💪

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Rebecca K.

04/22/2021 4:43PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
I dislocated my knee yesterday, but I still managed to hobble out a 2.5 mile walk with my brace! I hate setbacks like this!

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Be careful. You don't wavy to make it worse. Good news is, it's more important to eat better than exercise. You got this

Rebecca K.

Emelly, you are absolutely right, and I realize today that I did make it worse. I'm going to skip my walks for a few days until I heal and just focus on nutrition. Thank you so much! You've got this too!
Goosey1983 has weighed in at xxx pounds, down 0.6 pounds
04/22/2021 12:05PM in Jenny’s SuperSpring Challenge

Total weight lost is now 141 pounds! Average is 3.2 pounds.


04/21/2021 11:43AM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
  • If you are tracking food, what app are you using?

    I use the Lose It! App.

    Also, do you delete activity that is tracked bc it changes your food goals for the day or do you keep it and enjoy the extra calories? I delete mine bc I figure my goal is weight loss so it’s helping create a deficit.

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I also use LoseIt! and I LOVE it! You don't have to delete your activity though. When you're adding or editing an activity, there is a slider at the bottom that says "exclude from calories". That way you can still track fitness but it won't give you the bonus calories :grin: I personally never include my exercise for my calorie count because I figure it'll give me that little extra boost for losing weight. Once I get to maintaining, then I will include those calories.

Karen Z.

I use My Fitness Pal!
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